Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharia Law - Death To Women!

Freedom Fighter, I am an American Muslim born and raised here. I read your blog and the comments readers sent in. I couldn't believe the hate in you and your readers comments. It's true some bad Muslims destroyed the twin towers but that does not make all Muslims bad. To me you are labeling anyone who doesn't agree with your as terrorists. I believe the Mosque should be built and would be a tribute to our Nation.
 I have also heard on Sept 11 people are burning Q'urans. Is this what you people think religion is about? I wouldn't burn your Bible. 
Please reply to me about this. 
Thank you Shara P.

Shara, thank you for sending your e-mail. I do my best to respond to as many readers as I can. As far as the comments my readers leave I have no control over their thoughts.
Pertaining to the article I wrote about the Mosque I hold true with my feelings. It would be disrespectful to build a Mosque two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. You can not slap people who had loved ones killed in the face by building what you call a shrine. As for your statement about hating all Muslims I feel there is good and bad in all people. 

I think you will also have to agree when Muslims reach a certain population they  begin to enact Sharia Law.
This law takes your right as a woman away by the enactment of a fair trial. Is this what you want for yourself and your children? To me stoning is very barbaric. Your second statement about the burning of the Quran is all over the internet.
Trinity United Methodist Church in Florida will hold the event on Sept. 11th. The event was set up in protest of the 9-11 Twin Tower attacks in 2001. Reverend Dan Johnson is calling everyone he can to participate. 

The city of Gainesville said they will not issue a permit for the burning because it is against city law to burn any book. This has not stopped Reverend Johnson who says the event will take place anyway. The church will be subject to a fine.

One group of Muslims intends to hand out 100,000 copies of the Quran. You stated you would not burn our Bible. If you are a Muslim as you say then you must study their law. According to Muslim law there are three ways to dispose of the Quran:
  1. Burn it.
  2. Give it to another person and give that person the same three choices.
  3. Bury it in a clean field where it would be undisturbed.
This being your law what is the Church doing wrong? They may be going against city code but if they don't agree with the Quran then they are following your law.

I can not accept a religion who has no respect for women, Western Law may not be perfect but it does allow you to have a fair trial. It also protects you from stoning or amputation because they feel it is right.If this is what you accept in your life then more power to you. For myself I would honor your Muslim request and burn the Quran also. I want no part of any religion who believes world domination is the Lord's way.

Muslims have threatened to bomb or burn the Church if the event takes place. To me this shows Muslims true colors.

I will  do whatever I can, within the law to keep these terrorists out of my Country.
Human nature teaches us if a person tries to harm you, retaliate with something bigger. 
As I have said before, I am tired of turning the other cheek. It is time to stop stupidity.

This is my opinion now I would like to hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Freedom Fighter, Thank you for e-mailing me that you were going to post my comments.

    Although I am a Muslim, I do not believe in Sharia Law. Many Muslims I know oppose this belief, because of humanitarian reasons. I think you will have to admit, that with your Bible many different versions have been written about it.

    One reader on your article last week stated there were NO good Muslims. I work in my community and school to enable my children to have a better life. I respect your comment that there is good and bad in all people.

    You did catch me off guard on the 3 steps of disposing of the Q'uran, from what I hear it is true, burning of the Q'uran is one of the ways to dispose of it, but I feel this shouldn't be done in anger.

    My hope is that some day we can all live in peace together, and that the differences of our religions will not be a factor for hate.

    Although many disagree, I feel I am a good person, even though I AM a Muslim.

  2. Rebel Bill27/8/10 7:28 PM

    Shara, you're right there's good and there's bad in every nationality, but friends of a friend of mine had a daughter killed on 911. They've never recovered from this and I have heard the father say he would kill every Muslim he had the chance to. With this being the case, how do you feel we should still react to your people building a Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero when they killed 3,000 of our people.
    You sound like a good person but face the fact you still proclaim to be a Muslim.

  3. Shara, your people which your religion is about killed over 3,000 Americans, you call yourself an American and now you want them to build a Shrine where their victory supposedly was won?
    If this is your religion take it and go to hell. I would show the Quran this respect, I wouldn't burn it I would desecrate on it.
    If you want to live the Muslim life, get the hell out of America.

  4. Shara, stand by your beliefs and the Muslim religion. Honor is a victory in death. You may not believe everything you read, but this is a website you should move away from. Freedom Fighter is a person of disrespect and a person who can't speak the truth. Believe in only your religion.

  5. Shara and Anon.. there is nothing honorable about what your religion teaches you. Sharia Law takes the rights away from all people, especially the women. I am not a possession that belongs to anyone, I will dress the way I want, I will date whomever I want and I WILL pray to the God of my choice!
    Shara, you sound like you could be one of those moderate GOOD Muslims. Do you believe in Sharia Law, and conquering all who do not believe in it?

  6. Wes Norman28/8/10 2:16 PM

    Not that I am against what the Church is doing, the burning of the Quran is very distasteful in the way it is being done. This could be considered a hate crime.
    If it is the Islam law that when you no longer want your quran to burn it, that is their law. We do not want the quaran and what it represents.
    I just hope this event does not spark any violence, and create more Muslim terrorists in this country.

  7. Mississippi Mud28/8/10 3:58 PM

    I'm sure it's going to spark violence, Wes. I believe that is what muslims and BO want. As close as we are coming to election time I think something is going to have to happen to keep the Dems in.
    I may not have a quran, but if I did I agree with FF, Burn The Worthless Piece Of Junk and everything it stands for.

  8. Mad Sally's Roommate28/8/10 7:13 PM

    It's beyond me how any true American should think the Mosque should be built by Ground Zero. This is definitely a slap in the face to those who lost loved ones.

    Muslim Law is a hateful law and in my opinion, people who study their religion can not be true Americans if they don't believe in what our country stands for.

    In response to Shara, you may be a wonderful person but you're people caused many tears to fall, so therefore I can't respect you.

  9. Although I am a Muslim, I do not believe in Sharia Law. Many Muslims I know oppose this belief, because of humanitarian reasons. I think you will have to admit, that with your Bible many different versions have been written
    about it.

    bs bs bs ^^^
    There is NO GOOD muslim. All muslims must accept Sharia law or DIE and you know that to be a fact. Why do you think your fine religion of people are going around murdering each other, your own fellow muslims.

    Some of us are not stupid any longer about islam. So accept that reality and the reality we are stopping your cancer from overtaking the world. It is hate and must be stopped just as hitler was in ww2 period, end of subject.

    Word of advice to you tho If you are so good wake up and denounce them. Become a born again Christian... if you are so good and so clean. Oh thats right, you cannot leave the islam faith because you are afraid for your life if
    you speak up against anything at all they do. Say all you want to and cry foul all you want, but I can and do speak the truth about you people.
    Freedom is ours in America and if you don't like it get out and go to where you would be welcomed ... welcomed if you followed all the restraining laws that islam is, otherwise you know the penalty.

    will not go down. Got that? Ya you are
    supposed to hate Jews because that is
    part of your mental disease to! Deny
    anything I have stated if you can prove
    me wrong with credible documentation.
    This is no joke, it is real and we will
    stop muslim jihad islam bs. Your god MOHHAM was a child molester and murderer, really something to be proud of huh? good god.

  10. The koran tells them its OK to lie to us infidels
    Why do you even bother talking to them evil, deviant, inbred camel humpers??
    Hope its somehow self satisfying to you to respond to these morons as you are accomplishing NOTHING
    And NO I'm NOT going to capitalize the word koran
    Screw Facebooks error correction - they can go to hell too

  11. Texas Teacher28/8/10 8:32 PM

    I'm almost afraid to comment on this with all the controversy going on. Although she is quite crude in her statement, she did say it like it is. A true Muslim is supposed to stand true with Jihad. This being the case, then how can an American Muslim retain this religion without believing their Q'uran.

    I also have to agree with FF that I can not stand behind any religion that tries to dominate themselves on other countries and kills women and family members. For myself all I can say is keep TERRORISTS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, otherwise we will cease to exist.

  12. Texas Teacher I am not being crude, I am stating nothing but the truth and its time for people like you to accept reality as it is also, its ugly and must be told truthfully, do not get scared, get angry and get informed. We no longer can live in the hippy flower child days of love peace and marajuana mentality it will make the world a wonderful place. Or we will go down. Its that simple. This is a global crisis and the muslims mean to take our freedom from us and assimilate us to islam or we die = to absorb into the culture or mores of a population or group - That is the reality, that is their goal. They do not compromise.

  13. FF, Nice job of being fair, I guess. I am not able to give credit to your poster for being a good person. Not when the pain this is causing HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people is obvious for her to see. And she has the audacity to say that she can't believe the hate that comes from US? How amazingly arrogant! If she wants this mosque to be a "tribute to our nation" then stand with us to get it moved elsewhere. Show some of the emphathy TOWARDS us that she demand FROM us.

    But I doubt she will stand with us in our national pain and outrage. She will stand with those who would build the terrorist-funded mosque...and call US hatefull.

    Sorry if I rained on the "fair and balanced party".

  14. People go read this guy's story:

    Aboushaar Fouad
    Walid Shoebat, a Christian converted from Islam, who was once a member of Al Fateh Palestinian terrorist group said, [ America needs to be awakened from its sleep and its unwillingness to face the issues of fundamentalist Islam.]!/profile.php?id=100000365888130

  15. Sharia Law is something all Americans need to fight to the bitter end. If we continue to bow down to muslim wishes our children will pay the price for it. To me what Shara is saying about not accepting Sharia Law would be like a person saying he doesn't accept Christ but he's a true Christian. Her statement seems to contradict itself.

  16. Shara would go along with the rest of the Muslims if they were the majority. And if they were the majority in America they would force Christians and Jews into a state of submission by forcing us to pay the Jisia and humilliating us. You would have three choices Convert, pay the Jisia and live in submission, or die. Take a look an the Coptic Christians in Egypt, living in heaps of trash with huge rats everywhere (thats what I mean by submission and humilliation), and terrified of the secret police. Do we force Muslims to pay a special tax? Do we humiliate them? They have been the cause of the ruination of freedom in the USA and the UK. I hate to say it, but we ought to just drop a huge nuke on the entire middle east and walk away. its a shithole and it will never change unless you burn every quran in the world. Im sorry but Im tired of Americans dying for nothing. Because a bunch of nuts who live in the stone age want to dominate the world with the rantings of a 6th century illiterate. Muslims are all mentally deficient. They can't see past their own traditions and move away from superstitious nonsence. Muhammud was an illiterate man who would always come out with a self serving prophecy whenever faced with a problem. He wants to marry his adopted son's wife, no problem, GOD comes down and tells him from now on its ok to do so. People say its wrong, so he gets another prophecy he changes his step sons name. In other words hes no longer son of muhammud. First he says that GOD was demonstrating that its ok to marry your step sons wife but then GOD comes down and abolishes adoption all together. So GOD went through all of that just to abolish adoption? The man was a fraud. He has caused millions of kids to be withouit families by his actions. And Muslims are so defective mentally that they just obey. The only defense they ever have is to attack the Bible. One problem. The Bible is descriptive not prescriptive.

  17. Conservative Karen29/8/10 3:49 PM

    In reply to your comment Anonymous how are you supposed to fight these people if you don't respond to them. Even if it's derogatory, you're getting your point across. This is a hateful religion and should never have been allowed in the US. Muslims are like stickers, once they get started it's hard to stop them. I normally wouldn't say this but I like your terminology - Camel Humpers! This describes them very well.

  18. Conservative Karen29/8/10 4:04 PM

    Candice I went to your blog, when I clicked on the read the full story this is what I got:

    Firefox flashed a not up that this was an insecure site and that we would be going to it at our own risk.

    Can you fix this problem, as I would like to read your comments.

  19. It's a shame when our government welcomes terrorists into this country with open arms. Not only are we fighting Muslims, but we are also fighting an influx of illegals coming in. I'm happy to hear the majority of Americans oppose the mosque. In dealing with the koran, I would take your advice FF and also burn it. Islamic hate does not need to be a part of this country.

  20. Upsetindenver29/8/10 5:56 PM

    Shara, I would like to ask you a question and I am not being hateful about it. I am a Christian and believe in the Bible. It preaches having faith in others and not of hate.

    I would like to know why you call yourself an American Muslim? What part of the Islamic faith do you believe in? Possibly if you could explain to people so they could understand, they may take a different view. Nothing I have read about it is good.

    It's nice to say you participate in community activities and I'm sure you do worry about your children, but I don't understand why you continue to proclaim this religion. Could you please explain this us?

  21. I disagree with you Upsetindenver, there is no explaination to people so they can understand and take a different view. You do not get it yet.

    Muslims are taught they can and should lie to gain our sympathy for their ultimate goal. They do have an ultimate goal and by now you should understand this. Perhaps you should go pray with your pastor and get some education in islam, the qu'ran:

    Christians & Jewish martyrs say; "I will die for what I believe".
    A Muslim martyr says; "you will die for what I believe".... The main intent of this article is to warn Christians who may be "fooled" into Islam, because they did not have all the facts. It is a matter of grave concern. If you reject Jesus and the salvation He made possible -- and follow Islam, your entire salvation (where you will spend eternity) is at stake. Islam can deceive you

  22. It rejects the salvation Jesus has made possible. Islam spreads the lie that Jesus never even died on a cross. That alone makes it demonic. This document also exists as a reference document to get out the truth which Muslims are never allowed to see. Of all the holy books in the world, Satan has taken pains to ensure that Muhammad and his Qur'an defiantly stand in diametrical opposition to Jesus, the Son of God, the true Prince of Peace - and his New Testament.

  23. A Burke I went to the link you posted and will have to take more time there to comprehend all there is to learn and understand about Islam.
    I do know that I want no part of it. Islam is out to control the world and they don't value the lives of others. Our country has learned to live in unity with many faiths, but the Islam faith is not welcomed here.
    They are experiencing disbelievers who are converting to Christianity, they do so at the risk of death. There is no other religion that I know of that dominates the lives of their followers with threats.
    Let's all work together to spread the true word of Islam. So many people today do not realize what a treacherous they are to the world.

  24. 1Tea-edTexan30/8/10 7:58 AM

    Honor killing? OK to kill your wife? OK to kill your daughter? How Sick, HOW PERVERTED!!!DO ONLY MEN HAVE HONOR? Where the hell is Womens Lib? Where is the DARs. Where is their outrage? THERE IS NO HONOR IN TAKING A LIFE. In this country, there is honor in defending life, defending the life of women and children and all who are not strong.

  25. The Church will definitely make a statement! I hope as they are burning the Koran, no one is injured or worse. Which according to Sharia Law they can conquer and kill disbelievers.

    We are seeing more and more Muslims coming to this country and they do not want to live under our laws. They want to keep their Sharia Law intact and use it against us. People we can not ALLOW this to happen in our great country!

    Here is a good easy to read brief review of the Sharia Law. Check it out you will know what they are all about.

  26. concerned Gramps31/8/10 7:09 AM

    Will the good muslims please step forward and let us hear from you?
    the good muslims still believe in the Koran so they still believe in sharia law.

  27. If you (Muslims) want to practice the Sharia Law then go somewhere else to practice. This is a country built on Christen beliefs not in honor killings. To me honor killings is nothing but premeditated murder.

  28. I have received a couple of phone calls and e-mails that I needed to respond to some of the comments. I don't like doing this because I feel it can cause people to not express their true feelings. I have been told that I'm being too nice in what I say. I don't understand that, because I did make my point clear about what I would do the Koran and how I feel about Sharia Law.

    I can not accept this as a religion, but more as a racist group of people who care nothing about humanity. By owning rental property, I found many problems can be diverted by using common sense. When people attend a Tea Party, they are not trying to change the views of the people who support them, they are trying to reach the ones that oppose them and teach them what they are expressing. When Christians go to Church, they receive fellowship. The purpose of the Church is to teach and not throw someone out the door, because they are a non believer.

    Although I stand against Muslim law and everything they represent, the fact remains that some people can be changed.

    I have always had a belief which we have stated at Tea Parties and on which is a simple philosophy: That is 5 + 5 = Victory. What this stands for is 5 people educating 5 others in hopes they will in turn do the same thing.

    Even though I get my point across many times with harsh words, I have found that listening to others opinion many times turn them to my side because for the first time they understand.

    Shara e-mailed me stating her opinion I answered her with my honest opinion, so why would there be any reason to call her a fool and a hate monger. The day could come that she might find Christ and be sitting beside you at Church. If that happened, we have received a victory. To those that are died in the wool Muslims, I made my point quite clear. I will fight you to the bitter end by whatever means I have.

  29. Dem Reject31/8/10 3:52 PM

    I agree FF many people do change, but with Muslims I believe this to be a different story. If you believe in the Koran and Sharia Law, then you believe in hate and murder. I'm not saying a person can't change, I'm saying you better keep one eye open all the time. I'm not going to say the Church burning the Korans in Sept. is the best thing to do, but if I was there I would join them.

  30. We will not allow Sharia Law in this country! If this administration is wanting any form of their laws enacted in America, I believe we will be in for a revolution.
    As US citizens we have to stand united against all that Islam represents. All this administration wants is to control our lives and take from us all our Constitutional Rights.
    We will prevail in November.

  31. 1Tea-edTexan1/9/10 11:15 AM

    Sharia Law is not compatable with either US Civil Law or US Criminal Law. Murder under any pretense is unjustified and it is still murder. But, If it works for Muslims, then it will work for Catholics, Baptists,etc, etc. LOOK OUT GIRLS!!! Maybe there should be a warning sign on all mosques saying "CAUTION: PRACTICING THIS RELEGION MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH2

  32. Both the Holy Bible and the Qur'an have passages that contradict one another. The difference being that the New Testament of the Bible clearly shows Jesus leading a life of love. He came "not to abolish the law, but to accomplish it's purpose." In essence, he redefines the mockery that mankind had made of the Faith in the earlier practice and passages. By comparison, the later passages of the Qur'an are more violent and oppressive. It is in these passages that Sharia Law is given as a necessity to all Muslims. They must follow it, or they or living in sin. They must not stop until it is the law of ALL lands. Likewise, this is where the term Taqiyya comes into being. Taquiyya is the command that all muslims must lie to non-muslims in order to bring about Sharia. Christianity, no matter how man has bastardized it, is about love, forgiveness, and free will to accept. Islam is about murder, mayhem and stone-age barbarism. If something is a temptation to a muslim man, they have a right to kill it, because they are not expected to control the animals that they are. If we allow Islam to take root in the U.S. as it has in Europe, we are doomed to a barbaric age. Once again, the U.S. is Europe's and the rest of the World's last hope.

    With respect to the "Ground Zero Mosque", it is more than a mosque. It is a 13 story community center, a place to plan, a place to scheme. Not a place of worship.

  33. 1Tea-edTexan2/9/10 9:16 AM

    Sippydog, VERY well said. The many of us who are not familiar with Islam are horrified with their barbaric practices. WE ARE LEARNNG and knowledge will be a powerful weapon and defense. Even a short, cursory glance at the information on the internet can reveal much. One site that I found very informative is:
    This site states that the thing that motivates Muslims to terrorism is..."the Quran tells them that fighting non-believers is the duty of every Muslim and the only way to be certain of going to heaven to enjoy untold sexual pleasures is to die fighting in the cause of Allah."
    I suggest this site as a starting place for those who wish to learn more.

  34. I am one of those who really don't know much about the Muslims beliefs, and am quickly learning that their beliefs are not wanted in this country. The more I read about it, the more disgusted I get.
    Sharia Law should be banned from the Land Of The Free. It is of Muslim faith to hate Christians and to conquer them. They are taught it is okay to kill the infidels. We must put a stop to this treacherous organization.

  35. here is a good source of info, his story and book!

    Dr. A.A. Ahmed has quite a story to tell us all. I suggest if you are in facebook and are interested in learning more to ask to be his friend or just go read his bio page: -- non fb users should be able to read page also.!/profile.php?id=100000215477921&v=info

  36. The Church will definitely make a statement to the world with their planned burning of the quran. I don't know how I feel about this, I don't agree with what they represent and think. This is sure to cause quite a ruckus within the Muslim communities. I know I would be upset if a group was to get together and burn the Bible.