Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Could A Government Imposed Holocaust Be America's Future?

Many people are seeing a movement crossing our Country which they say is nothing like what they have seen before.

A mother of three told me she now fears Big Gov more than the economy. By all rights with what I am seeing she should be worried.

As I have written before countries are lead into dictatorship by taking peoples guns away, stopping their food supply, silencing the opposition and forming a military large enough to control what government wants.

Could this happen to the U.S. - Let's look at some facts.

1.     The Middle East is uniting with Mexico planning an attack on the U.S. - One of the Iranians connected to the foiled plot to murder the Saudi ambassador in DC has been sent to Mexico. He has been ordered by the country special forces to recruit forces of the "Los Aetus" drug cartel
  • With government standing in the way of States securing our borders the infiltration into our Country from Mexico could be easily carried out.
  • If disruption broke out during election time Obama would have the power to stop the election until the problem was solved through and Executive Order (E.O). He  could then impose Martial Law.
  • All this comes at a time when government placed guns into cartels hands through Fast & Furious.
Obama has said in the past he wants a civilian military larger than ours.    Read More

2.     Martial Law - This can be done through an E.O., giving Obama the power to control all aspects of our lives. He can control the media, telephones, Internet, power plants etc. He could have citizens work under Federal supervision. He could allow FEMA to take control over all government agencies. Hitler turned Germany into a Nazi dictatorship through Executive Orders.     Read More

3.     FEMA Camps - This is a subject which has been debated for years. The movement of Interpol, The World Police, coming to the United States has many people alarmed. 
  • They have the power to siege what they want' without question. 
  • They have more power than any branch of our law enforcement, people are wondering why FEMA Camps are being built here. 
  • Who are they built to hold? This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. 
See for yourself, watch these videos:  
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory:  Part One - Part Two - Part 3
Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.
Martial Law? Pics of one Concentration Camp in America. Plus vehicles
Secret Obama New World Order Fema Martial Law Concentration Camps in America 2009-2012

4.     Why is this administration building more government jobs rather than creating jobs for the working class, such as the Keystone Pipeline? 
  • Why does Obama back Muslims, Atheists and the New Black Panther Movements over Christians and our Constitution? 
  • Why does Obama want  a Civilian Army larger than our military? 
  • Why won't he let us secure the borders? 
  • Is it possible when a person craves power they will go to any extent to hold on to it? 

I can not provide all the answers or want to be a Chicken Little running around yelling "the sky is falling." Each of us must decide for ourselves. I believe we are looking at a time the U.S. people have never had to deal with.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. Good question Why does Obama Bin want a civillian bigger than the military? Cause he knows the majority of the military won't take action against civillians. most of the military hate him as much as I do. His civillian army will be made up of druggies, black panthers, the worthless bums who call themselves occupiers and all the welfare addicts. His army will fight for anything they can get four free.
    Our army will fight for the Constitution and Freedom. We will be much better prepared and able to fight than his army will be.

  2. You nailed it! Obama does crave power and is suffering because he doesn't have control over the country and Congress. He knows the majority of people don't like him. Power does do horrible things to some people and this man is a pro at grabbing power. As a community leader he had control of what happened. He will do whatever it takes to control and dictate to us his own demands.

  3. In the past I would've said no. With what I see going on today, I believe this administration will impose anything to take our country down.

  4. Watched the videos by Jesse Ventura. Sure does leave a lot of unanswered questions and does make me wonder about what all those places are for.

    The really unbelievable thing is some of these places have been around for quite awhile so we can't blame all of this crap on Obama. But they were definitely designed by someone with Socialistic and Communist views. Maybe they knew a dictator like Obama would soon be ruling this country.

  5. Very Scarey stuff going on in this country. RR this is not to be taken lightly by the people. I think it is reality not something made up.

    I've started attending our local GOP meetings. We can't let this go on any longer. We have to come up with a plan to get rid of the Anointed One and all the rinos still leaching off the public.

    Our country wasn't founded to end up with a dictator. I'm ready to fight for what our forefathers fought for.

  6. All you redneck conservatives are just alike. Put the fear of God into disbelievers so they will change their views and join the whacky right. If any of this crap was true wouldn't it be all over Fox News?
    Yes, Rad Rich, you are running around like Chicken Little. Better yet you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
    I bet you understand my version better than yours.
    You really don't think these are prison camps for Americans do you? Wake up and smell the roses. Americans want a government that will take care of them. Obama in 2012

  7. anon, People like us have to keep the fight up. You can see the mentality we're fighting by some of the comments you read such as FreeUSA. They create a problem then try to defend it by blaming everyone else. For whatever it's worth for us to talk on this blog, although it's probably a no brainer -Keep up the good work.

  8. Mad Sally's Roommate27/12/11 6:15 PM

    Confronting LadyLib & anon I was a Liberal 2 years ago when my roommate told me about this conservative website and blog. After reading it a number of times I finally started posting a couple of comments to Radical Richard, I can assure they weren't nice.
    He was never hateful to me but did always explain what he was trying to say. I began looking into politics a lot closer and had to agree with much of what I saw. I would've never thought RR and I could be internet friends. Yes there are good and bad Conservatives and Liberals but what we're all fighting for is not only our future but the future of generations to come.

  9. upsetindenver28/12/11 4:05 PM

    I think anon is one of those occupiers. This country was never meant to be a welfare country. We can't afford to keep giving and giving. We need a budget and a leader who will retain the Liberty our Fore Fathers fought for.
    Indeed there are concentration camps being built here. If Obama is re-elected all of us who do not bow to his desire will be there. Good to know I'll be amongst Patriots(lol)

  10. To anon and LadyLib: You say I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, this could be true for the hope of future generations.
    As for concentration camps run by FEMA being an untrue statement, I think you should look into it some more. At this time there are 800 FEMA Camps already in place in the US. If Martial Law is engaged they have the right to come in, take our guns away, take us to a camp without a trial. Here is an article which I just read today on FEMA Prison Camps. It's lengthy but worth reading. If you care anything about our children and our future take the time to read it. Then write back and tell me it's all a lie.
    Thank you for your response although I can't agree.

  11. LadyLib & anon sound like they should be on the View. Appears they have no concept of what's happening to this country and could care less about anyone but themselves.

  12. Im not saying that im the first person to know about this but before i knew about this american holocaust i predicted it. Because all of the NEW WORLD ORDER basically sounds like a holocaust. The government is not stupid obviously their going to look at the past disasters that was caused from the most twisted people, and they're going to learn from it and going to get better. So its going to be secretive. I believe that there slowly introducing all these events that are questionable. They're starting little camps to make it seem like its okay and that its regualr for these camps to be here, or its okay to have FEMA to control us like a bunch of puppets. We americans need to get more people like me and need to a group powerful. We are facing the military

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