Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dem Mentality

The complexities we face in our Country today are brought on by leaders who retain a non-caring attitude for our future.

Obama whose objective is to take from the rich that which they have earned and give it to the poor is a good example. He also feels the need to control all banks, auto manufacturers, Wall Street, along with anything else he can get his greedy hands on. He is changing health care to fit his Socialistic views. His Muslim up-bringing has been viewed in foreign nations as well as in ours.

Nancy Pelosi appears to be nothing but a puppet to Obama. She has shown to be a power grabber with a theatrical outlook on life. Her time as House Speaker has proven she cares nothing about the public but only for herself.

What can one say about Harry Reid? All he has on his mind is pushing the Dream Act through in order to get the illegal votes. The problem is the Congressional deceit seems to be never ending with Liberals. Their mentality to take our Country forward is blinded by their greed to make others look bad.

At a time America is crying out for leaders we hear Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) state Democrats need to create a financial problem in order to make Republicans look bad. He believes by exploiting the unemployment issue before Christmas could be a key issue.

As the Bush tax cuts are voted on before the end of the year we see the wheels turning. 54 House Dems sent Pelosi a single letter stating how upset they are and feel Obama is craw-fishing on them.

Republicans have shown a bi-partisanship effort in working with the tax cuts. Democrats have done nothing more than cry, whine and exploit the package.

It is time we see Liberals for what they are, trash bringing down our Country. For the sake of generations to come we can only hope the new electives coming in will see the deception from past leaders and work for the people.

If they do not like living in a free Country then get the hell out! Let them go somewhere they can be happy.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. After reading your article I have to say I enjoyed part of it but was appalled at one statement you made. It read ... see Liberals for what they are, trash bringing down our Country. I'm a democrat and don't feel that I'm trash because I have different views than others. I think that statement should be retracted and an apology given.

  2. Since democrats have had control of the house and senate for four years what have you seen them do that is good, Christina? It appears to me all they want to do is take away from our country why should someone apologize for saying it like it is?
    I hope in January we start seeing some sense made of all of this and can shut Pelosi and Reid up finally

  3. Guess I might as well post, I can't afford to buy anymore Christmas presents.

    What N. Pelosi and H. Reid are doing in a lame duck session is nothing more than stomping all over our future. I'll be so happy next month to see these two have to quieten down it will be unbelievable. Whoever heard of all the garbage H. Reid wants to put through.
    Go home chill out and enjoy the holidays, your time is over.

  4. Christina, it takes a lot for me to stand against a readers comment, but in your case it is quite easy to make an exception. I don't feel FF should apologize or retract any statement he has made. Your party along with some liberals are bringing this country down. While we are fighting for the future of our Country Reid, Pelosi and outgoing Democrats are pushing everything they can through. Instead of addressing the issue before the week of Christmas they hid like a bunch of rats. Then they try to pass Don't Ask - Don't Tell, the Dream Act and many other issues. If all these pass along with the health care bills starting in January America will be so far in debt it will be almost impossible to recover. Be proud of yourself if this happens. You have taken your children and grandchildren's future away. In my opinion, this makes you and your colleagues nothing more than garbage that shouldn't be breathing air. My hope is that if all this goes through the people who initiated it pay triple hell for it. Retract it, my ass, wait till you see what I start along with FF next year. Merry Christmas and a non prosperous future to you and your family.

  5. Mad Sally's Roommate18/12/10 2:08 PM

    Christina I do not feel that Freedom Fighter is picking on you personally. Even you have to admit that you are dissatisfied with our government or you wouldn't be reading sites like this. I too was at one time a democrat and did vote for Obama going to sites like this one and and listening to Fox News opened my eyes to what is really happening in the Democratic Party.
    Who we do have now in control of this country suck and needs to be thrown out with the trash. I know that not all dems are bad, but the ones that we have in office now are. Don't take things so personally.
    Our new incumbents are giving us a sense of hope and unity.

  6. Mississippi Mud18/12/10 4:44 PM

    Damn, RR, somebody must have ruffled your feathers today! I don't think I've ever heard you answer that way. I'm not saying I don't agree but you did get a little rough. With what's going on in our country now I think we are all concerned about the way it is going. Let's hope it gets better in Jan.
    Hope you have a nice Christmas and New Year!

  7. R Richard, we have received some e-mails at RFA protesting your comments to Christina on Freedom Fighters blog. As a representative of I feel you should apologize to Christina and all the others you have offended. We appreciate you responding to this matter as quickly as possible.

  8. FF and RR I feel if it weren't' for dems and our leaders I wouldn't be in the position I am in financially. Up until this year I have always been able to give my children a good C-Mas.
    I feel you were too rough on Christina, but somebody has to stand up for what they believe in.
    It seems like anybody who wants to work has to pay a penalty. If you don't want to work the state and government is supposed to take care of you, I disagree with that.

    I wish every one of you out there a Very Merry Christmas and May Your Blessings Be Many.

  9. I too am an ex dem and proud of it! When I heard all the slurs about the dems in office I never thought they were directed at me personally. The ones in office have taken on such far left liberal views they are loosing the democrat party to the repubs, independents and the forceful TeaParty. God and the Constitution will win in the end.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Nadler is a jerk! It is dems like him that have stolen this country from us. I hope the democratic voters will learn from the last four years and be more careful of the people they elect. A few bad dems ruin it for all. Get rid of that kind of trash and fast.
    I understand Pelosi is having to move from her office and trade down to a lower office. I love it she is another jerk who wastes our money. I can't wait until Obama has to leave the white house!

  11. One thing about it FF says it like it is. As RR said he should not apologize nor retract his words. The truth is the truth what we have in office now is garbage beginning with the POTUS.
    California will be in much better shape when their star official Pelosi is finally removed from office. I don't understand how or why she has so much influence on that state.

  12. RFA has reprimanded me on the statement I made to Christina and asked me to apologize. Being a person of irreproachable concern for people I feel you are right. I would like to apologize for saying Merry Christmas to Christina and wish all the dems who brought America down a very crappy Christmas and a poo-poo New Year. I have made my apology and hope this rectifies everything with RFA and the do nothing garbage Dems.

  13. Concerned Gramps20/12/10 6:38 PM

    i would not have said it like you did but i am with you all the way. We have to stand up to people taking this country down. I believe in the old saying stick by your guns. have a good Christmas rr, I hope rfa lets you keep writing.

  14. Now is supposed to be the time for peace and happiness. What has this world come to that all we do is fight and bicker.
    The really sad thing is that the Dems are poor losers and don't want to lose control. The Tea Party said they were going to take the trash out in November and they did! Get with it dems the trash (Repubs and Dems) is history. It's time to have a clean house again and we are here to see that it stays clean.

  15. Don't back off an inch FF! I, like you, believe liberals are the biggest bunch of garbage infesting our country today. It's beyond me how people can hate to see the our future children have any prosperity. Let's hope we can take the rest of the garbage out in the next two years.