Friday, July 9, 2010

Does Obama Hate America?

A war is being waged against Americans by a group of lawmakers who do not seem to care if our country hits bottom or not.
The realm of sensibility is quickly fading as hard working people see Government making one wrong move after another.

Jobs are not being injected into middle class families so they can keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.
Government jobs and committees are being created almost daily, yet Obama says the job market is growing.

Welfare has hit an all time high. Our deficit has reached a point where our young people will face a future of nothing but debt. Is this the legacy we will leave our children?

Obama says we have to spend our way out of debt even though economists tell him it won't work. A growing number of workers have quit looking for jobs after being turned down time after time.

What do they do in order to exist, turn to crime, panhandle or live off of relatives?
The picture I see beginning to unfold is one of despair toward future generations.

Gulf Coast states are feeling the impact of job reductions caused by the BP Oil Spill. After two and a half months the black death is still spewing. Obama finally decides to let 11 countries help who are knowledgeable in handling oil spills.
He continues to work on shutting down rigs and drilling, laying off thousands of workers in order to push his green agenda.

Medicare which many people have worked for all their life could be cut by 50 million dollars to help promote Obamacare.

He created cash for clunkers for 3 billion dollars which cost tax payers money and did not create more jobs or decrease fuel consumption across the country.

He says to redistribute the wealth but do you see people like Bill Gates or Donald Trump going without a meal? History has proved time and again when that happens they will pick up stakes and leave to a more appealing environment who will cater to them, leaving many employees to fend for themselves.

If that isn't enough to make you  start thinking, how about this?
  • Give amnesty to all illegals and open our borders to everyone. This has to be the hypocrisy of ignorance.
  • In Arizona we are looking at children being kidnapped, taken back across the border then used for child labor.
  • Drug cartels are telling border agents to look the other way or be killed, when they smuggle drugs into our country.
  • Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona has received Death Threats from the Mexican Mafia. It is called a 'Green Light Threat' on his life. What this entails is the Mexican Mafia along with Drug Cartels has given the okay for a professional hit man to take his life. According to Mafia rule if the hit man fails in his job, his life along with his families will be taken.
  • In El Paso, Texas bullets from across the border hit City Hall. Luckily no one was killed. It was also reported a hand-grenade exploded on Texas soil.
  • Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot has demanded Obama send in troops to help secure the border. Law enforcement officials have written to the White House saying our borders are in constant danger and demanding immediate attention.

Are all these words falling on deaf ears when they reach DC?
Is this a great conspiracy to overthrow the people in order for one man to achieve world power and control the lives of the people?

Yes my friends, I believe a war is being waged against the middle class by a group of greedy, do nothing Liberals who care nothing for America.

The time for change is this November otherwise it could be too late.

You know my views about it, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. As each day goes by, the hate he has for this country becomes evident. Someone elected an America hater into office! There should be some way to impeach that Muslim.

  2. Dumb question! Of course Obama HATES America. Not one time since he took office has he ever showed his faith and loyalty for this country. He is definitely not with our country.
    Can't we get him impeached since he is not an American?

  3. Mr. Procrastination9/7/10 10:09 PM

    When do these people ever understand we are sick and tired about what we hear. The oil spill and clean up has gone on far too long, let's make people accountable. Keep posting the articles America will win in 2012.

  4. It is just disgusting that our Federal government is so stupid they will not do anything about the threats to our law enforcement. Obama and Calderon should be doing whatever they can to secure both sides of the border.
    Yes Obama does hate America, and his hatred shows more every day. He can't stand us conservatives who voice our opinion and he hates us for voicing our opinion. We WILL win in Nov.

  5. I disagree and say he loves America - for where else in the world could he and his corrupt marxist group take power and methodically work to disassemble the core of the country's laws that govern the people ???? All this done without a bloody takeover ? ? ?

    Creating a state of chaos throws people off. Triggering racial problems is also being effective.

  6. How could he hate it Radical R ? Nothing has stopped him from what he wants yet.
    Its like a cupcake in his hands and he is consuming it with a big fat grin and virtually without stopping to take a breath of opposing fresh air from anyone *

  7. I have to agree with pinkpistol. He does like the USA but he don't like the Constitution and what it stands for.

  8. Texas Teacher10/7/10 6:53 PM

    Pink, you say he has no opposition but right now the Supreme Court is standing against him.
    If you look at the videos on his birth place, he and his wife have admitted he was born in Kenya. His popularity is dropping almost daily.
    Eric Holder could be going before a Grand Jury, and many of his own race have turned against him.
    I think if we let him continue in the way he is moving he will discover he is his worst enemy.

  9. If anyone reads Obama's biographies, or even just browses through them, two things stand out: 1) this guy REALLY thinks he is special. 2) He doesn't have much respect for the USA.

    I think that this next round of elections is going to show just how strongly the population disagrees with him on both of these counts

  10. Great article. Obama indeed does not like America. I agree with you Laurence November is going to give us the change this country needs.
    Never before have we had a worse president who literally has no use for the Constitution or the Freedom our Forefathers fought so hard for.
    I can not recall one thing this prez has done that is beneficial to the well being of this country.

  11. Mad Sally's Roommate11/7/10 4:03 PM

    What would happen on the oil spill if the new cap they are going to try out along with the relief wells don't work? Does that mean for the next 3-4 years oil is going to continue to flow into the ocean? It seems to me if we can send people to the moon and outer space Obama could find somebody in this world who knows how to solve this problem. I'm like you I don't think he really cares.

  12. gulf jacob11/7/10 7:59 PM

    I don't understand and I would like to ask a question, I listened to Rush Limbaugh today and I am not sure of the figures, but because of Mr. Obama's Moratorium on stopping all drilling, it could cost BP 100 million dollars to supplement salaries. If this is Obama's moratorium, why should BP have to pay for it?

  13. I haven't heard about that gulf jacob. Has anyone else? I don't think that should be BP's responsibility to pay the workers for the moratorium imposed by this whacky administration.

  14. BO says spend our way out of debt. As it stands now, my husband and my future is looking grim and my children don't seem to have a future. The way this man spends money, America is destined to go broke.
    It scares me to think of my kids living in a third world nation created by a government of ignorance.

  15. Jobs can not be found, I have friends who have been laid off for over a year. They have given up on finding a job that will support their family. The restrictions on health care, tax increases (that we won't have), higher inflation are keeping honest men, women, and small businesses from making a living. Look around at how many small businesses are going out of business. Companies are hiring people for part time work only so they won't fall under the health care plan. Lay-offs continue on a daily basis. I do not see any public sector jobs being created.

    Too bad we aren't all educated, into corrupt government politics. Obama says he is creating jobs where the hell are they! Too bad for the little educated working class the jobs are decreasing. Does this man want us to be forced to live off welfare and whatever aide we can get? How long is welfare going to be able to support us all?

    It bothers me about giving amnesty, most of the illegals do not work and pay taxes. How are we going to support them? It is very scary to think we have a president who does not care about the people of this country.

  16. Wonder what's wrong now? BP has announced the cap was ready to go into place, just waiting for the Ok from the administration. Oil just gushing into our ocean. This can't continue much longer. Something must be done.