Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obamas EOs In 2012 Could Be The Fall Of Capitalism

Obama has said, "We can't afford to let politics stand in the way of a well functioning government."
Nancy Pelosi said "We have legislative tricks to get health care through."
She has also stated "if we can't go through the gate we will go under, climb over or parachute in, but we will have it."

Comments like those do not sound like a government working for the people. They sound more like an administration trying to take over our Country. To me these comments do not sound like Socialism but more like Communism.

The above statements were blogged by me nearly 2 years ago as I watched the radical movement of Liberals. It is amazing how true the words are today as we watch Obama's "Fundamental Change" coming to the United States.

Watching Obama's popularity fall as unemployment rises, raised many questions.
  1. What underhanded action does he have planned next.
  2. Will he resort to passing his will on us through the power of Executive Orders?
  3. Eric Holder was not the only one to impose "Fast & Furious." Could this be a way for Libs to take peoples mind off the upcoming election?
  4. Could the "Occupy Protesters" be the Libs Tea Party averting the insight of Capitalism into Socialism?
  5. If #4 was found true what could it do for Obama in the 2012 election?
As we begin to roll all this into one ball Patriots should take heed.

Protesters are now calling for revolution across the US. If this continues through 2012 and mass chaos breaks out this could be a way for Obama along with Liberals to retain office past 2012.
He could enact an Executive Order stating our Country is in a 'State of Emergency' and elections could be held up for the sake of Americans safety. This could enable him to control newsworks on radio, television, the Internet, all utilities, petroleum and Government spending. 

I am not saying this will happen. What I am saying is beware of the Liberal mind. In a time of loss their greed for power could hold no restraints to push their radical agenda through.

Patriots don't take anything for granted, we must prevail for the sake of our future. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard.


  1. RR, I would like to say everything you say here is BS. Except that I can't because we have learned that when professional leftists say "win by any means available" they really do mean it. so I echo your warning "don't take anything for granted".

  2. I don't really understand what an executive order is, I think it means that the president can make a law without congress. If that is the case then I am worried about what he will do. He can't stop the elections can he.

  3. To answer your question Angie, yes he could stop the elections if there is fighting across the country. He could issue an EO stating due to the turmoil we are in I am canceling elections until I feel it's safe for people at the voting polls.

  4. Like you I feel what desperate Libs might do in 2012. Their greed for power surpasses the wildest imagination. All we can hope for is true Republicans will get out and vote. Four more years of BHO will be the end of our country.

  5. I think Obama will do something sleazy within the next year, hoping it will keep him in office. It worries me that he could be there for another term. Our military is overseas helping to eradicate the world of terrorists and dictators and we have the making of a dangerous dictator for president.

  6. Absolutely don't take anything for granted! Especially with this lying bunch we have running this country. They have already made statements that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. I wish this was 2012 and he's voted out.

  7. Indeed they are trying to take over the country. The power that has been bestowed upon them has gone to their heads. Obama came into office thinking he had more power than anyone even God. He must be stopped before our country is ruined. It is time for the Patriots to take back control.

  8. Amen to all of the above!
    What Obama is doing has to be stopped ASAP! I don't doubt that he will pull some type of shenanigans before the elections. We all need to stand together and keep informing the uninformed about the scheme to turn our country into a socialistic dictatorship.
    Patriots united will conquer.

  9. I think the slime bag will use any underhanded way he can to win an election. Liberals are so worried right now it would be my guess they are ready to try every unhanded trick in the book. I just hope we can keep the country together until we can get them out.

  10. joe-conservative26/10/11 3:13 PM

    Libs are stepping on capitalism in every manner. It's not just Obama or the prez, pelosi and reid. We're also seeing people like Eric Holder, unions, acorn and lobbyists doing the same thing. If Conservatives don't give everything they've got in 2012 I believe capitalism will be a thing of the past.

  11. The socialists in gov have been trying to do something to give all illegals amnesty and I think Obozo will do an EO on it.
    Seems funny that he seems to be enjoying the OWS regime, he's already working on giving them early debt forgiveness. He'll do something to further destroy this country. Vote him out in 2012!

  12. The prez statement about a functional running government is about as intelligent as saying Van Jones is a Christian. As far as EO's next year I think we will see a number of them. It imposes the communist way of living so I'm sure he'll be all for it.

  13. My opinion is that Obozo will do what ever it takes to accomplish the socialistic goals he has in mind for America. He so totally denounced the loud but peaceful Tea Party and avidly supports the Occupiers. He is already working on a plan to lower student debts and give them what they want. All the Tea Party wants is for government to abide by the Constitution. I don't think we are being too unreasonable.

  14. Obamas fundamental change is ruining this country. I do think he will use executive orders this next year, hoping to win back the supporters who left him. EOs should be to benefit the country not take it down. That is what he will do is destroy this country during the next year.
    Please vote in 2012 for any one opposing Obama.

  15. Mad Sally's Roommate29/10/11 4:49 PM

    I'm sure we will see more eos next year than ever in history. I'm not sure but I heard he's enacted 2 eos pertaining to the job bill. That would fit in to everything else he will do to get his way.