Friday, May 14, 2010

What Is A Hate Crime?

At the fast pace our laws are changing I began to wonder what this administration calls a hate crime. It appears if you go against our laws it is ok.

Tea Party participants along with town hall goers are being pegged as extremists and a threat to this country. There have been no outbreaks of violence from them, we have been called Tea Bagging Rednecks who oppose a black man being elected to the office of President of the United States.

At the election polls black panthers stood at the doors threatening voters. They were arrested then all charges were dropped.

Minutemen were attacked in downtown San Francisco at the Mayday Immigration Rally. They were attacked by immigrant protesters and 3 people were beaten. Police say the crowd of 2000 would have attacked the small group of 40 had it not been foe the large amount of security.   Read the Article a SF Minuteman  wrote and be sure to watch his unbelievable video of the event.

In Az. immigrant protesters painted graffiti on buildings and threatened to  burn businesses. Obama along with his radical administration seemed to overlook this, saying Arizona needs to change the law and not harass Mexicans.
Erik Holder says we should read terrorists their Miranda Rights.  He refuses to attribute terror activities to radical Islam and even though he said he had not read the Az. immigration bill he puts it down.

It appears hate is defined as acceptable if you are on the wrong side of the law or working with this administration.
It is unacceptable if you attend Tea Parties or Town Hall meetings. When this happens you are called terrorists, extremists, astro-turf by Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano and Harry Reid.

To me hate has taken on a misconception in society. View the following videos and tell me where the hate is. It may be called hate but if you are here illegally, I say we throw you out!

Freedom Fighter


  1. Hate crimes are against whites, blacks, hispanics that are patriotic and trying to ward off socialism.

  2. Well said! The videos are horrible. I am Hispanic and can't believe what these people are doing. They act like children.
    Yes there is hate against all of us working to regain our country to capitalism. We are despised we desire to keep our country FREE.

  3. Because I go to Tea Party Rallies Obama and his administration has called me a tea bagger. Because I agree with Arizona SB 1070 that makes me a racist. I think that they are demonstrating what the hate crime is. He don't even know us personally to be saying things like that. And he is the leader of the greatest nation the world? Give me a break.

  4. ken, you are racist. Just ask anyone you don't want us here. Why?

  5. Manuel, If you are here legally then I welcome you if you are not here legally then you should not be here. Get your papers in order and come back. As for being a racist let me tell you, I have a lot of Hispanic and a lot of Black friends. I think that you are the one that is racist.

  6. Hate crime is supposed to be that you are not allowed to intentionally say something to or about a person that consitutes hate.
    Why does the Fed gov let the illegals sling the slurs they do at us?
    It is almost like they want to invoke something.
    There wasn't much mention about racism for years, now since the O - administration there are racist remarks coming from them.

  7. Hate crime is a very hard one to describe. It is my understanding that hate crime is intentional, when a person does something against anothers persons belief out of rage I do not think it is hate.

  8. 1TEa-edTexan17/5/10 10:12 PM

    A hate crime is anything that a clever ACLU lawyer says it is. A hate crime is a hostile or harmful act against a person or group of persons of a different (minority) race, sex, sexuaal orientation, skin color or other physical characteristics or relegion. Hate crimes are almost always committed by caucasians (white males), but caucasians (white males) are almost never the victum of hate crimes. There seems to be some unwritten law (by the ACLU) that white males are impervious to be victims of hate crimes.
    Classic example of the inconsistence of hate crime definition is found in this event. In the past year, one Mr. Ken Gladney was handing out political leaflets at a townhall meeting in St.Louis, Mo. Mr. Gladney, an African-American, with some degree of disability, was assaulted and beaten by three men, one at least of which was white. Clearly this qualifies as a hate crime, but because of the labor union connection of the three assaliants, they have not been prosicuted. Go figure. You can Google Ken Gladney for more information.

  9. 1 tea-ed texan said it all. What is happening is horrible.

  10. I heard that the black panthers who were making threatening gestures got off because Holder said there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute!
    My gosh, we all saw the video, what more proof do they need?