Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Will Help Come? - Day 59

Obama, my mate is already dead! Could you react any faster if it was your family?
Make a decision, we need help now!

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Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out who is to blame for the oil spill.

It appears to be a simple question to answer. BP is responsible for the explosion and the oil flowing into the ocean. The had faulty equipment which had failed previous inspections and they had no clue as to how to stop such a major spill. Therefor Obama is not responsible for the spill, so where does he come into this picture?

From day one Britain and other countries have offered to send in material and assistance which could have helped contain the spill. Because Obama answers to the large unions he declined their offer. The union says that sending in foreign help is taking jobs from their people.

Many American companies have offered solutions to clean up the oil and have the material on hand. BP nor Obama has called on them.

Obama waits weeks before going to what could be the Gulf Coasts largest disaster. He makes statements on TV saying he didn't talk to Tony Hayward CEO of BP because he doesn't want talk, he wants action.

He also announced 40,000 barrels of oil a day was spewing from the pipe. BP says they hope to capture 50,000 barrels a day by the end of June and 60,000 by the end of July.

Where did a college educated man leading a country learn his math from? To me it appears he has no concept of the problems we face or the knowledge to do anything more than talk. His ability to lead lacks direction.

For a lack of knowledge to a solution, he decides to anger people in order to take the blame from himself. He said the oil spill is as bad as the 9-11 terrorist attack.
Wake up Obama, this is not an attack of terror against America, it is a man made disaster lacking knowledge on BP's and your administration's part.

Stop playing your damn blame game. Maybe you should watch Governor Mike Huckabee so you could learn how to address the problem. Last weekend he had a number of guests on his show demonstrating how to fight the problem. One man treated the oil in the water, then Huckabee drank it.
Another dipped a bird feather into the oily water, it came out black. After treating the oil he dipped the feather into the solution, it came out clear. When treated with this chemical it is natural and will not harm the environment or wildlife.

To all the States and residents on the Gulf Coast I say tell the Federal government to kiss your butts and begin procedures to protect your beaches. Your livelihood is at stake you can not wait for a bunch of bureaucrats sitting on their brains to make a decision.

Obama is using this to build his green bill, I believe he will pay the price for it in the end.

Americans are ready to step up to the plate and fight the problems. Get out of the way Obama, we have work to do.

Go play a game of basketball or golf this seems to be your expertise. Americans are worn out with your arrogance and agenda.

Face the fact, you are not the Messiah!



  1. The Pres has done nothing in my opinion to contain the oil spill in the gulf. The Dutch who are knowledgeable in oil spills offered to send crews and equipment over and was refused. Iran along with many other countries offered their help none of them were allowed to come over. Obama, I believe is using this for his green bill. I agree if he would get out of the way and let knowledgeable people work on the problem it could be solved. His expertise is on a golf course.
    If the oil gets any thicker in Louisiana the great DC Messiah may be able to walk on water.

  2. christopher17/6/10 9:35 PM

    BO has been slow in responding to everything since he took office. The only fast response I have seen is him spending money and starting committees.
    Like you I think the state lawmakers should say to heck with the beaucrats and start doing something to save their coasts.
    I heard tonight that if something can't be done to cap it the amount of oil and the pressure could continue for another 4 years.
    Watching Huckabee last Sat. night he presented many people who had solutions to picking up the oil. Why should federal law step in the way of states trying to save their economy?
    In response to what Ernest said about him walking on the water, if he did hit a soft place and sink how would they ever find him?

  3. With all the countries that have offered help, you would think he would be smart enough to listen. From what I understand, the Dutch have professionals ready to work on this and he turned them away. They are supposed to be very knowledgeable on oil spills and know what to do. From the anger I hear on TV about his slow response I think this will cost many more Democrats votes this year.

  4. Mad in Kansas18/6/10 6:12 PM

    Lies, lies, lies and more lies. Blame everything on someone else. That's what it's all about with him and his cronies. How can he figure out how to blame Bush for this? He can't, this well was drilled under his watch!
    He has let the beautiful Gulf Coast go the hell! There is so much work down there, and there are people who want to help, but because of the bureaucrats in DC they can't. People will walk the beaches and pick up the tar and not charge much if anything for it. Wake up Obama let us helpF!

  5. Rebel Bill19/6/10 6:52 AM

    If the Gulf Coast spill is as bad as 9-11 where the heck was he on day one. At least Bush was there from the beginning and he did step up to the plate and take control. That arrogant so called leader can't take control of a shaved ice stand let alone this country.

  6. He is a chronic lair and he has a forked tongue also. Every time he opens his blasted mouth his tongue gets in the way and I for one am tired of his double talk. He is nothing but a damn jerk that needs to be put out of our misery. He needs to get off his butt, stop the damn double talk and listen to the people.

  7. Rome wasn't built in a day so why do you think the oil spill can be stoped in a day? Give the man a chance he is working on the promblem. At least the two countrys are comming together.

  8. Anon.. You're correct in saying Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was destroyed in much less time than it was built. You say give the man a chance, it's been over 2 months and he hasn't done anything to help our Gulf Coast or the residents.
    He has had many golden opportunities from other countries to eliminate the oil from the beaches and the water. He waited 7 weeks to meet with Tony Hayward, BP CEO. The states called out for him to let their people prepare for the incoming oil. All he did was hide his head and hope the problem would go away.
    No, he's had his chance and blew it! As for the countries coming together, we'll probably loose the UK along with Israel as our allies, thanks to his great leadership.

  9. Mad Sally's Roommate20/6/10 8:24 AM

    Right you are FF! There is no reason so much oil was washed ashore. The technology is there to get the oil removed from the water. Now that so many shores and the ocean is so poluted we are going to do something about it. I hope we didn't wait until it is too late.
    I think Obama really thought this would just disappear on it's own.

  10. Hey Anonymous, we don't want to build Rome we want to save this country from socialism and help the people in the Gulf coast region. These people are losing their livelihood.

    This whole Gulf crises to this administration must be a joke to them. No one is doing a blasted thing, they stop everything and everyone that tries to do something. Obama, Hayward this is not fun and games to the people that live down on the Gulf coast.

  11. I live in La. about 33 miles from the coast. My wife and I drove down yesterday to check it out. We saw a lot of dead wildlife and a lot that will die before the weekend is over. It's a shame when our elected officials care more about protocal than they do about life itself.
    It's sad to figure out which of the 2 you despise the most: The poisoning of our gulf waters or the hatred that builds in your heart for uncaring politicians and leaders. I feel Obama will pay dearly for his stupidity.

  12. The stupidity of this pres just amazes me. There is no comparison to the Gulf oil spill and the
    9-11 terror attack! Maybe he wants to think this is an act of terrorism. If that is what he thinks I would hate to see how he would respond if our country were really under attack.
    Both incidents required immediate response. Bush did respond from day one. Obama waited nearly 2 months to become actively involved in the Gulf spill. Oh yeah he wanted to see action not talk.
    His delayed response is causing havoc to the lives of our coastal citizens, cities and states. I can't wait for 2012 when his reign of incompetance will be over.

  13. 1Tea-edTexan21/6/10 5:40 PM

    Today is the first day of Summer. Typically today marks the date when visitors from all over flock to gulf beaches and there is a surge in gulf states economy. Not so this year. This is the year of the GREAT GULF OIL SPILL! This is Day 63 of that cursed event and an unknown quantity of oil still gushes into the gulf waters bringing death and descruction to shore birds and marine life. Day 63 is drawing to a close and the Jones Act has not been waived, and the generous offers of technical help and equipment from other nations have not been accepted. This is Day 63 in the Gulf and it is still 134 days till November 2nd. One Hundred and Fourty-Three days till ELECTION DAY. REMEMBER THIS DAY! Hold on to your anger, Hold on to your contempt. Remember the images of the oil-soaked pelicans gasping for breath; remember the images of fish that floundered on an oil stained beach with death their only certainty and remember the images of our friends, the dolphins, that could not survive in the oil filled waters. Remember this date and remember the images. Remember in November. And remember the Obama administration that procrastinated and allowed an accident to become a national disaster that will live across generations. Remember in November! Remember and Replace!

  14. Our government and the oil company refuse to give it the time of day. Its all about destroying our ecosystem so they can destroy us. Plus its not like the oil spill in Alaska yet where we saw dramatic ecosystem destruction rapidly.
    It's just not bad enough yet folks!

    I am not paying much attention, its futile to get myself worked up. The devastation is yet to happen, when its BAD we will get results in my opinion.

  15. 1Tea-edTexan22/6/10 11:10 AM

    Pinkpistol may have a very valid point. It may be that this disaster is being exploited by the White House. They have often stated, can't let a good crisis go to waste. Perhaps when it gets BAD, I MEAN REALLY BAD, more agressive action will be taken by the administration. Consider this: If a man blows out a candle, there is no glory; but if a man can quench a raging forest fire, he becomes a miracle maker. The greater the challange, the greater the glory. Are we being duped?

  16. I think there is so much more to this than what we know. There is absolutely no reason we couldn't have gotten the oil out of the water before this much damage was done.

    I think a few chemicals (if that's what is needed) would be better than all the billions of barrels of oil that was dumped into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

    The shame of all this is we had the technology and the manpower to maintain this spill from day one. Political powers ignored the help that was offered.

    I just want to cry!

  17. Angry In Louisiana22/6/10 9:44 PM

    Day 64 and still no answers, no responses, more photo ops, more oil and more death to our eco system.
    No Obama you did not take action, you did not do your job you were elected to do as the President of the United States of America. You have turned your back on the Citizens of America.

    Don't fire McChrystal for telling the truth about you, FIRE YOURSELF!!

  18. concerned gramps23/6/10 2:17 PM

    angry in La. what you said about don't fire Mccrystal just happened. Mr obama announced today he was gone. i feel this was a wrong move and his pride should have been put away. I wonder what the outcome will be.

  19. 1Tea-edTexan23/6/10 4:10 PM

    Angry and Concerned...Yeah, we knew it was coming. After the slimeballs in the Rolling Stone published the article, it was a sure thing that McChrystal was a goner. The arrogant and egotistical mr. president could do nothing less. His ego would not permit it.
    It is sadly ironic that the general with a long and outstanding career of military service is so easily discharged by a controversial president who, despite his time in the public arena, has accomplished so little. Sure, Obama can kiss-up and kiss-ass with heads of many states, and is quick to apologize for the arrogance of the American people. BUT. he never owns-up to or apologizies for his own arrogance.
    The loss of McChrystal is tragic. America has lost a loyal and dedicated warrior and the world will be less safe.

  20. Thumbs up Texan! I think we lost a good person today to Obama's inability to run a country let alone a war. Petraus is a good man, but you don't switch channels in the middle of a good movie.
    A son of a friend of mine is over there, and we both wonder what the outcome will be.
    We have seen what Obama has done on the oil spill, is Afghanistan to become another one of Obama's defeated victories?
    When will we have the sense to get rid of him?