Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Border Agents Killers Case Disappear From Federal Court Records

It appears Obama's desire to be a second term prez will stop at nothing.

While he needs the Latino vote along with Fast and Furious to disappear will he along with Liberals let our law enforcement go to prison for protecting our Country?

It appears that is the case
The case of the alleged killers of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has vanished from the Federal Court records. The records have been sealed by a Federal Judge.

In May a federal indictment was won against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes and others. When the indictment came only Osorio's name could be read but others were blocked out.
Osorio was charged with second degree murder. He had been wounded in a gunfight which left Terry dead.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol said his agents are fed up at the lack of transparency in this case.

The assault rifles found at the scene were believed to be from Fast & Furious.

As odd as it may be a criminal investigation has been lost from public view.
Too many papers seem to be falling through the cracks. Will Obama along with his cronies let our border agents go to prison in their stupid quest for power.

My answer is yes with what I see trying to lead our Country now. Obama, Pelosi, Napolitano and Holder will go to any lengths to  look good while deceiving the people. I dread seeing what next year will be with an election coming up. The filth of what we see may be surprising.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. I think some heads should roll over this. Fast & Furious was one of the dumbest things Liberal law makers did. They not only put weapons in the hands of killers but put border patrol and civilians in danger.

  2. My opinion: F and F was a device by which the Obama Admin was going to try to influence gun control legislation by throwing the legal gun dealers (who helped them) over the side and blaming them for selling guns to illegal parties in Mexico.

    This is a manslaughter that goes to the top and THAT is why the court has deals the documents. One of the most disgraceful acts in the history of ANY government.

  3. This makes me so furious! This case should be public record. Wonder where the judiciary committee is on this..It was all the news when the whistle-blower testified, now nothing. I did hear something that those who testified may be facing some sort of charges. Anyone else heard this?

  4. 1Tea-edTexan30/11/11 3:40 PM

    I agree Laurence. I have long said that "Gunwalker" and "F&F" have little to do with drug cartels. In my unchangeable opinion, the DOJ along with other government entities "engineered" this pathway of arms to cartels to have tailor made evidence to squash gun dealers, gun manufacturers and our God given right to bear arms and protect ourselves. We have liberty only as long as we are able AND WILLING TO DEFEND IT. They will never control up until they disarm us.

  5. I've heard the whistleblowers have been told to be quiet and let it go. I would guess this is because not only Holder, but the prez, Hillary Janet and many others are involved. Face fact the prez can't afford to loose all of his corrupt people. It would leave him high and dry.
    Holder is crying and saying the Daily Caller is creating a mass of phone calls asking for his resignation.

  6. Libturds will do what they can to cover this up. We all know the truth but they'll never fess up to it. This mess will never be settled.
    Meanwhile the Terry family has to live in this country knowing the government is responsible for his death. I heard they are suing...Sadly it will do no good with the crooks we have running this country.

  7. I feel sorry for Brian Terry's family. If he was a family member of mine I would be letting the whole world know how worthless Obama and his administration is. The DOJ and Obama admin are directly responsible for his death.
    An apology might help, but now it is too late for that. A complete explanation of this incident should be made and if the corrupt government can not do this then we must get rid of them all.

  8. joe-conservative2/12/11 1:16 PM

    Once again this corrupt admin show their true colors. When they do something wrong it is quickly covered up and cause some other mator distraction to keep peoples minds off their screwups. Transparency is no longer a part of gov regulations or ethics.

  9. One coverup after another. thats all there is to it. Lies that's all we hear from this admin.

  10. I hope cspan will be covering the Holder hearings on Tuesday. I bet he lies his way through it! There will be soooo much cover-up coming from him and Obama. It is someone elses fault that F&F even happened, I'm sure the gun dealers are responsible for this mess.