Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisconson Unions Declare Death Threats On Republican Leaders

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker along with Republican State Senators say enough is enough. It is time for our cowardly Democrats to come home and do their jobs. For three weeks Dems have been hiding in Illinois in order not to have a vote taken pertaining to collective bargaining.

While Walker is trying to lower the state budget unions are trying to continue their brazen Chicago methods of power threats.
Union protesters have already caused over 7 million dollars of damage to the State Capital building. Live rounds of ammunition have been found outside on the grounds.

Thursday evening Republicans found a loophole enabling them to pass the vote without the one necessary Democrat being present. This outraged Democrats and Unions. Death threats have been e-mailed to Republicans wives and the Senators themselves.

Democrats were so sure their childish plan would work they sat back laughing. It appears the joke turned around on them.

It is time large unions take another look into what position they are playing. Are they for the people or are they just lining their pockets?

If a State can not balance their budget it is time to look at Plan B. The teachers union is getting hit the hardest but lets look at why. In Texas a teacher gets paid 35 to 45 thousand dollars. In New York they are paid around $100,000. They can at times teach one class, then make extra money working for the Union. This causes the State to have to pay substitute teachers.

In Wisconsin about 24% of 8th grade students can not read. 34% just get by. This is stupid in my opinion. Fire the damn people not doing their jobs and reward those doing their job. If you or I didn't do our jobs or did not show up for three weeks we would be fired. It is time these limp brain nuts found out what life is all about.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.


  1. It is hard to believe that Republicans are getting death threats. The threats are evidently coming from the Liberal unions, and I think the threats should be considered an act of terror aimed at a certain group of people.
    Why can't the Dems behave in a civilized manner?

  2. It is ok in the eyes of this administration for Liberals to make threats and destroy public property, just because they don't like something. Conservatives didn't like Obamacare, but you never heard and saw them react in the destructive manner that the unions are. We demonstrated and gave our views and went home to finish our quest in a peaceful way. I fear this could come to bloodshed.

  3. Texas Teacher13/3/11 10:11 AM

    Being a member of the union I find the Wisconsin members to be out of control. What the Gov. and Republicans are asking for is they pay a portion of their medical and pension. If this would enact the balancing of a budget I can't see where there would be a problem.
    I feel the over-all problem is being initiated by union leaders who fear their loss of power in the future. If it meant putting a state budget together where people could build in the future, I would be all for it.
    I believe it's time for the UNIONS to step aside.

  4. Rebel Bill13/3/11 6:19 PM

    RR, I heard you on a radio show a couple of weeks ago and you said we are in a civil war which many people don't understand. You also stated what if some nut took out ten of union people or liberals for every republican they killed. When retaliation is inevitable it's the people that have enough guts to stand up for what they believe in who will see liberty prevail.
    I'm not communist, I'm not socialist, I am anti stupid so just call me a simple redneck I'm proud of it.

  5. RB- I have to disagree with you this time. I don't' want to see Japan sink. Think of all the innocent children who won't have a chance to know what life is about. As for Calif. if you could get rid of the stupidity and keep the children there could be a future there.
    What RR said about the big unions get rid of them. My hope is that somebody starts listening to us and not money.

  6. The death threats being made by union members should be regarded by the DOJ as a terrorist threat. After all they represent a group of people who don't like the laws imposed by the state of Wisconsin. The threats are being made towards elected state officials, certainly if those kind of threats were made towards the prez. or members of Congress action would have been taken immediately.
    It is time the unions were put in their place.

  7. Unions used to work for the people, now it appears they work for the union leaders. A union member doing the same job as a nonunion member makes 42% more money. What's even worse they sit around crying because they have to pay for part of their medical and retirement like the rest of us do. They remind me of a bunch of greedy pigs fighting at the slop troff.

  8. The liberals and mainstream media called us terrorists because we peacefully held tea parties protesting health care and corrupt government. The greed of the unions has gone too far. They are much more dangerous to our country than the tea parties will ever be. Their protests have clearly turned to hate. Where is our president? Why isn't he telling them like he did us that it is time to unite and work seems the shoe doesn't fit on the other foot.

  9. Our president is still playing the campaign game. That's the kind of job he should have not POTUS!

    It is unbelievable that the Liberals and unions are reacting in such an absurd manner to the laws that were made in Wisconsin. The Dems who ran away without voicing their opinions and arguments are a disgrace to the offices they hold. They are the ones to blame.

  10. Dem Reject16/3/11 1:56 PM

    The unions have controlled too much for too long. Let's support the states who are doing something to put them in their places.

  11. If it wasn't for the unions many people could still be working in sweat shops for pennies. In the past they did our country good but now it seems all they care about is taking over the country. I for one can't back them anymore.

  12. 1Tea-edTexan16/3/11 4:33 PM

    Obama's advisor and Regulatory/Manipulative Czar, Cass Sunstein, made this statement: "There's a little Homer Simpson in all of us. Sometimes we have self-control problems, sometimes we are impulsive and that in these circumstances,both private and institutions, without coercing, can make our lives a lot better. Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then theres a lot that can be done to manipulate them". WOW! Isn't that nice!
    When the fourteen Democrat senators in Wisconsin chose to WALK OUT on the people and represent the union, the Wisconsin Capitol building began to look like a Homer Simpson convention. All the selfishness, ugliness, rudness and vulgarity was there and it was
    AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka at the joy stick and pushing the Simpson buttons.

  13. Radical Richard16/3/11 6:55 PM

    How true your words are 1Tea-edTexan. It appears our lawmakers go into hiding or distort the truth when it comes to major issues of budget or union suppression.

    I was on a talk show last night which I finally hung up on because it appeared there could be no controversy, it had to be the way they thought. This is suppression of our Constitution on the Right Of Free Speech. If unity is to prevail in this Country we have to listen to all sides. I will go to Hell and back fighting for the right of any person to voice their comment.
    Thank you for your comment and the best to you and yours.

  14. Mad Sally's Roommate16/3/11 7:05 PM

    As an ex-Democrat who you continued to answer I would like to say your comment to Texan is very truthful. When I put you down in every way we managed to become friends. You're right what we need is leaders to discuss and not DICTATE.

  15. Thank you for listening to both sides of the story Richard. As a Democrat I am appalled at the Wisconsin Democrats who walked out. You're right they should listen to both sides and stand to fight for the people they represent.

    As a union person myself, I say the thugs are taking over. If all the fight comes about is do I have to pay for part of MY medical and retirement, I'm will to do so for my state and grandchildren.

  16. Anonymous, this is what a Free Country is about. The leaders should listen and work with ALL of their constituents. You should be holding a town hall with your democrats in office, they could learn something about civility from you.