Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slow Show Obama

Please Obama quit playing the blame game. My friends and I need help now. Is this all there is to life?
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Photographer: Win McNamee, Getty Images

It is time for Slow Show Obama to stand up and take responsibility for the office he holds.

Since the beginning of his term we have seen his legacy unfold before us. Government run health care, out of control spending, Cap and Trade, over 9% unemployment, immigration reform, pork and bribes, sealed documents... The list goes on and on.
When does the whining, crying and blame game end? Let's hope for the sake of our country we will see this in 2012.

As the deep water disaster unfolds before us our leader waited 30 days before deciding to respond. Our gulf Coast waters continue to grow with the deadly pollution being extricated from BP's rig.

Shoving his head in the sand Obama waits for BP to take care of the problem. He stops Louisiana from building berms which could soak up the oil and possibly save the marsh lands. Obama along with BP continue to show their arrogance by not listening to the public or the State Leaders. As he scrambles before the primaries to divert the attention away from the oil by giving pep talks about how great his health care bill is, the residents of La. continue to feel the economic impact.

Marsh Island woke up Tuesday to see their beaches covered with oily pelicans trying to fly or even walk. Dolphins could be seen in the oil as they tried to come up for air. One man reported seeing a dolphin come up and brown oil spewed from his blow hole. A seagull was spotted still in the water covered in oil with only his head protruding above the muck as he breathed his last few breaths of life. A turtle clinging to a rock covered in oil had no where to go. He could be one of the lucky ones caught in time to save.

This is an outrage against free thinking Americans. Listen to what the people are trying to tell you Obama. We are all not as ignorant as you think. For years Americans have opened doors which have solved many problems.

52 days ago we should have been working on this problem together, It Is The American Way! Obama, if you do not have the guts or the knowledge to run this country then get the hell out of the way! There are many people who can knuckle up and do the job. You might consider asking Bush for some help. It is time to stop the oil and the Bull S--- flowing from our ocean and White House.
Become a man Obama stop playing the blame game.


  1. It breaks my heart knowing that living animals, fish and mammals are dying why they hesitate doing jack shit out there to stop the pollution.
    Makes one wonder why is this? Why won't our govt let everybody try everything they suggest ??
    Except, as you say Freedom Fighter play the blame game, that's all they are good at doing why the ecosystem delicate as it was is being DESTROYED !! :(
    Give em hell buddy -- they deserve it for this criminal behavior against nature ... for their own agenda's.

    Will be sharing this in fb.

  2. N.Carolina-Carol10/6/10 4:42 PM

    You definitely made your point FFighter. The Prez does nothing more than play the blame game. As you said if you can't do the job, get the hell out. It is time we have someone in there who will take responsibility. I consider myself a tough person, but tears came to my eyes when I saw these pics.

  3. The pictures tell it all. I have heard the burms Louisiana are building are helping. I'm so mad it is too late to save much of the shorelines. The people working in that muck are to be praised. I hope the administration sees this and knows they are the ones who should have their butts kicked.

  4. 1Tea-edTexan11/6/10 3:23 PM

    Day fifty-two came and left with crude oil still gushing from the BP deep water drilling site. Then day fifty-three came around with little hope that the situation would improve before day's end. Sure, BP may have their best people working on the problems but all indications are that they are working on a trial and error principal. Technology for dealing with this problem should have been in place long before a drilling permit was ever approved by MMF.
    MMM...? aren't they the folks who were watching porn when the explosion occured? Hey, Thanks a lot, guys.
    The oil continues to flow contaminating beaches and marshlands and destroying generations of marine and plant life while the complacency and indecision of the Obama administration compounds this disaster. Even today, fifty-three days later, assistance in containment and clean-up by foreign entities is held at bay because Obama has been reluctant to waive provisions of the Jones Act. His extensive executive experience, or should I say the lack of it, has been thoroughly demonstrated by the lack of leadership in this critical event. He has taken on the character of Chief Inspector, Jaques Clousseau. On the other hand, Vice-president, Joe Biden, did the only smart thing a politician can do in a crisis. Really??? He got completely out of the country. Yeah, he went off to Johannasburg, South Aftica to represent the U.S, in the World Cup soccer games, Hey Joe! Having a good time? Hey, if it's not too much trouble, and just whenever you can get around to it, how about some representation for the folks in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas in their struggle for survival game. Geeezzzz...........

  5. Radical Richard11/6/10 5:45 PM

    How true your words are Tea-ed Texan. I think a lot of people on the Gulf Coast Line have about reached the end of their rope with BP and Slow Show Obama. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on him, he could have a golf or basketball game he is having to attend to. As far as Biden, I feel your statement is true, stay over there, at least you're out of the way.

  6. They say a fool is born every day, I must have hit the proper number because I voted for b-o.
    Before his first year was up I literally despised him as a leader. It's a shame what bp along with his disconcern is doing to the gulf waters.
    I happen to live in La. As my husband and I watch some of the workers on the beach, they seem to spend more time playing than working. A couple of our friends are fishermen and they're possibly going out of business if something can't be done.
    I heard today, almost 2 months later that our great leader was finally going to meet with the ceo of bp. I wonder if they're going to sit on the lawn and have a beer summit together?
    You are perfectly correct Fighter in your statement, if he can't lead the country get the hell out of the way. He appears to be the person who can bring back hate to the Americans.

  7. You are right FF the American people do have the ingenuity to solve major problems, we have been doing it for years. How can the Pres sit idoly by and not let people help when there is plenty of suggestions out there? You said it all, if he can't let a nation out, and let somebody step in that can. I had not seen the pictures until now, they were horrifying, I am a big animal lover. Ending this comment I would like to say, to all of you at RFA, I read everything new on your site and this is the best I have seen.

  8. This is a crying shame! Why has our government waited sooooo long? We have people in this country who understand the volume of this disaster and want to help, many of whom are asking for no money. The government and BP do not want us to know what is really going on. We wait and wait for results which do not happen, meanwhile our beautiful gulf is being destroyed.
    It is time for us to take action about this and make our voices heard, like the Tea Party is doing.

  9. Why do we think Obama would respond to this or anything else in quick manner? The only thing I've seen him move quickly on is getting his health care bill passed and increasing our deficit. I think if somebody doesn't respond to this quickly it will have a devastating effect on our coast for years to come.

  10. Well I am going to put the blame on Obama, I blame him for the environmentalist for not letting anyone clean the oil spill before it got out of hand. The clean up crews had to wait for them to make up their minds on what kind of clean up methods to use because they didn't want to harm the environment; like the oil wasn't going to. I put the blame solely on Obama no if, ands or buts about it.

  11. Rebel Bill13/6/10 6:41 AM

    P Ken I too blame Obama. He has had his one chance to show he is a leader. Instead he elected to listen to the labor unions, environmentalists and any other Socialistic Liberal who supposedly know best. For each and every day he hesitates more precious marine life and land is being destroyed. Never to return to it's original form.
    Slow Show Obama is the right name for our lame duck leader.

  12. Texas Teacher13/6/10 2:11 PM

    Many questions throughout the internet have been raised about how the president has been handling the job and what motives are behind what he is doing. Many say he has tried to keep the states from cleaning up the coast and BP from slowing the oil in order to push his green plan. If this is the case instead of it ending as his utopia, it could end as his waterloo. People are outraged at this point with his unconcern for a major catastrophe. They can cut Bush all they want over Katrina, but the Pres. has outdone him 3 to 1 in stupidity.
    I agree with you FF, if he can't handle the responsibility get the hell out, let someone come in that can.

  13. 1Tea-edTexan13/6/10 3:53 PM

    Strong words of friendly advice that I've heard all my life that never before seemed more appropriate than now ...

    "Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out Of The Way".

    More recently, Obama's FCC Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd, has stated, "We are in a position to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power".
    To paraphrase: "We are now in a situation so critical that we MUST say who MUST step down so that compitent people can solve the problems.

  14. I have 3 children, my husband and I work hard and long hours to make a living. My husband has filed for citizenship which should be finalized within the next year. I understand how politics work, but what happens when the people who run the country will not stand up and work for the people who voted them in?

    This oil spill, as you said, should have been adressed from day one. It's sad we have to show the animals dying, but what about the people that will be affected by it?
    No the President has not done and lived up to what he said.

  15. Fighter you said it all. I just watched Governor Mike Huckabee tonight.
    He proved let American ingenuity solve the problem not the ignorance we have now.

  16. You said it right F, I watched Huckabee tonight and the American people can solve the problem. Why won't BP and our leader do this together to get the problem solved?
    Why won't this man listen to us?

  17. Just wondering,here.....but doesn't it seem like these are the actions of someone who wouldn't mind seeing this disaster get worse?

  18. There are many people who have material to clean up the oil and are ready to go to work. What is with this administration? Laurence, it does seem like his are leaning in the wrong direction.

  19. Swinging Jay14/6/10 6:50 PM

    I haven't posted for a number of weeks, but I do agree with many of these comments. The many businesses that have the solutions to save the Gulf Coast should be put into action. If we all work together, this problem could be solved. American Ingenuity has been proved in the past.

  20. Alberto Gonzales - El Paso14/6/10 8:42 PM

    I saw a statement you made on FB and came to your site. Why shouldn't the 2 countries come together? My President has given advice how to help, why hasn't yours? Owning a business I look forward to your response. I like your article and look forward to reading more.

  21. His legacy will go down in history as the most useless president America has ever elected. He shows no sense in running a country. As for the oil spill it will be interesting to hear how it goes tomorrow. I believe he'll just repeat a bunch of the same stuff we've heard over and over.

  22. You are right FF. Let the American people take care of the problem. For years we have been making a better world for our children.
    After 60 days it's time to solve the promblem and quit giving people the run around.

  23. 1Tea-edTexan15/6/10 5:16 PM

    I don't think I will even listen to the Obama speech. You know that those kind of people (politicians and CEOs) just tell you what you want to hear. OOOPS, Obama already said that.

  24. You're right Texan I have a dart board on my wall with obama's picture on it. Im my opinion he is as much mouth as he is ears, I can always hit them. As for the people on the coast, I have worked on the oil rigs and know the problems that can happen, I give them the sympathy not congress.

  25. The poor wildlife in the gulf! It is truly a sin we haven't done something sooner.
    Slow Show Obama must go!
    Each day the oil gets worse and more of our eco-system is destroyed and our leader does nothing of any value to solve the problem. Mike Huckabee had people on his show last weekend who have inexpensive was to clean up the oil and save our marine life and shores. Will he ever listen to the great people of this country?