Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Day Of Reckoning Is Here

This will be the last blog I write before the November 2 election. The only thing we have to do is inform everyone we can about what is happening to our freedom. 

A young man named Brian who is in high school posted on my Face book wall. His story told of how he had to do detention because he asked a teacher if he could say the Pledge of Allegiance and pray in a class. The teacher said it would be okay. The next day he was confronted about the issue and punished.
This is where our elected officials are taking this country.

If we do not stand up to them in Nov. I believe it will be our last chance. If this administration remains in control another 2 years Obama will destroy everything we have built our country upon. 

Some people who tried to vote in Clark County, Nevada got ballots with Harry Reid's name already marked as a vote for him.

In a town in North Carolina a man pushed the button to vote for all Republican candidates and all Democrats came up on his ballot. Clearing the machine, he attempted to vote again, only to have the Democrat candidates chosen. He asked for help, the people running the polls tried voting 2 times and the results were the same. On the 5th try they got it to work.

This shows just some of the under-handed tricks Dems will try in order to stay in office.

There are many more stories like this. Greed and deceit is all they understand. That is why it is important to make our voice heard.

All of us at RFA have done our best to get the word out. It is now up to America to show how they will respond.

Let's hope on November 3rd we will be happy over the outcome for the sake of freedom and our young people.

Get out, vote and double check your ballot. 

You have heard my opinion, now let hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Louisiana Mud29/10/10 7:00 AM

    Voter fraud is running wild right now. I really feel bad for the military who may not get their votes counted. I too feel this is our last chance. I will be up most of the night on the 2nd watching the returns, and praying we at least take control of the house. Vote sensibly.

  2. Keep writing FF, the only hope we have now is that enough people have listened and are tired of seeing liberals stomp on everything we stand for. Let's throw the bums out this Nov and get our country on the right track again. Will be looking forward to your post after the elections.

  3. devout democrat29/10/10 6:38 PM

    Unlike you I think Dems will hold the house and the senate after this election. I think the people are still tired of what the Bush administration did to our country. I will continue my fight to stand against you

  4. Continue your fight devout dem, we are standing on the future of our country. Are you so dumb you can't see what this man has brought into our country? We have to stand up for our future. Vote any damn way you like, but if you're devout in your vote you will bring our country and your children down to the depths of hell.

  5. Well said, Sally! The liberal agenda has taken away everything we believe in. I wonder if this person is 80 years old and can't see there is a future for our country. Let's fight it all the way.

  6. The day is finally approaching when the effort we have put out will become a reality. We have put a scare into the dems, and the results will soon be known. Conservatives will once again have a place in our government.

  7. Concerned Gramps30/10/10 1:56 PM

    FF, I am so worry about my grandchildren's future.
    My own children are so wrapped up in their life, making a living for themselves and their kids, they don't want to listen to me. I am an old man to them and don't know what i am talking about. at least they are waiting till the last minute to vote, but I fear how they will vote. I forward everything i can to them, they probably just delete it. I have talked to my teenage grandchildren, and they say they understand what is happening. It's a crying shame when adults don't want to know the truth. i still have a few days and there is hope for one out four children. Pray that I can reach just one before Tues.

  8. 1Tea-edTexan30/10/10 5:06 PM

    Concerned Gramps. I know the concern of which you speak. I have a great grandaughter who is now one year old. The week she was born, her pro rata share of the national debt was more than my accumulated personal debt. That was outrageous, BUT today her share of the national debt has grown to $43,841.00. She cannot talk yet, she has no job related skills and it will be at least eighteen years before she can get a job. What will her debt be then? What is our obligation fo these children and WHAT WILL OUR LEGACY BE?....servitude to a government run amuck?....loss of freedom and self determination?..... OR CAN OUR GENERATION RISE UP AGAIN TO BE THE DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY? Think before you vote.

  9. The only way to bring our deficit down where future generations, can survive is to stop spending.

    As important as the vote is this year, I stand worried: The Black Panthers are back on the scene with nothing being done about it. Voter fraud is running rampant. 14 states are legalizing marijuana use, the fear is that the young people will not vote for the betterment of the country, but the right to use marijuana.

    TP Deanie fully believes Conservatives will make it, I hope she is right. My fear is that Liberals will pull enough underhanded BS that we won't see a clean vote. I believe we will take the House and I hope we can at least take enough of the Senate to overcome the 50% vote. I guess after Tuesday we will know the story. Our vote at this time is our most precious commodity.

  10. Mad Sally's Roommate30/10/10 6:45 PM

    RR, you never cease to amaze me. About the time I think I've found something to argue with you on, you say something halfway intelligent. LOL

    All kidding aside I am like you, we do have to hope that enough under-handed tricks can be stopped and enough legal votes can be obtained.

    I'm doing everything I can before the vote. By the way do you realize a year has now passed when I was a Democrat and got in a fight with you? Thank you for not writing me off at that time, but for working with me. Together we are going to win this battle.
    Have a good day and vote Conservative.

  11. Good read Freedom Fighter.
    Did Brian's teacher not get reprimanded for allowing him to say the Pledge of Allegiance. What did the other students do?

    This election day is sneaking up on us and I hope we are all ready to make the right decisions.

    I keep telling everyone to report voter fraud, and just realized I really don't know who the proper authorities are to report this to. If anyone knows, please post it so we can all keep it handy.

  12. I would hope the teach was reprimanded, mikep. With all the devious things this government has done to our country I am sure they probably won't do a thing everything she allowed it to happen. The morals we are built upon are fading quickly. Let's hope for all of our sake Nov. 2 changes some of this.

  13. Texas Teacher31/10/10 3:17 PM

    As much as it gripes me, I could be fired for giving any one of my students permission to pray or say the Pledge of Allegiance at a school function. This is where our leaders have brought us. Our freedom is being taken away at a faster pace than I have ever seen in my life.

  14. mikep here are a few good numbers to call if you suspect VOTER FRAUD:

    The Conservatives have a hot-line set up with attorneys, etc. available to talk to you at 888-775-8117

    You can find your local state attorney on this link:

    FBI can be reached at: (314) 589-2500.

    Complaints about ballot access problems or discrimination can be made directly to the Civil Rights Division's Voting Section in Washington at 1-800-253-3931 or (202) 307-2767.

    Fox News wants to know about voter fraud: send e-mail to

    Be sure to take your cell phones, and a camera to the polls. Be alert as to what is happening.
    Some polling stations require ID, so be sure to have it with you.

  15. Thanks for the numbers, Deanie I am sharing with my friends.

    Tomorrow is the day we have all worked so hard to get to. I think Congress is going to undergo a major swing and become more people friendly. Think before you vote!!

  16. Partially because of the voter fraud problems with pre election voting I chose not to participate. Also I do not believe we should vote early for the simple fact, do not want to give any "pre information on how to boost up their campaigns "

    Wishing all of US patriotic independent minded people the best tomorrow !! Hard to believe voting day is almost here :).

  17. pinkp I agree with you about not voting early. I believe we should encourage absentee voting for our military, our overseas citizens and seniors who can not get out. Early voting is now done in grocery stores etc. I don't think they have enough control in those atmospheres.

    As a friend told me the other day she is going to all her neighbors and reminding them to vote and also telling them who to vote for, many of these people she will be taking to the polls tomorrow. Great Patriot there.
    No matter the outcome tomorrow, the Patriots of America united and woke up a sleeping Nation. Our voices were heard and will be heard for years to come. It looks like we will be celebrating tomorrow. Keep up the good work Patriots.

  18. On this the day of reckoning I hope all my friends get out and vote. No matter what the outcome, our voice has been heard and the direction of this country will be headed in a better direction. The future is ours and today will show DC we will no longer sit back and take their sh--! Go Ge Em Teapublicans!