Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona's new law SB 1070 is creating an outbreak across America. Sen John McCain approached Janet Napolitano requesting the National Guards to be brought to the Arizona border to help fight drug cartels and illegals from entering the state. Knowing Obama's feelings concerning giving illegals citizenship nothing was accomplished. She stated on television that she thought the border is as safe now as it was when she was governor.

Governor Jan Brewer said Enough is enough! If D.C. will not help us then we will help ourselves. 70% of Arizonans agreed with her so the law was signed. It will be 90 days before it is imposed. Az is the 2nd largest place in the world for people to be kidnapped and I believe number one in the U.S.

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West has told the residents of Fort Hancock, Texas to arm themselves because he does not have enough officers to protect them.

Gov Jim Gibbons (R-Nv) said "Racial profiling should be for terrorism. If you come across as a bad person, you're going to do harm to our citizens, whether it is dealing drugs, commit crime or commit a terrorist act. Absolutely we ought to profile everybody that looks like a terrorist."

Some states are boycotting Az., such as California (Los Angeles) and Florida are telling people not to hold conventions there. A Washington council meets next week calling on city governments to boycott Arizona.

Sen McCain said on Hannity Sunday night people are calling for the burning of Arizona if the law goes into effect.

Reading and hearing all this makes me wonder if people have become so afraid it is impairing their judgement. When the government will not step up and help True American Citizens in danger we have lost everything our Country fought for.
Our laws elaborate that you can not be in this country illegally. That being the case then I believe these people are breaking the law and should be dealt with accordingly. Why would anyone be opposed to showing their ID knowing it could protect them and their families? It is time we stood up to lawmakers saying if you won't help us we will. This one sided administration we have now is for nothing more than imposing a radical agenda against us.

As for me if someone tries to break into my home intending harm, I will protect my family by every means I can.
As for Arizona's new law all I can say is Godspeed ahead. I would go to hell and back to protect my border state of Texas.

Read the Bill SB 1070

Freedom Fighter


  1. What you wrote is stupid. America is the land of the free. My country is in a war right now with cartels, why shouldn't we be able to come over here. I work har, I can pay my bills also. Why should we have to show and ID?

  2. Manuel, I'm sorry about your country being overrun by the cartels and if you really want to come to the U. S. then apply for a work visa. If you are a citizen or here legally then it shouldn't bother you because the only reason they are asking for an ID is that you broke a law. So show your ID with pride because you are here legally. Also Manuel stay within the law as much as possible.

  3. I have relatives living in Mexico, I was born in the US, I have 3 children and all my papers are legal. Why should I be afraid to show my ID? I pay taxes and I want to be a person that 10 years from now can say I believe in our Constitution.
    Manuel how can you say it stupid when you can't even spell. How can you say Freedom Fighter is stupid and you can't even spell? Are you an Illegal? Why should I have to support you? My family and I strive for every dollar we have.

  4. Manuel get out of my country !! The Illegals are choking us to death and degrading our way of life with the crime and filth you slip in sneaking over the border. If we don't stop this madness USA will be just like your side of the border and you will have no escape from your hell because it will be here ( it already is) everywhere also as it is along border states. Look at all the illegal criminals that are in prisons here, look at the gang activity EVERYWHERE and the high percentage of the gang activity comes from illegals.

    I don't have money to pay for law breaking folk sneaking in breaking all the laws I have to abide by my whole life - I don't have tons of baby's that I cannot afford to care for for myself. I never could or can afford to have a baby or family because I do not believe in being one that sucks off other family members, society or the government!!! Illegals don't mind though do they all ??????????

    Where is your personal pride in yourself Emanuel? What do you give back to society here? Do you help out poor white people ? If I have a baby will you be there helping me with the bills it will cost me for 18 or more years supporting it?

    I have a big question for you: Have you personally ever been sweet to a white person in need ????

    Come here legally like the other immigrants had to. Play the Game right and you will be WELCOME to participate and go after the dream too. Until then get the heck out of my country.

  5. I'm very proud of the way my parents raised me, I'm very proud of the United States Constitution and the country. I do not and never have gotten anything that I cannot get on my own, no credit card debt, no foreclosure, no brand new car, boat, good health coverage or dental care. I do not break laws nor get handouts at anyone else expense -- ya I play the game and its not easy to do things right, but at least nobody will ever take away my stuff or mainly pride.

    So what will be will be -

    - Have had my say and have to let this topic go because it breaks my heart what they are doing to our country.

  6. 1Tea-edTexan1/5/10 8:37 AM

    Richard, Thanks for the article. I had planned to post my comments later but this morning (Saturday) all the news channels keep showing scenes of people protesting the new Arizona Immigration Law, so I wanted to send this in.
    What we are seeing today in many cities across America brings to my mind a scene from the 1948 film, "Treasures of the Sierra Madre", with Hummphry Bogart playing the part of Fred C. Dobbs. In this particular scene, a gang of outlaws led by Gold Hat (Alonso Bedoya) who are intent on robbing and killing Dobbs and his companion, attempt to convince the prospectors that they (the outlaws) are Federales. Gold Hat tells the prospectors that if they surrender (give) them their guns and horses that the outlaws will go away.
    Dobbs asks: "If you are the police, where are your badges?"
    Gold Hat says: "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges".
    Now substitute the word "papers" for the word badges or maybe substitute the word identification for the word badges. Now it is easy to see that the illeagals, the protesters and their spokepersons are using the same arrogant logic, not on a small group of miners but on the government and entire population of a soverign state of the United States. Beware...If this flies in Arizona, this Phoenix bird will build a nest in your backyard.

  7. I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I feel this is creating a wave where our voices can be heard.

    My youngest son is a Texas State Trooper and has to go to the border about every two months for 10-12 days. When he gets there his hands are tied he is allowed to do nothing. It is a travesty when law enforcement can not protect the people for which they were hired.

    An Arizona border guard was recently shot with an AK-47 doing his job. Until our law enforcement officials can fight back in the same manner they are being approached by, our laws hold no meaning.

    I heard this morning in 2011, Texas is going to follow Arizona with even tougher restrictions on immigration. Congratulations Texas.

  8. I agree with what Arizona has proposed. If we don't fight illegal immigration we will all be paying for it in the future. I hope a number of other states will do the same thing in the future. You are right FF congratulations to Texas.

  9. Rebel Bill1/5/10 4:40 PM

    I back Az all the way and hope they can push this through without the Prez interfering. If we don't stop some of the madness our lawmakers are putting on us, we're going to be supporting the whole world. I like your last paragraph, I feel exactly the same way about it.

  10. concerned gramps1/5/10 7:17 PM

    Good for arizona! they are taking matters into their own hands that should be coming from the big gov from DC. more states need to follow their footsteps. Ilegal imigrants has been a thorn in our rumps for years. i do not know why the local gov hasn't done something about it long before this.

  11. My people stand in many areas of yor country we are people to. why should we look at what you are saying when it is dumb. I say give the people of Mexico a pasport to make our country free. why should you not suport me i am a human? Up your s fredom fighter, i will be your leader. i will be a citizyn.

  12. How do you say it's dumb, are you illegal? I still have relatives in Mexico. Why should I have to support you and your family if you come over here illegally? Read the Constitution of the United States, we are people fighting for a government that works for us. I came here and went through the legal process.

  13. 1Tea-edTexan1/5/10 10:49 PM

    After posting a comment this morning, I returned to the TV to find out what more had happened overnight. An African-American woman on one cable channel struggled for words to link the imnmigration issue to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Switching to other channels, I saw agitated protesters in several cities, some carrying signs saying "I Have A Dream".
    What a horrendous affront to the people of all races who were part of the Civil Rights Movement and what a profound insult to Dr. King's memory.
    Proponents of amnesty would have us believe that immigration issues are closely allied to the Aftican-American struggle for equality. Nothing could be further from the truth and here's why.
    For about eighty years after the Civil War there was deep division between the races
    that persisted through World War II. A turning point came in 1948 when President Truman desegregated the armed services. Throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s ( noteably in the 60s) the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum and great strides were made. But change did not come easy. These were tumultuous years of social unrest, uncertainty and sometimes violence. Despite monumental challanges, African-Americans did not leave their homeland. They did not forsake their families and flee to Canada to take whatever comfort they might find. They were vested in their country and they would demand their national birthrights rights. Because of that, many were arrested, some were beaten, others died.
    Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, flee their homeland to take whatever comfort they can find in this country, making unreasoinable demands on the government and society. They bring with them the miseries of drug cartels, violence, poverty and disease. Many wave the flag of Mexico and proclaim their love of their homeland but stand idly by and allow the oppressive and corrupt Mexican government to remain unchallanged. They hold on to the birthrights of their homeland but they claim an additional birthrights in this country.
    Do not be deceived by attempts to link illegal immigration issues to Civil Rights issues. Consider this, African-Americans fought to change the oppressive system they were born into. Illegals are here by choice.

  14. I'm with you Texan. They bring their country down to garbage, now they sneak over here and drag our country down. I see no reason why our money should go to them and their families, while they are out breaking into homes, selling drugs and many other thieving ways to support their lifestyle. I'm for legal immigration, but I'm sure not for what I have seen on TV this week-end. I wonder how many of the protestors can even speak English?
    With cartels killing people on the border and DC doing nothing, I say we have to fight fire with fire.

  15. Manuel read and understand what I am going to tell you. I can remember when I was a kid living on a cotton farm we hired Mexican immigrants. My dad and one other man would go to El Paso once a year and pick up Mexican workers. The people that they picked were willing to get there work visa's. By doing this it helped them provide for their family and helped us on the farm. But the ones that come over illegally are mostly thugs and criminals. They have no pride they just want something for nothing. If these illegal immigrants want to become Americans, then I say come through the front door not the back. Get you a sponsor, get a work visa (Green Card), pay your taxes then take your citizenship test. When this is done we will welcome you with open arms. Until then you are not welcomed. I will keep saying this until those in Washington start listening. This is not just about Mexican illegals this about all illegal immigrants.

  16. Keep up the fight FF!! I also back Arizona's new law. Why should we have to pay for a bunch of illegals Pres O wants to legalize in order to get their vote so he can stay in office. I don't have the money to help support 10-15 million illegals. Come to our country legally and I am for it. Come to this country illegally and like FF I'll go to hell and back fighting you.

  17. 1Tea-edTexan2/5/10 5:18 PM

    I hear you Vet Ron...I hear you loud and clear as do so many other folks in the border states. Problem is that the powers that be have turned a deaf ear to our voices. It appears that they have more compassion for illegals than they have respect for their American brothers. Here's some hope for change that I can believe in: Come November, I hope they are all looking for new employment. Maybe a few years as border guards would help them wise up, But, naw, All them Harvard Law Degrees and previous employment would disqualify them. We need to keep men of high moral character watching our border.
    Hey, I heard the other day that the illegals send about 40% of their earnings back to Mexico. Actualy I thought it was a little more than that, but that's a good figure to work with. Any wonder why the states with the highest number of illegals (like CA) are in such a financial mess. 40% of their collective earnings are not put back into the state or local economy. That's a big bite, month after month, after month. That 40% is not only leaving the state, It's leaving the country. What that amounts to is, we're subsidising Mexico. By the time that 40% is spent (in Mexico) a few times, the Mexican government has their paws on it. Then, add to that, all the cash that goes to Mexico for all the illegal drugs. I don't have figures on that but I know it's a staggering amount. And all the while, too many illegals are drawing welfare checks, receiving food stamps, rent and utility subsidies, medical care and a whole lot more.....while the state of California issues IOUs to legal businesses and residents for refunds and other credits that are legally due.
    It has become increasingly difficult for me to process these confuseing policies of the state. I pray that the West Coast Smog has not drifted into Texas causing my cognative disfunction.

  18. I saw your post on facebook today and thought I would check out your site. I'm with you Freedom Fighter, if we can't protect our borders from illegals how are we supposed to ever move forward? When you go to the border of Texas, leave me an email, I'll be happy to be right beside you. As far as Ob don't give them amnesty give them a pink slip.

  19. Swinging Jay2/5/10 8:42 PM

    I haven't been to your site in a while. I am against illegals and believe in Arizona's law. How do we finally say we don't want the illegals here?

  20. SwinginJay Why don't we all start to speak up loudly, right? What about boycotting Mexican products,eateries,also places we know are hiring illegal people to work in? I am going to.
    If businesses know they are going to loose money from US citizens especially in these tough times perhaps they will start listening and realize this is no joke and they will be on the wrong end of the greenback dollar by their promotion of this cheap labor. Which really isn't cheap.
    Dilbert was telling me that illegals are getting paid by employer, free healthcare, free welfare, free education ----- what does all that amount up to? Do the math.

  21. People in facebook should check out this group -

    " Illegal isn't a race, it's a crime "!/group.php?gid=113676298664833

    I'm proud to be a citizen of the Country I grew up thinking was the greatest in the world. My parents couldn't and wouldn't come here, but they always told me how great this country is.

    What is the big problem with showing an ID that proves you are a citizen of this great country? According to my NATURALIZATION papers I carry my ID with me at all times. I came here legally and this great country has so much to offer me and my American family I will never return to my native country of El Salvador.

    I am an American Citizen who is proud and honored to show my ID?

  23. Defiant Wade4/5/10 7:28 PM

    We need more people like you Maria, to speak out about becoming a Naturalized Citizen. America is proud to have Citizens like you.
    What is wrong with all the people who think it is Un-American and Un-Constitutional to ask persons to display their ID? Every time I get stopped by a cop (I have a lead foot) I have to prove I have a license to drive a vehicle.
    According to what I am led to believe, I am assuming it should be Un-Constitutional for the cops to ask me for my drivers license.
    I want the same rights the illegals have.