Saturday, January 16, 2010

Could Nullification be America's Future?

Though new to me Nullification offers a way for States who do not believe Congress is properly representing their interest to reject any national health care bill or law that is contrary to the States belief.
In 2010 Arizona will vote on an amendment which would let them opt out of Government health care. Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania are also considering the same thing.
HJR48 proposes an amendment which prohibits compelling a person to participate in any health care plan.
Nullification has a long standing history in the United States. When a state nullifies a law is not effective within that states boundries.
Montana and Tennessee have already passed laws to nullify federal gun laws within their states.
Thirteen states are already defying Federal Marijuana Prohibition. The Obama administration will no longer try to fight or enforce the law.
In the last 2 years more than 20 states have been able to prevent the Real ID Act of 2005 from being implemented. They refused to comply and to this date have never been challenged in a court of law.
Could nullification become a way for Americans to fight Big Government? At this point I feel it shows a lot of potential but want to learn more about it.
I have contacted the Tenth Amendment Center to find out what repercussions Big Government could hold over the States, but have not heard from them as of this date.
I will be posting more news on this site as it comes in.
If any of you have info on it please contact me at Freedom Fighter or


  1. Nullification sounds like a great way for the states to fight back. I have never heard of this until you brought it up and will be very interested in reading what you find out concerning how it could affect the states in the future.

  2. Terry in Ark19/1/10 4:00 PM

    I just read your article and am very interested in finding out more about states nullifying a bill. It almost sounds too good to be true and so simple to do. I will be interested in reading other articles about this especiall on how the gov could turn it around on us.

  3. rebel bill20/1/10 2:17 PM

    Nullification sounds like a simple solution, but I am a pessimist. I believe if something sounds too simple to believe and too good to be true, it probably is. I will be interested in reading more about this.

  4. This is the first time I've heard about nullification. I've heard about states having a right to ratify a bill or amendment before it becomes law,is this about the same thing? If it is it is a good thing.

  5. I like Patriot Ken never heard about nullification either. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. I believe nullification could be a great way to stop government from imposing bills the people are against. I would like to hear more about this in the future and especially how government could turn it around on the states.