Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama's Enemies Clean House - What's Next?

Never in my lifetime have I heard a President refer to the opposite party as "our enemy". Last night we showed him what his so called enemy could do.

Our voice was heard across this Nation.
The House was reclaimed by Republicans with a landslide.
The Senate gained many seats, with some States still waiting for  the final votes to be counted.
Nancy Pelosi will NO LONGER be Speaker of the House when the new term starts!

We are now seing the change we were promised, but what happens next?

Our fight is far from over, it has just begun. It now comes down to the issue, will bipartisanship and transparency prevai.? Will Obama work with Republicans and Democrats, or will he continue his same old arrogance?

In order for this Country to come back together two things must happen:
  • We have to quit fighting amongst ourselves and join together to fight the real enemy, economy and Big Government.
  • We have to have our elected officials listen to the voice of the people.
If Obama cant lead the parade then get the hell out of our way so we can move forward. Let's work together to bring down our deficit. Let's cut the pork, the lavish spending and give back hope to future generations.

We have many hurdles to cross but it is written we can move mountains if we have the faith of a grain of mustard seed.

After the Civil War, our country was divided but in time we did renite. I believe this can happen again if we evert back to the Founding Principles our Forefathers laid down.
We must first keep God in our Country and not Socialists or Marxists leading the way. We have to instill in our young peoples minds that in order to get ahead you have to contribute, not take away.

Our goal at is not to indoctrinate, but to educate. Remember the words of Glen Beck, have Faith, Hope and Charity, but I say, don't let the Charity be misused!
If we can keep these words intact I believe we will be able to remain the Greatest Nation in the World.

Thank You Obama, You did start putting our Country back together.  
You woke the sleeping giant and made it clear we had to do something to overcome your radical agenda.

Let's all work together for our future. Let the Bells of Freedom continue to ring across this great Nation.
God Bless and continue the good fight.

You have heard our opinion, now let us hear yours!

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard


  1. 1Tea-edTexan3/11/10 12:30 PM

    WHAT'S NEXT? Obama already told the world what's next. He recently called-in to the Michael Baisden talk show and said that a Republican majority in Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat" on Capitol Hill for the next two years. He could not have said it any plainer.

  2. What a shame for the president to call conservatives the enemy. I feel that's a lot of the problem with our country now. As you said we have to begin to work together in order to have our country move forward. I hope Republicans will put us moving toward a new destination and not what we have seen in the past.

  3. RebelRouser3/11/10 7:55 PM

    Thanks for what you said on fb, welcome from the great state of Texas. I'm from East Texas and came to your site and saw Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard and had to join. You are right we've won a battle but not a war. The victory cry at the Alamo was "Remember the Alamo". The battle at the Alamo was a loss but the victory made history. As you said we have to remember the war will be won in 2012 not today. I'm ready to fight the battle with you and take back our country. We will continue to fight the good fight.

  4. As the original American patriots knew, and warned us, when they gave us our Constitution, the Citizens participation and daily vigilance was necessary to maintain a free state and prevent runaway Big Government. We were negligent in performing these duties for many years by making the mistake of trusting government to do the right thing and act in the interests of liberty. But Government did what Government always does when it is ensconced itself in its own power at the expense of the personal liberty of the governed. We must not drop our guard by trusting them again.

    Great work by The freedom Trail blog for keeping an eye on Big Gov.

  5. The bells of freedom rang loud and clear on Tues. and continue ring. We all have a lot to be proud of. We turned the Socialist agenda around. Good job fellow patriots.

  6. Hey I was dismayed last night watching a bit of FOX with Gretta. She seemingly was sympathetic to the president and his party of leftist movement. That totally pissed me off, wtf are any conservatives sympathetic about here? We started the change back to our grass roots and conservative government Tuesday evening and this is what she is doing Wednesday evening.... Anyway that dampened my cheerful mood to say the least. Reinforces why I am glad I do not waste much time watching FOX and no time watching any of the leftist marxist propaganda news.

    * * * GOD BLESS AMERICA * * *

    "If our country, when pressed with wrongs at the point of the bayonet, had been governed by its heads instead of its hearts, where should we have been now? Hanging on a gallows as high as Haman's." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Maria Cosway, 1786

  7. The prez' enemies may have cleaned house, but looks like they are still in for a rough ride. The liberals are looking at every means they can to stop the new party from achieving anything they feel should be put into law. I believe you are right, the fight is far from over.

  8. Rebel Bill4/11/10 8:47 PM

    You say we've won a victory but not the war. This do nothing but a piece of cra- we call a leader now going to India to the tune of $200 million a day at our expense. Where the HE## does this ignorant leader think he's doing anything good for this country. Throw the black ba--ard out of office, and I mean IN this as Nigerian, where does anything he says go to defend our constitution? All I can say is get the garbage mouth out of office.

  9. In Obama's speech the day after the election, he tried to appear humble. Implying there will be bipartisanship from now on and the will of the people will be heard. I personally don't think he is being honest about this. The far left wants a Socialistic country and will stop at nothing.

  10. Wishful thinking, maybe the big O will start his lame duck session now that congress lost sooooo many seats.
    Can't imagine he couldn't face congress until he took a vacation! All his work and schemes did not pay off.
    We're still stuck with the worst of the bunch; Reid, Boxer and Barney. I sure would have liked to see at least one of them get fired.
    The fight is not over, this next one will be far worse than the last.

  11. Yes, Obama is responsible for uniting the citizens of this country. I have made many new friends over the last year that I'd have never met. Never again can we allow our government to get so far to the left. Hopefully when we win the fight in '12 things will go smoother. The next 2 years are important to us. Keep a close eye on all elected officials.

  12. I don't know what all the stink is about, are you republicans never happy. You defeated us and now you still think Obama will harm this country. He has done lots of great things over the last 2 years and will continue to do so.

  13. Radical Richard6/11/10 5:20 PM

    You're right Anonymous, he has done many great things. He woke up all the couch potatoes and got them going. Many Americans woke to find their home, job and Freedom almost taken away, then stood up against this administration. He began uniting our country where people understood they must stand up and fight or walk into Socialism. He did a great thing for me, he got the Tea Party started and I love speaking to the people at them. Yes, Obama has done many things for this Country and I hope he continues doing what he is doing now, that way we will get our Country back in 2012.

  14. Wow Radical just came on and saw what you said. I'm on your side all the way. When you look at it that way, the pres has done some good for the country.

  15. Freedom Fighter6/11/10 8:40 PM

    I was woke up from the sofa and told I had to respond to you Tead-edTexan. I have to say tranquility has to come before what we have not seen, responsibility. Justification has to become before unification. The step for our future is among yourself and not where our government leads us.

    To you Anonymous I would like to say if I could ever meet you in person, I would be honored to shake your hand. You made your statement correctly and I respect your opinion. I pray for the day that could come, that we can meet in person in friendship and for the sake of our country and say we want our young people to know the same freedom we have. Thank you for posting. The best to you and yours.

  16. Rebel Bill7/11/10 6:06 AM

    Anonymous, if you know of anything else the prez has done for the betterment of this country, besides the ones listed in the previous posts, please let us know. The majority of the citizens do not approve of the way Obama has run this country.

  17. Freedom Fighter, you were too easy on Anonymous. I couldn't respond that nicely to him or her.
    Are you a politician or what? Your remark sounds like a response a candidate would make.

    I do feel that if all the elected officials stray too far from their promises, this country will see a rebellion that will surpass the Civil War. The people have spoken and it is time for them to realize we mean what we say.
    God Bless America.

  18. It would be great to see everyone quit fighting amongst themselves and join together to take the nation back but that would be like Yogi Bear trying to stop stealing picnic baskets. The only time I have seen all of Congress come together was under the Bush admin. when the terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers.

  19. Kim, I can assure you I am not a politician. I still believe in honesty, the American Dream and the Hope for our Future Generations.
    The reason I answered this way is because I don't believe in a one sided conversation. I expect people and even ask them at the bottom of my blog to post their opinions. I think Anonymous was nice in the way it was stated and made a point.
    There are many people in our world and each have different views. I feel we have to listen to all sides.

    On one other subject before I shut it down for the night, I would like to announce to all of our readers that Tea Party Deanie got booted from her own website. Things were pretty quiet around here for 2 days. Thank heaven for small favors.

  20. upsetindenver8/11/10 7:16 AM

    Economy and big government do need to be fixed and I believe that is one of the first things our new Congress will do. Hopefully all the new Congress will not forget their promises to work with their constituents. Change can come to this country if we all work together and make sure we tell our representatives what we want. We can be quiet no longer. Thank God for the Tea Party....our voices are being heard!
    Even Obama has admitted he has finally heard us.

  21. Upsetting the people is the worst thing President Obama has done for this country. The Tea Party is not even a political party. We needed socialized healthcare and now we have it. He's done what no other President has been able to do.
    Thanks for your kind words Freedom Fighter. If more people thought like you we would have a great country with no hatred. You must not be a big supporter of the Tea Party. Bless You.

  22. Good to hear from you again Anonymous. I welcome controversy and feel that we must listen to all sides before judging. The hope for our country is not justification but unification and that HAS to come from BOTH sides.

    I hate to disappoint you, but I am very committed to the Tea Parties. I speak at them and other organizations. I would also say it wouldn't matter to me if it was Democratic or Republican as long as the person was devoted to the betterment of our Country.

    Thank you for coming back and I hope to hear from you again, it is important for both sides to be heard. The best to you and yours.

  23. Mad Sally's Roommate8/11/10 6:44 PM

    Being an ex-democrat, I don't agree with what Anonymous said, but I do respect FF in his opinion that we all need to be able to speak freely. It would be great if the world could find unification, but it is something that will never happen.
    I also believe that our vote should go for the best candidate not a party.

  24. Concerned Gramps9/11/10 9:44 AM

    FF you are too nice to anonymous. i am so mad about all that has happened to this country in the last 2 years. It is hard to believe that people still support the this president i would like to know why they do. It is interesting to hear what the far left has to say, maybe we could understand the other side if they didn't try to force their views on us.
    I find it hard to talk to a person of the left without getting mad at them. I know it is wrong but being from the old school i just want to beat some sense into their idiotic heads.

  25. 1Tea-edTexan9/11/10 12:54 PM

    Hey Freedom Fighter.......Have you completely lost your cotton-pickin mind? What's all that "make nice to anonymous" talk. Yeah, I know, you've been sitting on the couch again, haven't you? I agree that all of the anonymous people out there are entitled to their opinion and should be heard and I steadfastedly believe in repentance, redemption, reconcilation and restoration, but with this anonymous person the only thing I could agree on is to agree to disagre and I can appreciate that they hold to their principles just as I hold to mine.
    It strikes me as odd that you, a staunch defender of the Constitution and an active participant in the Tea Party movement are waaaay too eager to embrace those liberals with whom you so obviously and vigorously disagree. I wonder....will you pole vault in OR will you parahute in? ARE YOU QUITE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT A POLITICIAN?

  26. My words exactly 1Tea-edTexan! I've been telling FF he is too nice to our "ENEMIES" but he doesn't listen to me. I have heard rumor that he's trying to run for pres in 2012!

  27. Boy Texan and Deanie you people are brutal. Do you think we should be like the Muslims and enact Sharia Law so we can stone and behead anyone who disagrees with us?

    For many years after the Civil War hate between the North and the South existed. In many cases to such an extent that it often kept us from moving forward. I guess I still believe in the old saying "You get more flies with honey than vinegar." What if I jumped on everybody that had an opinion different than mine, the only one who would be at this blog-site is me.
    I'd hate to run into you two in a dark alley carrying baseball bats.

  28. Being nice is alright, but it also gives off the impression of being weak. You do not mention anything about being nice but firm Freedom Fighter and we are not "Flies" to be drawn in by the honey.
    * Yes, be polite, but keep a keen eye upon those that oppose you and you will survive.

    --- Everybody needs to always remember what happened to the Jews during WW2.

  29. "The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse." --James Madison, speech in the Virginia constitutional convention, 1829

  30. Discussion will get you far on the road to compromise. Maybe with kind words from people like Freedom Fighter we can unite our country and move forward. I am sure when Anonymous wakes up and discovers he will not be given free health care he will understand what us conservatives are trying to say.