Friday, August 13, 2010

Fraud And Deceit Looms Over Obama's Health Care Bill

Once again we see the fraudulent promises of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Democrats concerning Government health care.
The promise to insure all Americans is becoming one of the largest increases to our economy.
Obamacare was intended to achieve three goals: 
  • Provide coverage to all Americans, 
  • increase the quality of care for the dollar and 
  • reduce insurance cost.

One hundred days after it was signed we see it failing on all three counts.
It has expanded health care costs because insurance companies fear the future. It is estimated insurance could double within the next few years. This will affect  younger people having to provide their families with health care. 
It will also increase the burden on small businesses who are forced to pay employees health insurance. Businesses could be forced to cut employees hours in order to keep their doors open.
The administration's chief health care reports it will increase health care spending. It will increase $2.7 trillion in the first ten years and 4.3 trillion to businesses, individuals and state government.

Bill O'Reilly said his insurance increased $2,100 this year making his yearly premium over $20,000. As he said he can afford it but what about the people who can't?
Obama says people with pre-existing conditions will be covered, this is impossible without costing Americans more money.

Seniors on Medicare could be forced out of their coverage or have to accept less care because of their age.

People who worked all their life in order to receive Social Security and Medicare could see their future going out the window.

If Obama can get his way by going under the table to give amnesty to 12 to 15 million illegals in order to get their vote could break us within 3 to 6 years. The working people will have to pay for the care of those who won't work. Even worse many of them send their money back to Mexico.

As Obamacare draws closer we start to see the insurance scams begin.
In Alabama a con man is offering Government health care over the pone and asking customers for bank account numbers.
A telemarketer in Illinois sold an elderly lady a fake insurance plan to protect her against death panels.
In other states people claiming to be government employees are taking payments for government health care.
They work under the rule of confusion and pray mainly on the elderly.

With the greed of Obama and his administration the U.S. is facing an uphill climb in order to retain our freedom.
It is hard to imagine how many years it will take to undo what Obama has done in less than 2 years. What is even worse is can it be undone?
If people do not open their eyes soon the problems could be irreversible.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Good job FF. I remember that the Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Axis of Tyranny said that taxes would not be raised for health care because obamacare was not a tax. But now in preperation for lawsuits filed by individual states challanging obamacare on the grounds that Big Fed does not have constitutional authority to enforce the health care bill, the Atty Gen. is putting forward the argument that health care is constitutional because...... it is being paid for with tax $$ and Big fed is empowered by the Constitution to levy taxes. I am not making this up!

  2. 1Tea-edTexan13/8/10 7:45 PM

    Among other deliberate misleading statements, obama stated that there would be no tax increase to persons making less than $200,000. If the obama administration is now calling obamacare insurance premieums a tax, then obama has lied another time. But get ready for another tax hike,because the Bush tax cuts that expire at years end are not likely to be extended. To do so would imply that the evil George Bush had actually done something good for the country and where would the socialists/prrogressives be without a whipping boy? No one to blame?

    Clearly the Commerce Clause, United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3, gives Congress the authority to regulate commerce, including the insurance industry, But,,NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION IS AUTHORITY GIVEN, EITHER TO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OR THE JUDICIAL BRANCH, TO FORCE OR REQUIRE ANYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN COMMERCE AGAINST THEIR WILL. TO DO SO IS THE ONSET OF TYRANNY

  3. Mad Sally's Roommate13/8/10 8:05 PM

    As an ex Democrat who has gone Conservative, isn't there some law in our Constitution that says if Congress imposes a law upon us, don't they have to accept the same thing?

    If that is the case, why don't they accept the same health care we have to accept?

  4. Texas Teacher13/8/10 8:34 PM

    FF, you made a lot of statements tonight, the only thing I think you left out is why should our tax payer dollars go to teachers for Viagra?

    Not only will our deficit bring us down, but the ear marks of stupidity will do the same thing.

    To heck with Viagra, give me a woman!

  5. Ha, Texas Teach, the purpose of Viagra is supposed to make the man potent for a longer period of time. The men I have known have never used Viagra and have performed superbly. Maybe the men who need Viagra should change women!

    Back to the subject, I have been hearing a lot of people say their insurance rates went up. The scams are coming, I understand most of them are being directed at the elderly who are worried sick about their future health care. They do not fully understand what is in the bill and think they will not be treated because they are old. It is really sad what this administration has done to us.

  6. This socialism has got to stop. The govt has got to stop stealing from us then wasting the dollars like giving funds outside our country to their special interests.
    We are paying for stupidity and or ignorance of our fellow Americans. The follow the propaganda the socialist media spits out and believe the spin they hear.
    One can only hope the mistakes of our decade will have awakened the majority of them and they in turn will learn to vote responsibly and hold both party's in control accountable in our future before it is to late.

  7. Big Government has gone wild. Our country will be broke soon enough without them continuing to spend more money. We have to get all the Socialists out of office soon.
    Our children have no chance for a prosperous future.

  8. Rebel Bill16/8/10 4:02 PM

    I believe it's nothing more than a big plot to break our country so the idiot in office can try to turn everybody into Muslims. It's sad to say but government health care is just one of his devious ways ruin America.

  9. As screwy as the health care bill is, it's no wonder the scams are now in place. There is so much that people do not understand about the bill that they will believe anyone who seems to have an answer. I really feel sorry for all the people who will be taken for a ride.

  10. We all know how corrupt this government is and has been, but this president takes the cake! He is absolutely the most corrupt, thief we have ever had in office. Yes Mr. Prez change is indeed coming and I don't think you are going to like it!

  11. The lies that were told to us about health care become bigger every day. We never wanted this, and it is not good for our country. I am so disgusted with this administration. November won't get here soon enough. What worries me most is that the Dems who will be leaving office will do all they can to pass more horrible things.

  12. I pray for this year to end with no more bills being passed. Our country can't handle much more of this administration's deceit and lies.