Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Democratic Anger Flares - Saying Obama Rolled Over

Tempers run high this week as Democrats say the leader they backed caved in on them. The Bush tax cuts have brought out the worst in Liberals.

Obama has once again broken his promise. Since the beginning of his campaign he promised America he would not increase taxes on the middle but on those making $250 thousand and above.
This week in order to secure a deal on the tax cuts he asks Dems. to grant a 2 year extension on those earning over $250,000.

Dems are crying out  that this is a surrender to the GOP. They feel after many lost their seats in the House by backing Obama he has turned  and begun eating his own.

Republicans told Obama they would not give one inch when it came to the tax cuts. In a time of recession you can not increase taxes on the people who are able to create jobs. They ask if anyone has ever seen a poor person create jobs? They also threatened to filibuster everything Obama put through if he didn't give them this.

In order for the bill to pass Repubs had to agree to extend unemployment benefits for 13 months. In my opinion this is the way we should have been heading since Obama took office. This is the first step to bipartisanship we have seen. For the last 2 years it has been Democrats hiding behind closed doors, keeping info from the public and construing  deals under the table.

At a time we have reached 9.8% unemployment we have to move in a direction to create jobs, Obama told us if we passed the stimulus bill we would not see unemployment go above 8% .

Some Dems have vowed we have not heard the end of this and we should not consider it a done deal

At a time America faces a mountain of problems some form of leadership has to prevail.
Our borders lay wide open while Pelosi and Reid continue to push the Dream Act. Our deficit  is out of control. Muslim polls show a person should be killed if they change their religion so why do want killers living with us?

It is time for Dems to stop their crying and realize we have to move forward. We had to put up with your stupidity for 4 years. Let's get down to business which is working for the good of the Country. Grow up whine bags.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.
Merry Christmas

Freedom Fighter


  1. What I would like to ask you is how do a bunch of freeloaders come to our country and say we need to provide a living for them?

    Are Democrats or Republicans going to change anything our system was built upon?
    Our government has gone astray.

    Let 2 million people who won't have a home next month go without it. When their economy has dropped they will see the realization of what America was built upon.
    I have worked as many as 20 hours a day, in my life, 7 days a week, to get where I'm at. To Hell with them. Don't distribute MY wealth or the people who built this Country.

    The leader of this Country who does a flip-flop every time something comes up can stick it where the Sun does not shine.

    Let America go forward and when our Constitution is in peril, then let's go to H**l and back fighting for it.

    I have heard YOUR opinion, now let me hear yours.

  2. 1Tea-edTexan8/12/10 10:19 AM

    Angry and bewildered far-left Socialists continue to lament the Obama Compromise and do not understand the reason for his sudden change of heart(flip flopping that is). While the agreement does contain some very positive elements, which he will spin and spin again, it has more to do with 2012 elections than genuine concern for middle class welfare. "Fact of the Matter is", it was the gentle nudging of Michelle, that brought about the change. You see, Michelle has learned to L o v e her position as first lady, she loves her perks, her vacations, her junkets and parties, the attention,notoriety and prestiege. She will not be willing to go back to that mean old place, America, that she came from. Not so difficult to understand.

  3. I agree with you totally, Texan. Have not talked to you lately because I've been busy. I'm getting ready to pull out with the motor home tomorrow to go hunting with my boys. They have a good deer lease, apparently you can take five deer this year. Still have venison in the freezer. Hope to get one deer and one pig, that is all I need for the year. Will give you a call when I get back. We appreciate the good work at RFA you are doing posting on the members articles and the site.

    The lame duck session we are going through is the worst I've ever seen. Let us hope we still have a free country when the new electives come in, in January.
    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. I'm mad at ya FF, I wish I was going hunting with you. I'm with you all the, I hope we still have a free country in January.

  5. I think the Democrats are so one-sided they will do everything they can to stop the cuts. If they do,m they will be cutting their own throats. The people will loose all trust in them. Let's hope for the best.

  6. I think extending unemployment for 13 months will keep people from looking for a job. Why not extend them 6 months, then use the rest of the money to create more jobs this makes more sense. Put a cork in the whine bags mouth then take our country forward. Glad to see you back to your old self FF.

  7. This will be interesting to see unfold, like everything else they have been doing against the wishes of the people whom elected them. Am quite sure they will find another way to punish us for the continuation of Bush Tax Cuts. Other things will be taxed !! We will pay one way or another I fear * There is no free ride or even a break for those of us that keep the economy and country barely limping along.

  8. Six months may sound like a long time to you Bill. The problem is we can't increase jobs in six months. There are a lot of people who have been out of work for 100 weeks. You might want to check your facts before you spout off.

  9. Maybe you should check YOUR facts, Dem. No country has ever bought their way out of a recession You can't increase taxes while you keep spending. We have to increase exports and jobs before we see the end of the recession.

  10. Amen to that Uncle Sam !

  11. Louisiana Mud12/12/10 11:33 AM

    Hang the bunch of them. There's not one of them doing anything for the people. If the dems don't give a little on this I think repubs will win 2012 by a landslide. The 7 year moratorium on drilling will cost us so much in gas goods increase we may never recover from that. Until we get the muslim out of the white house our country will go down.

  12. It's about time Dems faced the fact after 4 years of their dumb laws people are mad. If the tax cuts are not passed we will all be in trouble next year. I hope the Republicans stick to their guns.

  13. I hope that I'm wrong but I think Obama wants civil unrest so that he can turn this country into a socialist country. He is trying to bankrupt us and he wants an open border. This is how you take over a country you implode it then you rebuild it. This man is dangerous. People are starting to talk about a revolution. If they don't pass it we are going to be in a lot of trouble. One other thing that media is saying that isn't the whole truth is, if it don't pass it will be a tax hike but if it passes it will be a tax cut. The last part isn't true. All it will do is stay the same. That's why they compromised on the SS. By doing this we will not have as much taken out of our paychecks. If you can put that money in savings and use it the way you want.

  14. You talk like all Muslims are bad. I still believe in my religion. You do not have the right to way we are killers F. Fighter. I have never killed anyone in my life. You say you look at both sides but then you make statements against everyone. I hope you find peace some day.

  15. No one made any statements that aren't the truth. If you are a true Muslim then you believe in Sharia Law, so therefore the horrible be-headings are all right in your book. Get a life and decide what kind of Muslim you really are. If you don't believe in the Sharia Law speak out and let the world know it.

  16. What I see going on in DC is nothing more than Dems trying to impose on our country. The lame duck session is turning out to be an all out war. They need to stop putting new laws in and just vote on one thing at a time. This would show who is working for the country or against it. Let's hope we still have a chance next year when the new congress comes in.

  17. Let's hope McConnell leads the republicans in the right direction. He says they will filibuster every bill that comes through. We have to stop the money grabbing thieves now before it is too late.

  18. I live in Az. I am more worried about securing the border is. I can't understand if the Constitution says the states have the right to step in, the federal government takes them to court.l I'm fed up with all the Dems. I feel Pelosi should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

  19. Rebel Rouser16/12/10 6:47 AM

    Kerry, amuslim can't speak out how he believes, that would be certain death. That's their law, they can't leave the muslim culture. If amuslim does not believe in Sharia Law he should be allowed to make that choice. That is what this country was founded on. Don't get me wrong I do not like what the muslims represent and want nothing to do with their cult, but I do think some of them want out but can't.