Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is It A Lame Duck Or Cooked Goose Session?

People are asking if everything we are seeing in this Lame Duck Session is staged in order to keep Americans mind off the real problems we are facing. Everything the Liberals are trying to push through is mind boggling.

Liberals know if their agenda can't be passed before January their chances of passing anything will be be very slim. It is like a mix-master stirring up so many problems the public can not keep up with it.
  1. We wait to see if the Bush Tax Cuts will be extended. If it does not pass middle class Americans will be strapped with higher taxes and more job loses even though Obama says it will only affect those making $250,000 or more.
  2. Obama has formed a committee to help control the internet in the name of the privacy act. The committee could claim what we are saying is detrimental to our privacy and needs to be stopped. This could also extend to News and Radio Stations. This would give Obama what he needs to control what we say.
  3. Congress is now voting on the Dream Act which will allow illegals to receive citizenship at the expense of tax payers.
  4. A Mosque is trying to go up where Muslims killed over 3,000 people in New York. Muslims are now asking to use American Tax Dollars to help build it.
  5. The S-510 Food Safety Act which will put small farmers out of business and give Government the control of what we eat. This will also allow countries like Communist China who owns about 50% of America to ship more of their food in.  Read more about this on Radical Richard's Corner
  6. We awake to hear North Korea has attacked South Korea. So. Korea, being our ally, has people wondering if we will find ourselves in yet another war. The problem with this is China is the only ally No. Korea has. Will they stand by them if America attacks? This could be another way to run America into the ground by having to increase more taxes in order to fund another war.
  7. Body scanners and pat downs at airports have become the talk of the news. People feel government is going too far when it comes to groping our 'JUNK'. They say Muslim women should have to go through the same pat downs because we are at war with them.
  8. Many States are looking at dropping Medicaid because of the cash flow on Obama's Health Care Bill. This will cost more tax dollars to the middle class.
If America is to remain a free country people are going to have to wake up to what is happening around them. Liberals along with a President that seems to care little or nothing to what happens to our Nation has to be stopped. If Republicans can not stand up for the peoples rights, boot them also.

I am tired of hearing people saying "I do not want to get involved." Then cry the loudest when it hits home.

I suggest if you do not want to get involved then do two things. Shut the hell up, then bend over and kiss your butts goodbye because you are the problem.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, then hope it won't be our last.

Freedom Fighter


  1. This is the most active lame duck session I've seen. Out of the lists you made the two that concern me the most are the Bush Tax Cuts and the internet. Without the tax cuts, they'll break me and without the internet I'd go nuts.
    I have to check the turkey so will sign off. To all of my friends at RFA have a Happy Thanksgiving and try not to overeat.

  2. I agree the people who cry the most are the ones who never do anything to help. These people will find out in time what the term means, being your worst enemy. Many of my friends tell me all the time they don't want to get involved and ask what good is their vote.

  3. Texas Teacher25/11/10 8:02 PM

    I think everything you say is good, but I think you are bored. You keep writing about the same thing America is hearing about and I thank you for it.
    FF, start saying what you used to say and not the same drama as what's coming in every week. I can listen to Fox and hear the same thing. I
    n the past you wrote from your heart, now I think you're writing from your mind.
    Have a good Thanksgiving, but get back to your original self. We all know we love America!

  4. You are right T-Teacher, I have become so obsessed with politics and our future that I have become boring to myself. I am going to go to the people of RFA and devote the month of December to what Christmas and the Holidays are about.

    It is a hard one to do but I will not bring up the politics until January.

    Thank you for the lesson you have taught me. The reason for the season is what we are all about. For the month of December I will deal with what comes from the heart and not the mind.

    Have a good one buddy.

  5. Well Freedom Fighter you are all about Freedom! Read your comments here. You aren't about holidays are ya? Although yes, it is true sadly enough of your blogs come out by the time the news has been around.

    Texas Teacher it is not only on Fox News where the news comes from, please expand your horizons, they are sluggish and boring, let alone slow with breaking news --- I suggest you get online for quick breaking news *

  6. Mad Sally's Roommate27/11/10 12:33 PM

    pinkpistol, we all know Fox News is not the only source for the news, but when we work all day, it is nice to get a recap of the days news in one place. Where would I go online for quick breaking news?

    One thing about it FF you do say how you feel about what is happening in this country. I enjoy your articles.

  7. You know MSR, there are times that I get bored with it as Texas Teach said. Then I sit down and look at the other side of the coin. We do blogs, we do facebook pages and a website. Besides that we do a lot of traveling and speak to as many Tea Party and other groups as we have the chance to.

    I had an fb friend want to join me and I turned him down. The reason being when I went to his fb page with the exception of 2 or 3 people, the only picture I saw was his on the page. There was no conversation and no responses to anything. Many of our RFA friends don't watch any form of National News and get their information from what we have to offer. I love controversy, but it is so easy to condemn when you are not really doing anything. Maybe what we should look at is playing a bunch of farm games or just expressing our own opinions. If we don't do that we can just post a bunch of videos or cartoons. Gee that would make a great fb or website wouldn't it?

  8. I'll go along with you FF. I don't always have time to keep up with all the news. 90% of the places I go are telling what many call old news that's new to me.
    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. My friends and I are concerned about many of the issues you spoke of. I just hope we can get this lame duck session over and hopefully get down to the business of running this country.

    I would like to ask T Teacher a question. Could you please let us know if you have a facebook, website or any place we can go to read what you have written on? My friends and I would be interested in reading it.

  10. Texas Teacher28/11/10 6:03 PM

    Touche Bill. You got the best of me on that one. I guess I just have the holiday spirit and maybe was a little bit out of place. I enjoy posting on RFA and as the old saying goes, I guess if I'm going to talk the talk I better walk the walk. I hope your holidays are everything you want them to be.

  11. It looks like I walked into the middle of a war zone here. I am very concerned about the Bush tax cuts, this will affect my family. Without going against anyone, I will say I like the blog. Good luck to all of you.

  12. Don't quit posting about your thoughts. You may be getting bored but understand there are people like me that do have to work for a living and don't have time to listen to news all day long. I believe your blogs have been good over the past. You can't make everybody happy and you don't have to. A person can speak from the heart and not have to go along with the whiny people. Keep up the work you are doing.

  13. 1Tea-edTexan30/11/10 12:41 PM

    Not that Freedom Fighter needs my remarks in his defense, I make the observation that his blog is only updated once a week, and, as such, not intended or could ever be up-to-the-minute news coverage. Updated summaries of daily news are posted throughout the internet and most TV Channels. I view this blog as an author/sponsor provided forum to express/share their thoughts on timely issues and allow other persons to do the same. I fully agree that WE ALL should observe the truer meaning of Christmas and continue our traditions and celebration. However, I disagree with FF that we should be any less vigilant or remain silent about political issues.

  14. Way to go 1Tea-edTexan! FF does do a good job expressing his opinion and generating controversy. Politics is nothing we can just forget about for the month of Dec. If we don't constantly watch what the Liberals are doing they will take advantage of us. They still aren't focusing on important issues like the tax breaks or a budget. It almost seems they are making a last ditch effort to pass only the things they want. They think we are asleep again.

  15. For those of you that don't have much time and want fast info go to links like this: That one updates every 15 minutes *

    Also another fast one would be Twitter. Sign up for tweets