Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Vote Without A Vote

The halls of Congress reek with the stench of un-ethical practices being deployed by a group of Dems over health care. Mr. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to push their beliefs down America's throat knowing the majority oppose it. I believe this to be the political agenda of a group of people beginning to transform Our Country.

The self-executing rule has been placed into action for a late week vote on health care.
This is a vote used to protect lawmakers who do not wish to publicly support the bill. It is an easy way of saying you can vote on the bill but your constituents won't see the vote.
To do this the House would vote on a package which would be more popular to the Senate bill. After that the House Speaker would state, the majority of the House deems the Health Care Bill to be passed.
The self-executing rule has been used many times before, but never on a bill of such magnitude or cost!

Obama continues to spew his agenda of lies on the bill claiming it will not cost taxpayers any more money and will not hinder Medicare.
Republicans retaliate saying taxes will hit an all time high and will not provide the quality of health care we receive now. They say this is a vote of unscrupulous politicians who are working on a suicidal bill that will determine the fate of their party for many years to come.

I believe that as Americans we have to take a stand against the tyranny of political abuse being put upon us. Call or e-mail your representatives and Senators telling them to listen to the people. Tell your friends to take a stand to keep America free from Big Government.
Let them know if they do not listen and act now in November we will make them listen.
We can not accept the movement of the new progressive, they are as un-constitutional as Hitler himself! They will bring down our Country to a point where there is no return.

As I am writing, Fox News is reporting protesters are calling and showing up at the Capital in record numbers. They are reporting the House phones are burning up, almost to capacity, as the health care debate rages on. There are reports of secret one-on-one confrences with Obama. There are deals and threats as Dems search for 5 more votes. Tea Party Participants are storming the Capitol at this time to protest the bill. They are chanting kill the bill.

I say keep up the good work friends. Let's make our voices heard.

Freedom Fighter 3-16-10

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  1. I read your post on facebook and came to your blogspot. You are right as this bill goes through as you said the cock-roach path, it could be the end of what we know as Democracy. Don't let Political Poligamy take over our country.

  2. This man and his cronies have got to be on some kind of drugs. They just keep brushing the American people off. But I think that there real agenda is is to turn this great country of ours into a Socialistic country. I for one will fight this to the end. Lets vote these people out in2010 and 2012. I'm just sorry that we can't do it sooner.

  3. Concerned Gramps17/3/10 5:41 PM

    this is another trick to get the bill through. I can't understand how we are supposed to pass a bill and then find out what is in it as Nancy has said. Just goes to show you how dumb they think we are.

  4. This is all so depressing & I get so sad about what they are doing to us. Thankyou for reminding us to stand up in the midst of this social take over adgenda and speak back * KILL THE BILL* Hell Ya !!

  5. This tactic, or something like it, is exactly what we should expect from the Reid-Pelosi-Obama Axis of Tyranny and their followers. There is no such thing as "underhandedness" when it comes to getting what they want. No majority, and certainly no Constitution ,matters to them.

  6. Laurence, I agree with you. This No Vote is just another way for the Administration to take control of our lives.

  7. Dem Reject19/3/10 7:45 PM

    You are right when you said he is spewing his agenda on us. What's even worse is what's ahead for the future. To me this appears to be a snowball rolling down a hill, which continues to gain momentum in bringing our country down. George Washington said, "I can not tell a lie." Pelosi, Reid and Obama show they can not tell the truth. Will Rogers "I never met a man I did not like." These people just hope that someone can like them.

  8. Rebel Bill20/3/10 9:12 AM

    If the bill is passed by Democrats, especially under the table, I think it will be great for our country because in Nov we can vote them all out. Then we might can fix up some of the things they've messed up.

  9. I know they are going to ram this bill through, inspite of how the majority feels about it. I hope for all of our sake we can do something to fight back and get it changed.

  10. It scares me to death to think of what these people can do to our country. After they get this through, I believe a number of other bills we don't want will be thrown on us. I hope we still have a chance for freedom after tomorrow.