Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Against Free Speech On Internet

Seeing what happened in the 2010 elections Obama pushes even harder to control what Americans say. Knowing the great losses his party took he is now looking at what new underhanded ways he can use to get a second term

As he speaks of the new bipartisanship and transparency we are going to see the push for world order continue. 
Him and his administration are now pushing for more government leadership for the Internet in the name of privacy. He wants to create a new group of people to oversee it. Three weeks ago, a special task force to control the Commerce Department was said to have been put into place. The task force led by Cameron Kerry, brother of Senator John Kerry.

Representative Joe Barton (R-Tx) says he welcomes the idea. I can understand privacy laws pertaining to protecting children from sex predators and other frauds. The problem with this is like the health care bill all the rules have not been laid out. Is this another bill we see go through where we are expected to pass it before we can read it.?

The Federal Trade Commission has said we will hear a report by the end of the year. I believe if this is passed it will not benefit the people but give Big Brother another way to infiltrate on our privacy. It is beyond me how Liberals can stand by silent while seeing our freedom being removed daily.

Obama promised us change and we are sure seeing it. I think we will see more bills being p0ushed in this lame duck session than in any other. Dems know they have a short time to move before the new House and Senate take over. With the Republicans taking the House it will be harder for Obama to push his propaganda down our throats, so he must move quickly. The other problem he is facing is will the Dems in the upcoming election stand beside him as they have in the past or will they fear being voted out?

We can not put our guard down for one moment, we must keep our fight moving forward for the sake of generations to come.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Since the president has been in office he has been fighting for government control on the internet. Like you, I think it would be used to violate our rights and our voice. This possibly could be a very good tool in the elections of 2012. If the government could control what the people read and their opinion it would be a big feather in their hat. Let's hope this can be stopped.

  2. ColoradoCool17/11/10 8:40 PM

    Nobama would love to see this passed. He can't stand to see anyone opposing. They call it the promotion of privacy but all it does is take the voice of America away.

    Had it not been for the internet and the tea parties I believe we would still have a democratic house cramming their stupid laws down our throats. I say keep the internet going in order that we can have Freedom of Speech.

  3. georgiapeach18/11/10 3:08 PM

    I think you're making a big deal out of nothing. What he's trying to create with this is nothing more than stopping identity theft, children being harmed from sex predators and companies dealing in crooked business. He's not trying to say; He's stopping freedom of speech. Grow up and smell the roses.

  4. I think if this do nothing prez could ever get the internet where we can't speak our mind we would go into socialism. This is the only thing he seems to understand is shut the people up so they will listen to him. I think a new dawn is coming where we will see him going farther downhill because of his own arrogance.
    By the way did you see the news Charlie Rangel was in tears after being convicted of his crime. He's now asking to go out with some honor. That's a far cry from when he walked out of the court room the other day. I think we're gonna see more rinos in trouble as the new congress comes in.

  5. The internet is the biggest source for sharing information. We were able to spread the word that we are not satisfied with the way our country is going. We united and brought down the socialistic agenda of the Obama administration. Of course Obama does not want us to continue to express ourselves online and will do what ever it takes to silence us. I believe we will fight him over this tooth and nail and will find a way to remain united.

  6. If I believed this government only wanted to impose restrictions on security and privacy on the internet, I would be all for it. I don't think this is what this administration wants. They see this as a way to stop all our social networking and control what is posted online.

  7. Goodness. Everyone who posted so far, except for one, doesn't trust the president.....pretty soon he will be the only one on the internet allowed to post.

  8. Mad Sally's Roommate20/11/10 12:48 PM

    You're right Laurence, I think Georgia Peach better wake up and smell the roses. Since this dictator has taken over office, nothing good has come to our country. I wonder if he has any of Hitlers genes in him? If given one iota of control him along with his staff will take over the entire internet plus radio and TV broadcasting. The only thing we'll be able to wake to of a morning is his stupid rhetoric and maybe a picture with of his big ears sticking out at us.

  9. Texas Teacher20/11/10 6:31 PM

    The hope for our future is that the new electives coming in can turn some of this madness around that Liberals are trying to get through in a Lame Duck session.

    The remaining hope I have for this Country is that we can retain the rights we have to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of the Vote. It is not Constitutional what Liberals are doing to us.

    Animosity is growing and when reality sets in the tears for past Freedom will be understood more than ever before.

  10. This pres will do whatever it takes to control our lives. He is terribly disturbed by the unrest the tea party has stirred up within the citizens. He does not think we should be able to voice our opinions and say anything against him. Controlling the internet is the only way he knows to shut us up. Laurence, you are right soon he will be the only one allowed to voice his opinion, if we do not protest every move he makes.

  11. It's sad when a lame duck session tries to vote mare radical laws through than since the prez took office. Liberals know they are going down in January. They have to do everything possible to try to ruin America. Let's hope we can make it to the first of the year, then bid these idiots good-bye forever. Hopefully they won't have time to vote on the internet bill.

  12. 1Tead-Texan21/11/10 7:59 PM

    Whether we like it or not, Whether we deny it or not....we are at war with socialism and it comes from within our own counry. "WE WILL BURY YOU!", stated Krushchev..... In a booklet (1962) showing an angry Krushchev on the cover, titled "We Will Bury You", the basic blueprint for socialistic take over include the following: Propoganda, Mass agitation(divide and conquer), Demoralization, Infiltration, Gain the Confidence and dependancy of the people through social and welfare programs., Subversion, Disarm the populance, Dilute and dispose of opposing leadership, Take control of all communications, Establish government as sole employer, Take all land and private property, and register all people and control all travel outside small areas so that revolts will be minor and ten miles away it will not even be known. WE were warned in the 60s, Fifty years later we still face the same threat. We cannot allow our internet communications to be taken away.

  13. Hi
    I ran across this link, might be our "prayers answered" * Lets keep diligent and that keen eye on what is going on while we still have the freedom to do so *

  14. Wow pp that is good news. I hope Sen. Wyden is successful in this. There is so much to learn and shutting down the internet would be disastrous to the whole world. If as the article suggests, the bill is stalled and has to be reintroduced when the new Congress convenes we should be in good hands. If not we are doomed.

  15. Straightening out our country will be a never ending job. We must do what we can to educate the people, so we never let our government get this far out of control. The goons we have in office now are currently so power hungry, they will do what it takes to control us.

  16. Mississippi Mud23/11/10 6:30 PM

    Why don't we just quit all this debate and kick 'em all out and start all over? As long as we have the Pelosis and Reids anywhere in office this administration feels they're going to win. Kick back cool it and enjoy the holidays.