Friday, April 23, 2010

The Third Party

A number of people across the Internet believe we should start a third party. I agree in many cases we cannot trust Republicans anymore than the Democrats. My concern is when should the third party be instigated and what would it represent?

I was reading a blog yesterday written by a person whose opinion I highly respect. He stated we take an oath to the Constitution to uphold it and for the candidate we believe will best represent us, not for the party.

This is good advice but is it possible the Democrats could believe their side is the party for true government?

If this is the case could we be splitting the vote, giving this radical administration the chance to continue moving in the same direction they are taking us now? Our country is standing on the threshold of losing the freedom we now hold.

Liberals are trying to take freedom of speech away and the right to peaceful assembly (such as the Tea Party Movement.) They want to control our health care. I believe we need health care reform but not government run. Obama is now in New York speaking about financial reform.

I believe we are at a point with the November elections coming up we need to move very carefully. Before making a large move let’s bring ourselves back to a two party system, then go from there. I believe we are on a sinking boat where we are now. At that point you don’t keep putting water in, you get it out and get back on an even keel.

Splitting the vote now could keep Obama, Pelosi and Reid in office.

We see this possibly happening in Florida, with Rubio and Crist both running on the Republican ticket. Rubio holds 37% of the Florida voters. Crist holds 30% of the votes and 22% go to Meeks (D).

With Crist announcing he may run Independent, voters are divided. 37% say he should run Independent. 30% disagree and33% are not sure, 53% of Republicans are against this step and 50% of Democrats are for it. This could be what Obama, Pelosi and Reid are looking at in upcoming elections. I am in full agreement with having a third party, but not splitting the vote and not at a time when our country is standing on such shaky grounds.

I would like to know your view on this?


  1. I think you blog is wrong, we are working for the betterment of the country. You could be right on splitting the vote and I hope it does because then we can bring this country into a great nation. I believe in President Obama and I do believe us into prosperity.

  2. "My concern is when should the third party be instigated and what would it represent?"

    There are already numerous third parties in the United States. Sounds like you might be attracted to the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party. But there is no reason to always abide by a party line. There are independent candidates for office at all levels of government across the country.

    What the ruling Democratic-Republican political class wants is for us to keep voting for Democrats and Republicans, no matter what. They will call every election THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER, and hysterically exclaim that if we don't do as they say and vote for a Republican or a Democrat the world will come to an end. These people are literally professional propagandists and hysterics.

    Freedom and independence today begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican Parties, from the ideology of the two-party state and the duopoly system of government. The only wasted vote is a vote for a Democrat or Republican. Vote third party and independent.

  3. You say vote third party and Independent. Explain to me who the third party is and who I would be voting for? Is it for the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, Tea Party or what?

    I agree Repubs & Dems have shown us in the past and present where they are taking our country. I would gladly look into a third party if I knew who they were and where they would be any different.

  4. Rebel Bill24/4/10 6:14 PM

    I'm like you FF who is the third party this guy's talking about? I would like to hear his answer. I agree at this time splitting the parties could keep the Dems in power. I believe in the future we will see a third party built, but not at this time.

  5. Texas Teacher24/4/10 7:34 PM

    Splitting the party now, could keep the Democrats in power. There is no doubt a third party who is actually for the people and the Constitution would be great. Being a teacher, I know our schools are having to conform to history which all of us do not agree with. I hope for the sake of our country we can get the two party system back, where we at least have equal representation.

    I am like you Bill, I would like to hear d.eris respond to the question FF asked him. Like you I did not understand it either, where is the third party coming from?

  6. I just came to your blog today, I normally don't post comments, but this one intrigued me.
    I would like to ask d.eris when does the third party begin?
    I agree with his comment on you might be for the Libertarian Party, but what is it?
    His comment was excellent, but what is he trying to say?
    At this point we do need to get a two party system back.

  7. A third party you could trust in would be very good. I agree with you that pushing it now could hinder the November elections, keeping the Democrats in. I'm like you on the Florida vote with Crist changing to Independent will Democrats win that Senate seat?

  8. What is wrong with this nation? Do we deserve what we have or what...

    I want a 3rd party !! Where is it? Who are they?
    I HATE the 2 parties that have been chipping away at our personal rights and freedoms and destroying our constitution.

    Why is the so called 3rd party of libertarian sitting on its butt - not gaining momentum by getting united and calling for us independents, unhappy democrats and failed republicans?

  9. We do need a third party, but right now, I think we have too many undecided people who don't know which way to go. There is no organized third party.

  10. Why do we need a third party, I'm very happy with the one we have.

  11. I have not had a political party for about three years now. I believe at this time we conservatives must make our fight in the Republican Party. Make this fight in the primaries and support candidates who want to take the party of Ronald Reagan back and move this country forward following conservative principles. If we cannot win back the Republican Party we cannot win anything in November.

  12. Mad Sally's Roommate26/4/10 8:46 AM

    As many of you know from some of my past comments I was a died in the wool Dem. My friends always said Repubs had ruined this country. I changed from Dem to Ind. because of what I saw them doing to us in the last year. I agree with you FF this is not the time to instigate a third party and chance losing in Nov. Like you said let's get the ship back on an even keel before making any major moves.

  13. I live in Az. have 2 children and I'm scared to death over what's happening in my state. We're dealing with the new immigration law which is causing a lot of prostests. I don't think illegals should be here and I hope our state can continue with what we are doing.
    As for splitting the vote right now, PLEASE DON'T DO IT! I don't want to see Democrats running my life.

  14. Dem Reject27/4/10 4:57 PM

    Basically I think a third party would be good, but I worry that it will put the Dems back in office if one is started now. If an Independent can is better than a Repub. and he has the support to overthrow a Dem. I would vote for him. I am not ready to risk giving Dems. the power this November.
    I am seeing a new trend in our Repub. candidates, they seem to be more on the Conservative side of things.

  15. Too bad there are not 2 Senate seats up in Fl. I think both Rubio and Crist would be good candidates. It appears Rubio will take the GOP. There appears to be a good chance Crist will run Ind. and take some of the GOP votes from him. I'm afraid if that happens Fl will vote the Dem in.

  16. Veteran Ron28/4/10 3:30 PM

    The person you wrote about whose opinion you respect about pledging an oath to the constitution is fine. The only thing is when I went to fight for my country, I feel I pledged my oath then to the Constitution, the Country and my family. There's nothing wrong with pledging an oath as long as you uphold that pledge.
    I believe at this point with midterm elections coming up it's not the time to take a chance of leaving our country in the hands of the people who are running it now. I think it'll be dangerous to take a chance of splitting the vote.

    d.Eris said "Vote third party and independent." We have Dems, Repubs and Independents, that's three parties, so who is the third party he's speaking of?

  17. Starting a new party now and possibly splitting the vote would be exactly what the Democrats would like to see. Charlie Crist going Independent could easily give the Democrats what they want by taking votes away from Republicans. A third party would be good if we knew what they were about.

  18. A third party we could trust would be great. The people we have in office now don't seem to care about anything that is good for our country. I say vote the whole bunch out.

  19. I don't see any reason for another party to begin. I believe the two partys we have now is good enough. The Presidents doing a good job.