Monday, May 23, 2011

Conservative - Liberal - Muslim - Socialist Where Does Obama Stand?

Obama's ratings are dropping quickly as a leader for our Country.

He is now being labeled the "Food Stamp President." We have 1 in 6 families on food stamps.

Workers are loosing hope he will bring jobs back to our Country. People see mountains of tax payer money going overseas to create jobs while our workers do without.

Many people have gone two-and-a-half to three years living on unemployment. They have reached the point they expect the government to continue supporting them or many will resort to crime. The backbone of our Country was built upon is quickly fading.

Obama begins his six day vacation...I mean political trip to Europe. He will start off in Ireland visiting Dublin where his great-great grandfather lived. America is wondering why our debt is increasing under his leadership.

Foreign aid is going overseas to help rebuild Mosques, help flood victims, rebuild earth-quake ravished countries, etc while our people face destruction.

The Morganza Spillway has been opened for the fist time in 38 years, flooding one to three-thousand square miles of farm land. The water could rise to 25 feet in some areas. This will place more people out of work while raising food and other commodity prices.

Why should our money be going to help Radical Muslim Terrorists repair and build their Mosques? How long does Obama think he can keep buying their friendship?

To make matters worse he tells one of our biggest allies, Israel, they should return to their 1967 borders. Where is this man's mind coming from? Should we give up everything we have gained in order to appease his way to Socialism?
He tells Israel to secure their borders while leaving ours wide open.

Illegals and foreigners can burn our flag, yet we commit a crime when we burn theirs.

In my opinion Obama and Liberals are slicing the throats of our young people while sending our Country into Hell.!

Hitler, Stalin, Hussein along with Bin Laden have been stopped...Where is our Justice?

Our vote in 2012 will tell which direction our Nation will go.

Six in ten high school students when asked who the the first President was could not answer correctly. It is sad to say but too bad they can't remember who one more was.

Let us hope we can lower our debt while voting the do nothing rinos out on both sides.

Contrary to Liberal, foreign, Communist or Socialist beliefs America is still the "Land of Milk and Honey." We must let the Bells of Freedom ring or we will give in to the many avenues of terrorism which now plague our Country.

You have heard my opinion, Now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. Right Voice24/5/11 6:44 PM

    Apparently you don't seem to grasp the true fact of where our economy is. I've been unemployed for a year and a half, put in resumes but because I'm in my latter 50's I don't get hired. If it wasn't for food stamps and unemployment, I'd probably be sleeping on a street. I worked many years and feel I have the right to these commodities. As far as what you say about this being the land of milk and honey that could be true in the past but not today. When there's no jobs available what do you do? Sometimes a person has to look at the other side of a coin. You may think you're an intelligent person, but I don't see it.

  2. R-Voice, I agree and disagree with what you said all at the same time. I'm 31, my dad (59) has been unemployed for nearly 2 years. He's in good health mentally sound in every way. No-one wants to hire him because of his age, experience seems to be a thing of the past. He does deserve what he's paid for and getting. Where I disagree is my husband has a job and a part time job and I work also, we have 2 children. By the end of the month the money doesn't match the bills, we don't live excessively. If government continues on the path it's heading what will be the future for my family and children. You're right it is a 2 sided coin.

  3. It seems that we are discriminating against the people of this country as they get older. No matter how skilled or how educated they are there is no place for them. The younger people who are laid off are of the belief the government and others will take care of them, to the older folks it distresses them to have to rely on someone else to provide for them. I feel sorry for the older people their pride and sense of responsibility is being stripped from them.
    The stupid coin is leaning to the far left side and to socialism.
    We better wake up America

  4. Our country is in terrible shape and all our prez thinks about is what he wants. We are suffering too many natural disasters and he keeps promising to send our money to foreign nations to help their economy. Something has to stop him before he breaks us.

  5. The potus was shunned by the Queen of England. He offered her a toast and she just held up her glass and set it down. Everyone else drank their toast!
    I don't think she much likes him. LOL

    He's on another one of his vacations where he just promises to give foreigners more money. I guess that makes him important. It is also making him less believable to other leaders.

  6. RadicalRichard26/5/11 8:05 PM

    Right Voice: The acknowledgment of ignorance can be spoken as two sides of the coin. Do the young people or the old people win? Do you look at your life as a kaleidoscope that flashes up events as to where our country is going. The proximity of this Country was built upon the past generation makes a way for the future generation to move forward. How long can you live with the fact that we are taking from the younger generation? Is that your eulogy?

    If it is God Help The Future Generations.

  7. This prez is by far the worst president our country has ever had. He is set on destroying this country and turning himself into a dictator.
    Soon children will not learn about the founding of this country and the value of freedom. They will be the ones paying for his actions.

  8. He stands for everything but conservative! He's so far to the left. He has put our country in such a dangerous position. We better pit on our best thinking caps and get the dunce out of office in 2012. He has too many traits of Hitler and must be stopped quickly.

  9. Wish our country and the world couldn't recognize the current prez. name. We would be much better if all he has done was just wiped clean. At least he peanut farmer didn't try to destroy us. He was too honest to steal from the people. He just didn't do much of anything while he was in office.
    Maybe when they rewrite our history books in the future they will leave out the four years Obummer occupied 1601 Pa. Ave.

  10. Just came in sunburned from a day on the water. Caught your blog and have to agree Obama is nothing more than a food stamp president. For a college educated man with little political experience it seems like he would still have more concern about our people.

    He travels over seas, embarrassing our allies while spending taxpayer dollars. I hope for the sake of freedom voters will have enough sense to get him out in 2012.

  11. In response to Right Voice: My husband's 62 years old, he was laid off from a factory. At first we thought we would loose everything. Although he had never worked with carpentry tools he began making doll houses and small furniture. He also built a replica of one of our earlier settlements. He has made a living off it and believe it or not is doing very well.

    If you want something bad enough, you can go after it and get it. Sitting around waiting for something falling in your lap gets you no where.

  12. How wonderful to hear about your husband's change in life. He would be every little girl's dream grandfather.

    With so many desperate people out there crying and whining about no work, foreclosures and the economy it is heartwarming to read about someone who took matters in his own hands and did something about his desperate situation.

    Too many people are on extended unemployment and have just become accustomed to doing nothing and getting all the handouts they can. Our government isn't helping them get out of a bind, they are aiding them to become welfare recipients. People should have to attend some type of workshop that encourages them to try something different.

  13. Texas Teacher29/5/11 1:59 PM

    It goes without saying we have become a food stamp Nation. People of all ages have built in their minds that the government should support us.
    I often see this through the students in my classroom. They don't want to be workers, presidents, or doctors anymore but rather pop stars and musicians. They're looking for the fast money along with an easy way out without working.

    In order for any country to continue to exist you must have a balance of every occupation.

  14. Rebel Bill29/5/11 5:57 PM

    I think he's more Muslim than any of the others, he doesn't care about this country and he has stated that he'd take the Muslims side. I wonder how many years you can get for burying 100 pounds of pig shit in his front yard.

    \Say what you want Right Voice, get off your lazy but and figure out a way to make a living. This is the land of milk and honey, but jack-wads like you are turning this country into free loading states. Cry to some body else not me, I work for a living.
    Keep up the good work RR we need it now more than ever before.

  15. He's anything but conservative! He's so unionized and the unions are for the muslims and control of the workers. They will fight to the end to see that obumbler stays in office.
    We need to direct some of our attention to breaking up the unions. Union workers are so brainwashed, if only there was a way to transform them.

    I worked for the union for a short time and did not like to be told how much of my money I had to give them or who I could for and when. I'm happy to be away from their control.