Sunday, January 10, 2010

International Criminal Court Could Be America's Future

Last week I wrote (Death To Our Constitution) about Obama signing Executive order 12425 giving Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) complete authority over every law enforcement agency in America and enforced a law where Congress could not over-ride them. Today I am writing about another step he is taking which could be worse than the one above.

Obama has sent a delegation to the Hague in order to study issues involving U.S. Citizens being subject to International Criminal Court (ICC).

Gary Kreep, executive Director, of the United States Justice Foundation ( says their organization is preparing to take legal action against the administration when this is passed. The Obama administration believes the U.S. should be subject to global laws and not the Constitution. With the help of Socialists Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other radical left wing Dems., they will try to push this through sometime around the middle of the year.

ICC does not protect us from double jeopardy, due process rights, trial by a jury or protection under the Constitution. Obamacare does not care about our rights they care about power over the people without any representation except Big Government.

If this passes we will have no rights such as a right to a speedy trial, right to remain silent, presumption of innocence, or the right to cross examine.

Think of our country when we see the Constitution disappear and our American Sovereignty destroyed.

This law puts all of our military men and women fighting overseas at risk, we have already seen this with 3 Navy Seals who are being tried for hitting a terrorist in the stomach.

It will not stop at this. He will go on to initiate Climate Change, Copenhagen Treaty and Environmental Protection which in the end will cost us billions of tax dollars, send our jobs overseas and giving money to foreign countries.

Many people I talk to have blank looks on their face or say 'Hey, I don't believe our government would do this to us.' Others say 'I don't have time to keep up with all the news.' America, you better get off your butts and figure out that these people are taking our Country away. Forget Socialism, this administration is taking us far beyond that. It is time to pull our heads out of the sand and begin telling others what is happening. This is your life along with your children who are going to be the greatest loosers.

Don't worry about the vote in 2010 or 2012 if we do not act now! These people could enact so many laws that a legal vote might not exist.

If you elect to sit back and do nothing don't be the first one to start crying when you find yourself standing in the street with no money, home or a job.

Start standing up for America and our Constitution today, it could be our last chance.

Think about what I am saying as we watch Obama showing us the transparency he promised.

Obama campaigned that C-Span would cover on TV the makings of his Government Run Health Care and in a bipartisan manner. Now, the Dems want to do this behind closed doors and will not allow C-Span any coverage or the Repubs any participation.

At what point do we say, this administration is not protecting our rights?

Freedom Fighter


  1. Everything seems to be happening so fast, it boggles a persons mind. I do not see how Americans can continue to have the Freedom we have known if Pres. Obama and Congress continue to move at the speed they are. Like you, I hope we will still have a vote in 2010 and 2012.

  2. I agree with you about people saying they have no time to learn what is going on or can't believe what our corrupt government is doing. We need more people to get out and educate the general public about what is REALLY going on.
    We are watching our Country go directly into Socialism and no one seems to know it.

  3. I read the comment posted by sally posted and as I am her roommate feel she did not say enough. We are the best of friends but disagree on many issues. Sally like yourself believes everything is the fault of Democrats. As a Democrat I feel that Pres. Bush cost our nation more harm than Pres. Obama. I read the articl, do not agree with you and think it is junk. Why don't you look at both sides of the coin instead of just one, and quit blaming everything on Democrats.
    Since this is the only time I'll probably ever read your blogsite again you can sign me,
    mad at sally and freedom fighter.

  4. Freedom Fighter12/1/10 3:08 PM

    Anonymous - You state that the article is junk and that I should look at both sides of the coin. I respect everyone's opinion, but in opposition to yours, I ask you to do one thing for me. Would you please re-read the article and tell me if there is anything written in there that is un-true. If there is I will be glad to retract it.
    Freedom Fighter

  5. I'm with you Freedom Fighter, I read the article then went and did some research and found that everything in the article was correct. Hey Anonymous have you done any real research about this subject or you just mad because you know you were wrong to vote in Obama and his ring of pimps?

  6. Freedom Fighter12/1/10 10:01 PM

    Patriot Ken - I would like to ask you a question. I have dealt with many people that disagree with me, but all I ask is I have said anything that isn't right I will retract it. Why does the Left fight but doesn't give you an answer? All I ask for is give me something to answer without a stupid fight. We have to observe everyone's question.
    Freedom Fighter

  7. Hey Freedom Fighter, I showed my roommate your comment and she stomped away, not saying a word. The only thing you might have accomplished with her is she told me wait until his next article comes out. (Maybe she will get mad enough to want to listen to the other side.)