Friday, August 6, 2010

Obama - Constitution Hater

With less than 90 days left before Americans go to the polls to vote we see utter chaos  brewing with liberals. Their denial of paying attention to the peoples wishes has now become their worst enemy. The deceit they have used to pass Obama's radical bills could possibly cost them the House and the Senate.

While anger races across our Country Obama continues to push his wishes upon us. He will not fight to secure our borders because he needs the illegals vote by giving amnesty to keep his party in office. Even after Joe Arpaio (Az Sheriff) had a million dollar contract put on his life by a Mexican drug cartel, Obama still refuses to send help. He continues to sue Gov. Jan Brewer because she is trying to protect her State. His reason is he feels Big Government should be the one to make amnesty laws.

Has this man along with his administration lost their mind?
Never in my life time have I seen such stupidity come from the White House.

Or is it stupidity? As we have written before this could be a ploy to start mass riots across America. If this happened Obama could hold up the elections. This would give him time to fundamentally change our Country from Capitalism to Socialism.

This is the only reason I can see him trying to go under the table with his amnesty bill and not through Congress. In my opinion he does not have one honest bone in his body. His soul purpose seems to be an agenda of creating mass confusion. Sine he took office it has been spending and bailouts in order to make government bigger.

More Americans continue to be out of work while government jobs are progressing very well. Even Timothy Geithner says unemployment could go up before it goes down.

What is the answer? As we have written before nullification could be what we see in the future. This is when a state says we do not see this law as Constitutional and will not enforce it within the boundaries of our State.

If half or more of the states voted nullification in, the government would not have th manpower to enforce the laws.

The other answer could be we remain calm for the next 90 days in hopes we can get the vote over.

It is sad when you are dealing with a mad man in power who pushes his garbage down peoples throats.

Voters are going to have to stand up and be respnsible for their vote or see our Country fall. This can be hard to do when many live on welfare, foodstamps, government aide and the belief they should not have to work. Then the ones who are here illegally want us to give them everything while they stomp on our flags, burn them then curse America because they want something for nothing.

Obama has sent a memo out telling liberals to continue blaming Bush for our problems so they have a chance to hold their seats after November.

Try to stand up and be man for once Obama. America wants an honest leader, not a back room whiner. Stop apologizing to other Countries saying we are not a Christian Nation. Start protecting our people. You made the new hate crime laws, so don't let Black Panthers go on National news and threaten to kill people while they go unpunished.

Get off your butt and do something for the U.S.A.

The Bible says turn the other cheek. I am tired of turning it only to get hit again. I'm going to fight like hell to save my children, grandchildren and our future Americans. 

This is our view, now let us hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard


  1. Well said Rednecks! As you know I am a big proponent of Nullification. This national election is of great immediate importance. But I believe our longtime success to restore conservative principles has to be by applying constant pressure at the state and local levels. Keep pressure on the lawmakers that have to live amongst us on a daily basis. Once they get into the Beltway Crowd they forget how they got there.

  2. Rebel Bill7/8/10 7:58 AM

    You are right L. they seem to forget all the promises they made before they went to DC. We are seeing more diverse candidates than ever before, who are running because they are angered over the current administration. Hopefully they will continue in the direction are now.

    The prez and his admin.. is not stupid, they know they are bankrupting this country and in the meantime lining their own pockets. They want a Socialistic country and will do whatever it takes. The states are beginning to stand up to this man. It is the only way we can beat big gov.

  3. He is not just a Constitution Hater, he hates America and what it represents. Our forefathers thought this might happen and designed laws to see that we would never experience what is now happening. It is obvious the only way it can happen is by going against the costitution.

  4. You guys say it like it is. I am starting a local group we have 15 in it, to discuss the upcoming candidates. It is rather interesting to hear other peoples thoughts on the candidates. We are not there to back a candidate, just to discuss the pros and cons of them. The group actually has 3 dems, so we do get a variety of ideas. Our goal is to learn all that we can about the candidates.
    We will know who we are voting for in Nov. We will be ignorant no longer.

  5. What you are doing sounds like an excellent idea Sam. I will have to look into this farther myself. Let's hope there are other people across the country who take up the same idea.

  6. Mad Sally's Roommate9/8/10 7:56 AM

    RR & FF, my roommate Sally had me watch Judge Napolitano on Fox News tonight. I finally understand state nullification. As an ex-Dem, I think I understand for the first time what you are trying to say. I hope the states can win on this one.

  7. My roommate is on the phone talking to friends, she actually has decided RR may be a human being. Listening to Fox News tonight with Judge Napolitano she got so excited I couldn't shut her up about nullification. If you two never win anything again you have her vote.

  8. Dem Reject9/8/10 6:28 PM

    Obama needs to actually READ the Constitution. He has no clue what it says, I do not believe he has done one thing that represents the Constitution.
    We should insist that all members of Congress AND the president, vp, and all other appointed officials take Constitution 101 and have a test. I do not feel there is anyone in office who has any idea what is in the Constitution, let alone understand what it says.

  9. This administration is shredding the Constitution. I doubt if he has ever even read it. If he has, he chooses to disrespect the words of our founding fathers.
    I am sure many of the things he is doing are impeachable actions. Why can we not reprimand him?

  10. I think nullification may be our only answer. Hooray for the states who are suing the Fed Gov over healthcare and immiration laws.
    Tell your friends to know who they are voting for. Don't just vote for whoever your friends are.

  11. I think you are right, this administration is hoping for political unrest among the citizens. It is already here and the only violent actions seem to be coming from the far left. The Black Panthers are definitely attempting to incite violence. We can not allow ourselves to fall in their category. The Dems continue to crucify themselves.

  12. My family came here as legal immigrants many years ago. They learned the value of our Constitution, and are deeply sickened by what this administration is doing. We are proud to be republicans, we do attend Tea Parties and any grass roots functions when we can.
    The Hispanic community seems to be caught in the middle of this amnesty issue. My friends and associates in the Hispanic Community stand against this administration.

  13. 1Tea-edTexan13/8/10 10:02 AM

    Well said, Roberto, and I tip my hat to you and all Hispanics who choose to follow the rules of law includiong the rules of immigration. Most of us ignorant Republicans, Independents and Conservatives and even us Dumb Ass Rednecks and Tea Party People understand the plight of our neighbors south of the border and we are sympathetic to their misfortune. Our complaint is not against the Hispanic people, per se, but against the violation of law by people of all nationalities and our own federal governments complacency or incompetency in enforcing the law and securing the national borders,

  14. 1Tea-edTexan13/8/10 1:04 PM

    One additional remark to my above comment, to Roberto and to the Hispanic community. Most unfortunately for Hispanics that are in this country "legally", the flood of illegals crossing the border with their drugs, violence and lawlessness, cast a shadow of suspicion and mistrust, resentment and even hate over all who are of Hispanic descent.
    In a speech on immigration, President obama said",,,,we're (the United States) are a magnet for the best and brightest across the globe".
    But if you view the many bites of Hispanic rallies and protests on youtube and other internet sites you will only see a seething mass of ungrateful people who disrespect, trample and burn our flag with the majority waving their middle finger and chanting f*** you. I recall one obese and obnoxious female shouting "we don't give a f*** about you, motherf*****, while waving her middle finger at the photographer. So I disagree with obama's statement. We do not attract the best and brightest, we are indeed a magnet that draws the ungrateful, the obscene and the freeloaders. Their acts and their disrespect for our laws will continue to foreshadow all Hispanics with suspicion and mistrust.