Monday, February 21, 2011

Liberals Show Their Yellow Streak

At a time when our leaders should be working together to help our country and states move forward the protocol appears to be hide.

Obama who needs the unions backing stands behind them while telling the states to kiss off
Protesters in Wisconsin mobbed the State Capital protesting Governor Scott Walker.
Walker has said if unions won't give, there is no way to close the $3.6 billion debt.

In some cases States are paying union employees $57.00 for every dollar they put into their retirement fund. Unions which used to help workers have now become so money hungry they are putting their members in a position where lay-offs could be inevitable in order for a state to survive.

Walker says by working together people will be better off than having the state force lay-offs.
Democratic lawmakers have called Walker a dictator and compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Democratic lawmakers have left the state in hiding. To me this shows their cowardliness along with child like abilities to work together. This shows no more of a democracy than what we are seeing Obama and Democrats doing in D.C.

Obama's group Organizing For America has bused in protesters from other states. Walker said Obama should worry more on fixing the federal budget.

Where is this so called leader and his cronies when you need them?
I guess they are too busy fighting Brewer in Arizona who is trying to secure their border. If our leaders can not get together our economy will fall.

Babies born now are already $45,000 in debt while liberals want to keep trying to buy their way out of debt. 
America can not continue to take away our future generations chances for a better life. At some point Liberals have to wake up and see their way is not working.

An old saying goes, "When you find you have dug yourself into a hole, quit digging." At some point you would think even a stupid person could see that. 

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. The Liberals are the ones who usually run and hide during heavy decision making. We pay these folks to stand up for our rights and they only want what their leader dictates. It's good to see the republicans supporting the wishes of the people who voted them into office.

  2. Wisconsin has started something big. I understand Tea Parties are starting to support the bill. This incident could go viral.

    If Wisconsin is broke, they need to cut down their wasteful spending. I think the employees should comply with their requests. The Dems who have fled should return and face their responsibilities. They weren't elected to run off and hide, they were elected to govern. I hope the voters remember all the chicken s**t deserters in the next election.

  3. Obummer is a union lover. He will do whatever he can to keep their support. The unions will ruin this country, they used to be for the workers now they are for they are for more power and money.
    What Wisconsin is doing is trying to get their state out of debt and working for the people again. I hope the Repubs don't give in to them.

  4. 1Tea-edTexan22/2/11 11:00 PM

    Fact No.1, Wisconsin is Broke; Fact No.2, Union bossed don't give a damn; Fact No. 3, 1500 state employees, including teachers, will get pink slip; Fact No. 4, Union bossed don't give a damn; Fact No. 5, Laid-off workers may not be be elegible for unemployment compensation; Fact No. 6, Union bosses don't give a damn; Fact no. 7, Union bosses will still draw their salries; Fact No. 8, Laid-off workers will have to keep paying dues....Get the picture?

  5. I wish I could put in a dollar and the state or company I work for puts in 57. No wonder states are going broke. Money has to be generated before we can increase salaries and bonuses.
    The truant Congress members should return so Wisconsin can get back to work. They are not being paid to take a vacation.

  6. Unions want more and more, the more they want the more Obama gives them. Governor Walker is doing the right thing for his State. He is trying to keep them from bankruptcy by making cuts to government employees. The unions have too big a hold on this country and should be put in their place.

  7. Ha! I think it's great that Governor Walker has put their paychecks in their locked desk drawers on the Senate Floor. I've heard they are having to pay for their vacation and money could be running tight for them.
    I wonder where the unions are? Since the Senators are backing them you would think they would pay their expenses.

  8. UnionLover25/2/11 4:43 PM

    The comments I see on this site shows the stupidity of non-union workers. If it wasn't for the unions we would still be laboring in the sweat shops for a dollar an hour. Why don't you self proclaimed knowledgeable idiots wake up and realize what makes America turn? It's apparent why so many of you live from paycheck to paycheck.
    If all the unions disappeared this country would be a third world nation. Think about it dummies.

  9. I would like to compliment you on the article. You said it just the way it is. As for Union Lover, I live in a right to work state and I don't live from payday to payday. I have a job where union supervisors can't tell me what I will or won't do. When you're out of work start thinking about the dummies and idiots you spoke of who are still feeding their families.

  10. Rebel Bill25/2/11 6:51 PM

    To UnionLover, hello meathead, glad to see ya make a comment. I hate to inform ya, I'm not union, I live in a decent home, drive a nice pick-up which is paid for. At times I have to compromise as to when I pay my bills. But I try to put 5 to 10% of my paycheck every payday into savings. I don't have to answer and kiss ass like you do. So therefore why don't you stick that up your butt and think about it?

    By the way RR, I heard you on the radio the other night, tried to get in on the chat but couldn't.

  11. RR, I've backed you from day one, but boy is my roommate upset. Of course she's union, fights with you every chance she gets but is having a problem. When all 50 states tomorrow the unions come in and protest she doesn't know where to stand. How do you protest as a union member in the right to work states? She's going to be after you this week-end. Good Luck
    P.S. She has a date tonight so don't expect to hear from her.

  12. If I didn't show up for work because I didn't want to do something I would be fired. Shouldn't the Senators who are afraid to do their job be booted? If they run from this problem, they will continue to run from future problems. They know they will lose if they show their faces, they seem to think they will win if they stay away. Gov. Walker has made it clear that one way or the other the bill will go through. I say the cowards should be fired.

  13. I think the Dems who walked out should be told they either have to return to work or they will be replaced without pay. If any other workers with the exception of maybe union workers did this they would be fired on the spot. I say let the cry baby cowards go, who needs them anyway?

  14. upsetindenver26/2/11 3:04 PM

    If I was Gov. Walker I would start handing out pink slips. You can't build a business when you're putting out more money than you're bringing in. Unions or anyone else have to understand the term give and take. In order to lower the states budget concessions have to be given.

  15. Right Voice27/2/11 10:32 AM

    I would be mad as hell if the lawmakers elected to office in my state hid from doing their job.
    Running and hiding is no way to solve any problem. If this happened in my state I know the citizens would be furious at the selfishness of them. We would organize and demonstrate to let the Dems know where we stand. I believe Dems should also be mad at their elected officials. They are NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

  16. Dem Reject28/2/11 4:31 AM

    The citizens voices were heard in 2010. The Dems are not accepting defeat with graciousness. In order to stop a bill, they run and hide rather than doing their job. They will be targeted in 2012. Nothing will get resolved if they don't do the right thing and return. Look at all the extra money the state of Wisconsin is putting out for police etc. at the protests.

  17. I heard today the Gov is giving a deadline to all the awol Democrats. They only have hours now to return and vote. If they don't appear by the deadline, the pink slips for 1200 plus state employees are being prepared and will be ready to send out tomorrow if they don't meet the deadline.
    If the chicken-shits don't show up and save these people from being fired, they will have to live with it. In my state the people would be furious with the lawmakers and they wouldn't be re-elected.