Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama - President, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator or What?

Many are asking what the man living in the White House stands for.

He bows to Muslims while showing no respect to our allies. On his visit to England he presented the Queen an iPod with photos and videos of her 2007 trip to Virginia; while his wife hugged her, knowing she does not allow it.

Due to the seriousness in the Middle East Israel, an ally, fears America will not come to their aid because of our leader.

This administration claims Mubarak is not a dictator even though he has controlled the country in poverty for 30 years. 

The Muslim Brotherhood who controls a large part of the Middle East has stated any country who is allies with the United States will be destroyed.

Anjem Choudary a radical Muslim who promotes be-heading, cutting off of limbs, lashing people and keeping women in slavery declares Sharia Law should be the way of America. Meanwhile Obama, Michelle and Liberals continue to say they can build their mosques across America. One can only ask are all Liberals stupid...or, are only stupid people Liberal? You wonder if a Muslim living in the US who still worship the Quran should not be treated in the same way Anjem believes.

Egypt has asked for our help. What do we do, go over and protect a dictator or stand against the people who are fighting to live free? I could only guess which direction Obama would go. You can take the Muslim out of the country but you can't take the country out of the Muslim.

It is time America woke up to the fact Muslims are inter-twining in government with the intention of gaining control.  

On ABC this week Anjem Choudary said the East and the West will be governed by Sharia Law. He also believes the Muslim flag will fly over the White House.

Is it possible this goal has already been implemented? What our country needs at this point is a President who has more knowledge than being a Community Organizer. The only anwer I can see is to fight fire with fire. We can no longer stand by while this administration along with Radical Muslims sucks our life blood away. We must educate our young against the evils of Radicalism. From there we must make our stand to pursue or overthrow those who are taking our Freedom away.

If we have to bury a pig on every site they plan to build a mosque then so be it. It worked in Spain. Fight the spread of Muslims across this Country in every lawful way you can.

Let's work together to dispose of garbage the way it should be disposed of. This must be done for the sake of future generations.

You have heard my  opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard


  1. I agree with what you say, we do have to fight fire with fire. Radical Muslims ARE sucking our bloodlife away. In my opinion to see a damn lib leaving with a muslim under each arm would be great!
    By the way we do have a lot of wild pigs here, anyone wanting to shoot and bury one on a mosque site is welcome to em. lol

  2. With the ongoing wars we have now I hope this admin. will let the U.N. and not the U.S intervene.
    If our deficit doesn't reverse I'm afraid our country might fall.

    I have no use for what Muslims are doing in the Middle East, I don't want them here and like you, maybe we should combat them in the way they combat others.

    The only hope left for our country is to go back to God and the Constitution.

  3. My country is Japan, I read your blog. to me I have trouble sometimes understanding your meaning. You are a very lucky country to be able to say what you do. You have enemies growing in the middle east who are against you. I hope your country can overcome. We all wish for peace and freedom for our countries.
    May peace be with you, a reader.

  4. He's a Socialist, Muslim, Dictator or ??? He's definitely not qualified to be the President of The United States of America and is not!!

    I don't know what needs to be done in Egypt but we better keep a close watch on that situation. The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to step in and take over that country and all the surrounding countries. I hope and pray that Obama has the courage and understanding to realize how dangerous the situation really is. It is really time for him to grow up and accept the position he was voted to uphold. This is serious and we can not sit back and wait for the Messiah to decide we are in a very dangerous situation.

  5. upsetindenver4/2/11 8:30 PM

    I am so fed up with Muslims that what Jim Bob said is true. It would be a beautiful sight to see the liberals and the muslims leaving. If it is within my dying breath to stop it I will NEVER see an Islam flag fly over the white house and Muslims will NOT conquer the white house. You're right Muslims are infiltrating our country and I believe that the POTUS is one of them! He can't show his papers, he bows to muslims and he doesn't stand for anything our country was built upon. We do have to stand up for our rights and fight fire with fire.

    Curiosity killed the cat, I would be very interested in what Anonymous had to say. I would like to know how that persons country works. I hope to hear from that person again.

  6. Swinging Jay4/2/11 9:02 PM

    RR, I have a question for you..If you're the idiot writing on Freedom Fighter, I have fought you for over a year and I will fight you for another year. How can you write as one person so nice and on the other hand an idiot? I will continue to post my opinion but are you one and the same? Will you please give me an answer?

  7. The chaos in the Middle East just keeps spreading. We are seeing some of the smaller countries ousting their leaders. What I worry about is they are so vulnerable to the take over of the Muslims. I hope we don't end up in another war because of this...but I don't think we can afford to sit back and let the Muslims take control of the world.

  8. UnemployedDad5/2/11 3:40 PM

    The United Nations was created to stimulate world peace. I don't hear too many comments from them.
    It is time for the world to unite and stop this craziness. The power of the Radical Muslims must end or we are doomed.

  9. Although I am a dem, I agree with what you are saying. I don't want Sharia Law in our country or any where else. I don't believe in wars, but do think we should do something to stop the radical Muslims. The unrest in the Middle is reason for our government to stand up and take action. I hope President doesn't wait until it's too late.

  10. Mad Sally's Roommate6/2/11 5:08 PM

    Swinging Jay, I believe Radical Richard and Freedom Fighter are the same person.

    I see more Muslim movement going on the world over. We can no longer look the other way and let them continue in their radical movements.
    I pray for the people of Egypt and hope they will be able to overcome the Muslim Brotherhood. The people have been protesting for their Freedom, much like we have been doing here. God Bless Them.

  11. MubarakFan6/2/11 8:07 PM

    I am an American college educated Muslim. With what I see happening in this country, this president is no different than the unrest we see happening in the Mid-East.

    As for the writing for this blog, it appears what they are saying, we should decapitate or de-limb Muslims because of what they believe. I do believe in the Koran as my Bible, so should I be beheaded for that or kicked out of this country? I think it's horrible that you would say bury a pig on any site where our Mosque is going to be built. That would be like me saying burn YOUR Bible. I believe your viewers carry a lot of animosity against anything or anyone they don't understand.

  12. Rebel Bill6/2/11 8:40 PM

    Hey Muslim, you may be college educated and an American but I stand against you in every way. You believe in the Koran then call yourself American, so why don't you believe in the Constitution and the violence your people do?
    I agree with you on this, people should NOT bury a pig on a Mosque site. What they SHOULD do is bury the pig shit. Since I have a friend that raises pigs I'll be glad to furnish all the pig shit you need.
    As far as the rhyme eeny-meany-miney-moe, it should end with put some pig shit on their toe. Get the Hell out of our country and go live in poverty with your brothers and sisters.

  13. Rebel, what you said was horrible!
    Witch burning went out in the early 1800's, Tar and Feathering came in in the 1900's.
    In the 20th century what we need to see is forget both of these and let's start a Pig Shit and Feathering, then run them out of town on rail!
    Why waste a good pig if you need any of the stuff from me to bury just let me know.
    Muslims are equal to crap!
    Gee, I wonder if we would loose the leader of our country if this happened. lol

  14. Rebel Bill6/2/11 9:03 PM

    Bill, I'm sorry I can't send you the prez but I'll do the next best thing. I'll mail you a hundred pounds of pig manure tomorrow. If you need any more let me know.
    Have a good night buddy.

  15. The people of Egypt are clearly speaking out. How can you be a MubarakFan when he is so clearly a dictator? You are an American Muslim and living in a free country. You might believe in the Koran and as a free thinker I don't think you should be be-headed, just leave this country if you believe in Sharia Law. You are free to believe whatever you want, but while a citizen of this country you have the right to freedom. Don't take that away from others in this world who want their freedom.

  16. I like the idea of pig manure! lol

    We do have a serious problem in Egypt. It seems odd we hear nothing from the UN or any human rights groups. The people of Egypt are fighting for their rights and no organizations seem to be helping them. Sadly the Muslim Brotherhood is making progress and talking with the Egyptian government.
    I thank God that I live in America.

  17. While we can't force Mubarak out or tell the people how to live we need to show the people of Egypt we support them. I think the whole world is waiting for Obama to give a signal that Mubarak should leave. The people won't be satisfied until the current president is gone.

    I cringe every time I hear the words Obama spoke to the Egyptians; "WE HEAR YOU." What a bunch of malarky! When the citizens of this country protest, he hears nothing!

  18. He's a Muslim, native of Kenya, dictator, Socialist any thing but a president. As time goes on it is more evident he is not qualified to be our president. The 2012 elections can't come soon enough.

  19. I know Obama's not a president or a leader. He shows his ignorance every day. I don't think he really knew what he was getting into. He and his wife are in it for the glory. He's destroying our relationship with world leaders. Our allies are leaving our side and laughing at Obama. I wish congress would consider impeachment of the bum.

  20. Hey MubarakFan are you what is considered a good American Muslim? The Muslim Brotherhood is offering advice to Mubarak and the citizens of Egypt are protesting because they want to live in a free society just like you do. I think we should offer the citizens our support.

  21. Mad Sally's Roommate9/2/11 6:33 PM

    I see no reason the US should cater to Muslims who believe in violence if you don't accept their belief. To me that's like the chainsaw massacre and people saying "Oh, that was his religious belief." If they believe in the Koran and Jihad while living here they should be treated with the same brutal acts they commit.

  22. Mississippi Mud10/2/11 2:27 PM

    It's sinful what is happening in the Middle East. They own and control so much oil. The unrest in Egypt and the surrounding countries is long over due. I too worry about the Muslim Brotherhood gaining control over the vulnerable nations. I think they need to support and strength of our country to guide them through the transition. Sadly enough the person occupying the white house has not got the knowledge or the courage to be a leader. We can not demand anything of them, but we sure as hell can help show them the way to a democracy.

  23. People like Anjem Choudary should be watched closely. They will destroy the world if given a chance.

    Good news for Egypt, President Mubarak has finally decided to step down. The government is currently in the hands of the military. I hope they will work with and for the people.

  24. RepubBuster12/2/11 8:18 PM

    A friend of mine called me about your blog. After going to it I had a great laugh. How can you be so stupid to think our president isn't working for this country? The statement you made, are all Liberals stupid or ALL stupid people Liberals?... Made my wife and I laugh!
    I'm a professor and a Dem. Are you so dumb you can't see where this country is going? I will definitely be back on your site because I think everybody needs a good laugh now and then. I can see why you are affiliated with Rednecks... your mentality expresses the same comedy as Jeff Foxworthy, I love having a good laugh.

  25. RepubBuster: you sound like a typical liberal. The truth is your mentality is lacking any sense or knowledge about where our country is headed. We are headed straight towards living under a dictatorship.

    While you sit there and laugh at us, the last laugh will be on you. Keep on laughing at us, just wait and see what kind of a future your kids and grandchildren will have. This POTUS is not working for the good of this country. He believes in socialism and will do everything he can to demolish Democracy. All of you who think this is a big joke, need to do some real soul searching and study what is really going on. I ask you what has this POTUS done that is good for our country?

  26. UnemployedDad14/2/11 4:33 PM

    Good words Uncle Sam! He has not done a thing for this country and I don't believe he ever will. The best thing he could do is to bow out and leave office.

  27. The libtards are not going to change, the only thing we can do is make their lives miserable and vote them out in 2012, starting at the top.

  28. I just heard that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants to become an official political party. Supposedly they are not trying to take over the gov. I think that is dangerous to the freedom of Egyptians. That is a step towards Muslim domination.

  29. Dem Reject19/2/11 6:17 AM

    I don't know how I was so stupid to have been swayed by the impostor in command. We elected a guy who has great rhetoric but no leadership skills. I think he would be satisfied to be a dictator.