Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Power Of Executive Orders

Many of you who have kept up with my articles have read how Obama enacted an Executive Order (EO) in December while no one was watching. That was when he gave Interpol (World Police) authority over all of our law enforcement agencies including the FBI and CIA. 

What Does This Mean To The People?
If Obama wanted to he could make and EO stating our Country was in a state of emergency, in order to save our Country he was going to enact EOs to help control the economy. This would enable him to control news networks on radio, television, the internet, all utilities, petroleum and government spending.
By going through the Sec. of Agriculture he could control all food distribution without going through Congress.

Obama has said "We can't afford to let politics stand in the way of a well functioning government."
Nancy Pelosi said " We have legislative tricks to get health care through."
She has also stated if we can't go through the gate we will go under, climb over or parachute in, but we will have it.

Comments like those do not sound like a government working for the people. They sound more like an administration trying to take over our Country. To me these comments do not sound like Socialism  but more like Communism.

Where does this leave the people if he enacts EOs? Nullification is the one way we have to fight back.
Tell your firends, family and anyone else who will listen to what could happen. Ask them to contact their State Representatives and Senators saying it is time to give America back to the people. This November vote against the politicians who are trying to lead our Country in the wrong direction. 2010 could be our last chance if we do not take a stand. Let me hear what your thoughts are on this.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Nothing would surprise me about what this man could do. I believe he would go behind anybody's back to make himself look good. My friends over-seas and I have discussed it and they believe that he is a person trying to live up to what he believes a real president should be. All of them think he is trying to prove something to the people but doesn't know how. Yes he would sign a number of exec. orders and go over Congresses heads if he thought it would make him look good.

  2. Concerned Gramps21/2/10 3:41 PM

    I hope he wouldn't do this to our country, but knowing him, it could happen. I have told and emailed all my friends about this. Some of them believe me but some say i'm worried about nothing.

  3. dem.reject21/2/10 7:27 PM

    I go to a website called Kick them all out, I like your way of thinking will bring more states into the understanding of this. I think Kick em out should be a listing on you link list.

  4. Ofcourse he will enact anything in his power to push his agenda with the help of the inner circle.
    The only answer is to vote them out asap every time any of them are up for re:election and stop the cancer of socialism.

  5. P - I loved the answer you posted, boy would you and my roommate go round and round. She doesn't think he would do this out of spite or for power. Me, I think he'll do anything he can to get attention. She left the hous mad and says she's going to post a statement when she gets in. Keep up the good work FF, I like to see her bouncing off walls.

  6. Ind. Carol22/2/10 1:57 PM

    I can't believe what Pres. Obama said "We can't let congress stand in the way of a well functioning government."
    To me Congress is the one who votes in the laws and not big government. According to his way of thinking why should we even elect lawmakers? He has to be one of the most stupid presidents we have ever had. Yes, I'm sure he would try to pass 100's of EOs if he thought it would make him look good.
    I hope the people are paying attention, because this is the worst functioning government we have ever had.

  7. Hopefully Pelosi will be voted out as speaker of the house this next session. This gov wants only what is good for them, not the country. Pres O would definitely do what he can to control us. I feel he would sign executive orders to benefit him and his counterparts.

  8. FF, I've been reading your blog for a few weeks. Many of your articles I have enjoyed such as nullification and executive orders. I don't stand beside this president, but do believe he should be given a chance. I don't think he would use executive orders in order to take over or ruin our country. About what you said on the Dec. eo he signed I find it hard to believe he would do this to protect his records. I also find it hard to believe he would give authority to interpol above the FBI and CIA. I can't say he will make everything right but hope he will be able to lead us out of the economic recession.