Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama - Broken Promises, broken rules and Broken Borders.

Anger continues from both sides pertaining to SB1070:
  • U. S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that many of the sections of the Arizona law be put on hold. 
  • Lawyers for the State holds the law to be Constitutional. They say it will reduce health care, education and jailing costs to the State.
  • Opponents say it increases local police from doing their job, racial profiling and cause heavy loses to the economy.
  • Federal lawyers say it is not Constitutional for a state to protect it's boundaries but the job of the Federal Government.
Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce told reporters the state will appeal the ruling immediately.

It is sad when a state can not take a stand to protect the citizens because Big Government wants to control everything in our country.

For over a year Governor Jan Brewer (R-Az) has asked Washington to help them secure the borders.

The mentality of Obama and Liberals believe Americans are stupid and do not have enough sense to make their own decisions. They hold with the thought it is okay for children to be kid-napped, people killed and drugs to flow freely across the borders. Many illegals fled Arizona, knowing the law was about to take effect.

I can understand illegals opposing the law but what I can not understand is anyone opposing a law that would cut expenses to the state and open up jobs to workers who are legal.
Has America become so side stepped to Freedom and our Constitution that this administration can hire communists, radicals and crooks to overthrow what we are built upon?

Racists can openly announce crimes of hate without oppression.
I believe a number of washed-up Democrats and Republicans will have an eye opener this November. It is time to say no to leaders on both sides who are imposing their greedy wishes upon us.

I have been wrong many times in my life but I do believe this Nov. could be our last hope to take our Country back. If we can not do it, I believe the left wing nuts along with the Obama administration will take away all forms of Freedom we know today.

For the sake of future generations I hope this does not happen. Get off the couch, start paying attention to National News. If you do not know what is happening to your future you are as guilty as the people imposing the laws.

If you vote for popularity over what our forefathers built our Country on, then you deserve what the future holds for you. It is sad but what we do now could effect the future of all generations yet to come.

You have heard my views, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. I want AZ Governor Jan Brewer to show papers to prove she’s a human being. I think it was FOX that did a show on extraterrestrials that live among us, and Governor Brewer does resemble some alien from a B Movie, “Invasion of the Brain Snatchers”, right? I’ve have my suspicions about people like Jan Brewer, Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove because of their lack of human qualities.

    As far as the immigration issue goes… Republicans never made a big deal about immigration enforcement during Bush/Cheney but NOW all conservative hell is breaking loose… even though the Obama Administration is deporting MORE illegal’s than Bush ever did. Maybe we should adopt Ronald Wilson Reagan’s immigration policy (look it up morons)

    And funny how I didn’t hear NOT ONE WORD on the Cable News about AZ Gov. Jan Brewer’s connection with the Corrections Corp of America. Not to mention I could stop this immigration problem with one thing… ARREST ALL THOSE conservative business people WHO ARE HIRING THE ILLEGAL WORKERS! Republican Party = Hypocrisy

    On 7-28-10 I was watching Republicans on Morning Joe (MSNBC) preach about being ADULTS when it comes to our economic meltdown. I say BS! The real ADULTS are trying to demand accountability from those who got us in this financial mess. Republicans want to shift the burden of responsibility on Teachers unions and others in the American working class.

    I wonder if the spoiled Silver Spoons on Morning Joe knew how much they hurt Democrats, Progressives, Liberals when they didn’t challenge NJ Gov. Christie. NOW all over the internet the Conservative wacko groupies are swooning all over Christie like he was a rock star. Of course, because of these Republican low grade thought processes, the right wing monkeys now consider teachers, poor people and immigrants the biggest threat to our economy.

    What kind of Americans are stupid enough to believe decent wages/working conditions, regulation, Wall St. reform and making the rich pay their fair share are BAD THINGS! Republicans will take tax dollars away from grade schools to give BP tax breaks/subsidies. DON’T BELIEVE ME, you rightwing numbskulls, CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES!

  2. I went to the link you posted and think I understand what you are saying a lot better now.

    You obviously never made it to middle school, this was shown in your comment about watching MSNBC. Do you have the intelligence to know how to use a channel selector to find out what is really happening in the world?

    I hope you are single for the sake of future generations, it would be sad to know that people like you are breeding.

    At the bottom of the blog, it says Charlie Stunats and his warriors are going to F--- those guys up. Gee what an intellectual speaking capacity you must have, no wonder you only have 8 followers.

  3. FF, very pertinent post. Curiously the federal employee assigned to adjudicate 1070 did not block the sections in question on any legal grounds but on the puzzeling premise that it would cause too much of a burden on the Fed Gov. But the Feds are required by their own regulations and by the Constitution to just what Arizonans were asking. This administration wants to take authority in areas that the Constitution prohibits but wants to duck its authority, and responsibility. where the Constitution grants and, in fact, compels them to act. And always against the will of a majority of the public. They do not want any rules to apply to themselves.

  4. Rebel Bill31/7/10 7:20 AM

    Hey Spo101 - I believe it will be possible for Gov Brewer to show her Id and prove she IS a human and a citizen of this country than Obama will be able to furnish any legal proof he was even born!
    This administration has not kept one promise, there are so many shady deals being pulled on the citizens of this country. I have heard a that the potus could sign another executive order to give amnesty to all illegals, completely bypassing congress! If he does that, we are screwed! It will prove to even the far left (if they have sense left) that he does not care about the people of this country or the constitution. Mid terms are coming they better watch out.

  5. I just want to secure the fking country I live in - George Bush promised homeland security when he took away alot of our privacy rights after 911.

    This is all total BS !! We are being over run and taken advantage of by the illegals, criminals and our own govt.

  6. FF you are right on. We need to understand what is going on in this Country. The prez. of this country does not understand what is happening to the country he is the supposed ruler of.
    I am so afraid what is going to happen to this country.

  7. What is sad Janice is that a lot of people are beginning to understand, but they don't know what to do about it. It seems like every time they put more trash on us they do it under the table. I guess we have to remember to carry out the trash this November. It's sad what this administration has done to this country in less than 2 years. At least we know after having Obama in office Jimmy Carter won't go down as the worst president in history.

  8. The borders have to be secured!
    Obama and his admin. have lied to us too many times. What has he really done that was good for us? I can't think of one. Yes this prez and his admin are broken.

  9. The only good I can see he has done since he took office, Angela, is prove to the American people that an idiot isn't capable of running a country. This man makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius. I never thought I would see our country in as bad of shape as it's in. Maybe if we win in Nov. we can impeach him.

  10. everything is broken in dc. i don't know what our country can do to get out of the mess that this country has become except vote em all out in november.

  11. You forgot to add that Obama is trying to break our Constitution. He wants to rewrite what really works for our Country. The Constitution is not broken, do not change it.
    Obama and his socialists are broken and need to be changed soon.

  12. concerned Gramps5/8/10 8:10 AM

    Well said ff. we have to make everyone aware about what is happening in this country. there is no excuse for people not to know in this day and time. We the people can fix most of the problems in november. get out and vote them out.

  13. Yes, this administration is broken. It seems that racism has begun but in a backwards motion. We need to get rid of all the people who are causing the Nation to divide.

    Let the tea parties continue, they are doing good things for US. It is a shame that because we disagree with this administration we are now called a racist.
    Inform all your friends what is happening in this country. We are all to blame for a lot of what has happened to this country. Let's be silent no moreF!