Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fast And Furious Brings Left And Right Together

This Act of Terrorism from our appointed leaders could turn into 
the Obama Watergate.

Ten Arizona Sheriffs, five Democrats and 5 Republicans, stood together calling for the president to launch an investigation for Attorney General Eric holder. They ask he step down or be fired.
They stated Holder along with anyone who has knowledge of the 2,000 guns going to Mexico should be responsible for a criminal act.

Sheriff Larry Dever said We're here to defend America against Cartels. Our own government is complicit in helping them conduct that business is offensive to us.

Sheriff Paul Babeu said Brian Terry's family hearts are broken. They want the truth but haven't been given it.

Two of the guns used to kill US citizens were from Fast & Furious.

In a press conference Obama said Holder had his full confidence but would not address accusations that Holder perjured himself.

It is time the people stand against the stench of Liberals trying to take away what our Country was built upon.

If we can not find honesty in the White House or with the Attorney General Where do we turn? 

Let's take back our God given rights embedded in our Constitution.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa is saying 'Fast and furious' subpoenas issued soon maybe this week!!!!!
    Holder won't be too happy. Who cares hope Obama gets one too.

  2. It's great to see a representative work as hard as Issa has to get this investigation going. I hope they crucify Holder and Obama and everyone involved in it.

  3. I feel sorry for Officer Terry's family. It's time the people, and I don't believe it was just Eric Holder involved, found out what the true story is.

  4. Except for the killing of officer Terry this could turn into a good thing if it becomes Obama's Watergate. It's unbelievable any one is stupid enough to give weapons to people who will use them on us. There's more than one rat in this wood pile.

  5. Issa can't do this by himself and the Republicans do not have enough people with the courage to go after Holder. I don't think anything substantial is going to come of this until at least one Democrat steps up and wants to get at the truth.

  6. Where will you find one Dem who wants to hear the truth? After all they're the ones that put this into motion. I'm sure a committee will get involved and it will be brushed under the rug. This country is going down hill so fast I wonder if any party understands it. If we can't do something in 2012 we can bend over and kiss our foot good bye.

  7. I hope F&F hangs this admin and Obummer. I disagree Laurence, I think the Repubs will stand behind Issa, we know the people are. If there are any honest Dems out there they will also want to get to the bottom, but I doubt they will have the courage to stand against their peers.

  8. GunTotinPat15/10/11 6:35 AM

    The SOB occupying the whitehouse says he heard about fast & furious from the news back in March! In May Holder says he just heard about it a few weeks ago. Something sounds fishy here.
    Check it out:

  9. We have citizens and law enforcement in agreement on this. Too bad we can't get our elected officials to agree and really go after ALL the guilty persons. Obama knew about this in March and he did nothing...well supposedly he ordered an investigation. See link in previous post. Thanks for sharing GTP.

  10. The lies and coverups coming from the oval office just keep getting worse. We the people need to insist that a full investigation is made until we get every one involved including the potus.

  11. while I will admit it is good to see the officers together on this none of this would have happened if we had better gun laws. If all this is true I will agree with you that Holder and everyone involved in this act should be punished and fired. I can't figure out the reason we even sent guns across the border. This was a dumb act.