Friday, May 21, 2010

Mexico, China - Your Opinion Stinks

America's lawmakers are trying to bring our Country down to a level of standards people are not accepting.

When in history has an American President allowed a Mexican President to address our Congress telling us how we should address the human rights issue?

Why should China, a Communist Country have a say in our immigration laws? They murdered millions of citizens who opposed government policies. Their people have no freedom. Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Human Rights and Labor, will travel to China with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to continue talks concerning Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Next the US and China will hold meetings discuss human rights.

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon has said the Arizona law is unjust to the people of his country and should be stopped. Obama says the law is misguided. In Mexico where drug cartels run the country and children are abducted in order to keep their drugs flowing how can he expect us to make his people legal?

Calderon received applause from many members of Congress for the following comment
"I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona. It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree, but also introduced a terrible idea using racial profiling for law enforcement."

Felipe tells Congress the only way he can stop the problem in his country is if we stop guns from coming across the border.  Article

Our obligation is not to support the world while we face economic problems within our own borders.
An answer to the problem appears to be so simple, secure our borders.

Sen. McCain has asked for federal troops sent to the border, but as of this date has had no response. It's time for our law makers to stand up for the people they represent. Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano admit they have not read the Arizona bill even though they oppose it.

The UN has stepped in to view the law saying it could violate human right laws.

My view is keep other countries out of our law making and if a person is illegal throw them out. Don't expect tax payers to foot the bill.
Read Radical Richard's Article. He has emailed Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tx) concerning Austin's Council Members who are promoting this boycott.

Let me hear your opinions.

Freedom Fighter


  1. A friend of mine called and told me to read your blog. After reading this, I went to Richard's Corner. She and I were talking about this earlier today. It is sad when a Mexican President can come over here and tell us how we should run our country. You are right it is not our obligation to support the world. I liked the email Richard sent to Gov. Perry and look forward to reading his response.

  2. You are a stupid Gringo who hate all Mexicans. I will take you story and run it into the ground. We are hard working people and we do have the right to be citizens here. As far as your story go suck a tamale. I hope you know what that means in Mexico! R Richard is a gringo to.

  3. Manuel, I will put up with your stupidity this time. But not after this. I have been to Mexico many times and I'm fully aware of your meaning.
    I don't hate Mexicans, I dislike stupidity. If this is your degree of intelligence, with the punch of a few buttons, I can make it where you won't ever get back on here.
    If you care to make comments in a sensible way, I will be glad to hear from you, otherwise ADIOS.

  4. Other countries have no right to lecture our Coungress on matters that do not concern them. Of course Calderon doesn't like the new Az. law, some of the illegals may return to Mexico on their own. Since they do not work, Mexico will have to support them. The ones who do work send most of their money back to Mexico and into their economy. It is an outrage that so many of the left applauded him.

  5. Can you believe the Dems would stand up to applaud a person putting our country down. At the rate our government is going we will have to listen to every other country in the world making our laws for us.

    By the way I think you were a little too easy on Manuel, to call me a Gringo would be like me calling him a spick or a pepper belly. Why don't you go ahead and push the buttons and take him off. This is the kind of garbage that wants free citizenship in America.

  6. Just who does Pres. Calderon think he is? Trying to tell us how to run our country. I am even madder at Pres. Obama for not standing behind our country.

  7. Obama goes all over the world apologizing for our country. His staff is widely controversial and of poor choice. He does not come to the defense of our states and blatantly allows Pres. Calderon to tell our Congress they have to change their way of thinking and just let all his trash live here. Our country needs to be more open minded. Illegal immigration is not a problem in Mexico, as they will deport or jail you immediately.
    Vote in 2010 to get all these people out and new ones in.

  8. Texas Teacher23/5/10 12:37 PM

    It is beyond me how the Pres. can let a Mexican President go before Congress and allow him to address how our Nations laws should be enacted.
    What is even worse is for the left to stand and applaud while he is disputing our Constitutional Laws.
    By the way FF it looks like all of us Texans will be teaching differently in the future, with the new Texas book mandates.

  9. I joined you from facebook yesterday and think it's disgusting President Obama would let leaders from other countries lecture our Congressmen on how we should run our laws. What I even think is worse is for Dems to stand up and applaud anyone for this. If we went to their country illegally we'd be in prison.

  10. Mad Sally's Roommate23/5/10 9:12 PM

    You are right Larry it is disgusting when our leaders listen to a man who can't even control the killing in his country. There's so many drugs in Mexico and coming across the border now what would it be like if this country gave them all amnesty? I don't feel anybody would be safe walking the street, even if they were just going to get an ice cream.

  11. Rebel Bill24/5/10 5:07 AM

    If we continue the path we are taking we will soon be the most pathetic nation in the world. We do not have a strong leadership in this country. We have a spineless jellyfish who will bow down before the world. Our leader will side with leaders of third world countries. If he thinks other countries standards are better than ours, he should quit and leave.

  12. Since national support for our new Arizona immigration law is climbing above 60 percent it is only natural that Obama would reach out to his core constituency in foreign countries like Mexico, China, and California.

  13. How sad we have to seek the approval of third world countries and communist countries. I fear our country is heading in both directions.

  14. concerned gramps25/5/10 6:48 PM

    i can not believe Mr Obama woudld let a foreign leader tell our country what laws they should make. I have been out of the weather and haven't been to you site for awhile. I'm feeling better and will be around more.

  15. It's disgrading to hear that our government will not stand up for the rights of the PEOPLE. I am beginning to agree with the website I am very happy to see younger faces coming in this year to the elections, because we are the people who will have to pay for the price of the deficit this president has created.