Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's White Wash

Senator John McCain (R-Az) had asked for 6,000 troops to be sent to the border.
On Tuesday, while under pressure to do something about securing the US-Mexico border Obama ordered 1,200 troops to be deployed. At what time they will be sent is not known.
Since Governor Jan Brewer (R-Az) signed a tough law to take action against illegals Obama has had to show some effort to protect Americans.

Drug cartels appear to be in control of Mexico. They are bringing drugs across the border, kidnapping children and beginning to set up residence in the US.

Obama's move takes place at a time he is pushing for immigration reform. This has many wondering if the National Guard will be nothing more than an attempt to take America's mind off the problem before the November elections. Obama knows immigration reform will be almost impossible to pass before the elections. He stands to loose the House and Senate Democratic majority this Nov. This would hinder the passing of many of his radical laws, such as transforming America and distributing the wealth

By giving millions of illegals citizenship he would improve his chances of having Dems re-elected by as much as 75% through the new citizens vote.

The plan is not clear, but the troops are going to be used in a supporting role only. Some will be allowed to carry guns but most will not. They will be used for surveillance, intelligence, training and blocking drug trafficking.

The Mexican Embassy said they would assist in stopping drug cartels but would not be used to control immigration. WOW this sounds like another Obama White Wash. Will this man ever stand up for freedom of our country?

If you doubt the urgent need for additional troops in order to secure our borders, read the following article: Feds Issue Terror Watch For The Texas/Mexico Border Somalian and other terrorist are preparing to cross the Texas border in order to do harm to Americans. This does not seem to bother Obama in any way. The Democratic Senators just voted down a bill requesting more troops. It appears Obama and his administration are looking at Americans saying we are stupid and don't understand what is happening. Again I say this is nothing more than him and his administration standing there with their finger up their nose giving us another Obama White Wash.

Let me know what you think.  Remember in November.

Freedom Fighter


  1. I think 1200 troops is a joke and will not make things safer for US. --- how can it stop the crime you talk about or the illegals ... ;(

  2. Well, Texans, we here in Arizona join you in shaking our heads in collective disbelief that we have a government that so loathes its citizenry that it refuses to help them in the effort to protect the border from invasion by law breakers, drug goons, and (by the governments own official estimate)terrorists intent on killing USA citizens. And when we try to stand up to the illegals, WE are the bad guys......Beam me up! These people are nuts!

  3. I wonder what good these troops are going to do if all they are going to do is look at the illegals crossing? Maybe we should put folding chairs and umbrellas out for them. I don't think this is going to be the answer to stopping the borders problem.
    It's pretty bad when the Feds issue a Terror Watch for Texas and don't do anything about it. Seems like this should be top priority on P. Obama's list.

  4. Rebel Bill28/5/10 4:57 PM

    I would think that if the Feds are going to issue a Terror Watch in Texas, they would send people to help the border patrol. Once the terrorists arrive in Houston, they will be completely underground and probably never detected.
    What is wrong with this country? We just let people sneak into our country, then turn our backs on them, give them food and medical.
    I can't wait until November, we will have some bipartisanship in Congress.

  5. I'm made as heck about this. What good are 1200 troops going to be? We need continuous guards at the border. Not just people doing bookwork and processing the handful of illegals who get caught. Strength is what we need. It's hard to believe governors and congress request help and they don't even get a reply from this president.

  6. 1Tead-Texan30/5/10 11:32 AM

    Looking past the smoke and mirrors here, we can see that sending 1200 National Guard guys to the borders for survalence work is nothing more than a public relations ploy. Be assured that in the very near future, Obama will visit the troops, congradulating them for a job well done and asserting that their presence on the border has reduced the flow of illegals into the country. Whereas 6,000 guardsmen were requested, only peacemeal 1,200 guardsmen will be deployed. Guaranteed peacemeal results! WE THE PEOPLE are not interested in peacemeal results of reducing the flow, we want to END THE FLOW.

  7. What's going to happen in Texas when the Somolians arrive? There are probably some there already. The government issued a Terror Watch, we better do more than 1200 troops to protect this country.
    Close the border NOW!

  8. Knowing this bunch of nuts the somolians will be welcomed by Napolitano with open arms. It seems like November is so far away. I wonder what more they can do to us before the vote is taken?

  9. Mad Sally's Roommate30/5/10 6:19 PM

    I'm mad as I can be tonight and not over your post. It is over the fact our country is going downhill, I have posted at so many sites today and I do believe your heading says it correctly, It Is A Big White Wash! Turning from a Dem to a Conservative I'm seeing so many things they are doing to our country that I feel is wrong.
    I agree "Remember In November" we have to take our country back.

  10. Freedom f i understand what you are saying but i want to become a citizen of this country like you are. my country has killed people and I want to be american. My friends say please give us a chance don't cut us off. give us a answer.

  11. Manuel, become a legal citizen and we will not fight you in any way. May God's blessings be with you.

  12. For far too long illegals have been coming across the US/Mexico border. All the countries in this world have harsh restrictions for illegals entering their country. It is a well known fact people can easily cross the Mexican border and enter the US and go for many years without being detected. Mainly because of our slack laws. Many have been deported at our expense and then walk across again in a few months.
    If Calderon doesn't like our laws, then he should keep his people in his country where they belong. The illegal laws need reforming soon. Illegals need to be returned to their home country and not granted asylum.

  13. I think sending the National Guard to the border is exactly what you stated, a way to take people's minds of his true intentions to get immigration reform passed. I feel this is the only way Dems will be able to maintain their majority in Nov.

  14. I don't see how 1200 troops spread across that many miles would be able to help. Especially when they are not allowed to confront illegals coming across and only allowed to engage in drug cartels. McCain's 6,000 troops getting involved in shutting down the border whould have been a better idea.

  15. I agree with 1Tea-edTexan. This is a public relations move.
    We need to concentrate more on securing the borders. The 1200 troops won't be of much help in the way they are being deployed.
    Hopefully things will change in November.

  16. How many more "Obama White Washes" are we going to tolerate. Our country is at risk of being taken over by the illegals we allow to "sneak" across the border. The way I see it they are welcomed with open arms. Come to the US, bring your children and we will educate and feed them. Have babies and they will not deport you because your children are US citizens. Take advantage of our wonderful medical assistance we give to you freely...
    We can not give amnesty to all the illegals. We must control our borders.