Friday, September 3, 2010

President versus Prez.

A long time friend was telling me, some time back, how President Bush was the worst Commander In Chief he had ever seen in office.
His decision was based on the fact he took us into two wars.

I asked him if he thought we should stand by idly while the Twin Towers went down and what he thought Obama would have done?
He stared at me with a blank look on his face. After awhile he answered, "I'm not sure."

From what I have seen of his time in office,
I believe he would do what he is doing now - Nothing.
As Obama stated in his State of the Union address we are going to have more transparency in Congress. This sounds like the same broken record we have heard since he took office.

He also said we are going to work on building the economy.
If he shows any less interest in the working man getting ahead we will all starve!

To me his attitude toward America is nothing more than a joke. I personally believe him to be a Muslim who is working toward one goal, to bring us into one world power.

It seems only lies and deceit come from his mouth.

The love I have seen from Mrs. Bush compared to Michelle can not even be debated, Laura Bush believed in our Country.

Having coffee with my friend 7 months later his story had changed. "Mr. Bush might not have been so bad after all." His business is slowing and money is getting tighter.

This just goes to show if you give Obama and Liberals enough they will hang themselves. In November we have to make our vote count.

From myself and everyone at enjoy your Labor Day week-end and try not to overeat. I would like to thank all our readers who have helped our site grow.

Remember what true values our Country was built upon,
and the hope for future generations.
To each and everyone of you I wish health and happiness.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Mad Sally's Roommate4/9/10 4:26 PM

    FF does your friend regret voting for Obama? I hope he finds repentance! (I regret my vote.)

    Wow, I have a long Labor Day week-end and no money to go anywhere. My hours were shortened due to Obamacare. I'll just be hanging out and entertaining myself on the internet for my holiday. How many others will be hanging out with me?

  2. Rebel Bill5/9/10 3:38 PM

    MSR glad to see I am not the only one home for the weekend. Have a great Holiday.

    Great Words FF:

    I consider myself Independent but I fit within the Republican agenda.

  3. Freedom Fighter,thanks for this post. My motto for this midterm election is: "Friends don't let Friends vote Democrat".

  4. Radical Richard6/9/10 9:28 AM

    Freedom Fighter - Your vast intelligence often intrigues me but your Labor Day BBQ stinks! Although I may be a little more redneck than you, I do know the difference in a gourmet meal and stupidity. I have eaten blackened fish and blackened chicken. Though this may awe you, the $27 brisket you cooked is not called blackened brisket, it's called burnt to heck. By the way potato salad does not consist of a baked potato with lettuce around it. Are you sure you don't have a little Dem in you?

  5. Radical, what a sense of humor you have. The meal couldn't have been all that bad!

    My bbq consisted of hotdogs with all the trimmings! I made a delicious potato salad, there are plenty of left-overs if you're still hungry!

    FF, it looks like the Dems are going to be in for a rough election.

  6. FF, looks like everyone is on vacation this week, or too stuffed to communicate.

    There are a lot of folks out there like your friend. It is wonderful to see them changing their opinions of the anointed one.

  7. There is no comparison between Laura Bush and Michelle. Laura had all the qualities of a gracious first lady, while Michelle has all the desires of being famous and in the spotlight.

    I also agree that obama is muslim. He may be one of those 'good muslims' but I don't think so. He is out to conquer the world and with Islam behind him he feels he can do it. I am very concerned about the direction this man is taking our country.