Friday, October 8, 2010

Global Power Coming To America

Obama is quickly shifting world power to our Country. If allowed to continue the transformation could take place as early as 2025. 
He, through an executive order last December has given inter-poll priority in America.

He has stopped us from drilling for oil while loaning money to other countries such as Mexico, so they can make more money. They are allowed to drill in the same places we can't. This alone has put thousands of people out of work. The ripple effect this causes reaches many other businesses; restaurants, clothing stores, food, etc.

This is the transformation he promised us during his election campaign. Before long we could see China producing all the cars. Other countries could be issued their jobs. Capitalism will be forgotten and replaced by global power.

The Internet will be under government control. This will make it easier for their future. What you watch on TV will be what the government wants you to see. What you want will no longer be your choice.

Your children will be raised to believe the government is right and old people know nothing. Instead of reading history or children's books they will read the propaganda of world government. This is what Obama and his administration believes is right for us. To him we do not have the mentality to think for ourselves.

If this is not what want then make your vote count this November. We must fight every way we can in order for our young people to have a future.

This is my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. It has long been known that Obama and the far left are for socialism and world government. It is up to us to give them the ax in November.

  2. FF, my opinion mirrors yours. I like to be optimistic about the Nov. vote. We will not live under socialism.

  3. Texas Teacher10/10/10 5:18 PM

    The administration we are now dealing with is definitely pursuing world power. As you, I believe this administration would like to see a new monetary system come into existence. If this happens, the de-valuation of the dollar would have a great impact on our economy. Many nations at this point are looking at de-valuating their currency in order to be able to sell globally at a cheaper rate.

  4. Mad Sally's Roommate10/10/10 6:28 PM

    Teacher, I guess I don't keep up with all the news you do. What you wrote scares me. Does this mean a person making X number of dollars an hour or a month could be cut in half if our country did this? I can barely get by on what I make now.
    Where would there be any future for any of us? This does concern me.

  5. Socialism is coming to America, unless we stop it in November.
    The monetary value of our dollar is something to be concerned about. I haven't heard much about it but plan to find out all I can.

    Vote for the future of our country November 2.

  6. The dollar devaluation is definitely something serious to watch. Our country is not headed in a good direction.
    The vote in November is very important.
    We all need to learn all we can about the candidates on both sides. There are some very dangerous ones in there.
    We can only pray that we overtake the House and Senate in November. Vote and get all your friends to vote too. There is no excuse for not voting!

  7. Our country is indeed in a dangerous situation. We stand to loose all we have fought for. Now is not the time to ignore what our government is doing. Now is the time to fight for our freedom. This is a very important election coming up, one that will decide the future of this country.

  8. Concerned Gramps12/10/10 4:39 PM

    Our country has been going downhill for quite awhile, this administration is pushing it to the limit. i am ashamed how they have bashed our Constitution.
    global government will not be coming to America if we all get out and vote November 2.

  9. I am not going to sit by idly and watch our country go the hell. It is time we all get out and vote and make sure all your friends vote too. We have less than 3 weeks and lots to do.

  10. The internet is already being threatened by this administration. We are on our way to Socialism if we do not watch out. Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever.

  11. We will stop the Socialistic path in November. World government is not for this country. The dems know they are loosing, but will stop at nothing to promote their agenda.

  12. I can hardly wait until the elections and we get rid of some old timers who think they own this country.
    Hopefully the new batch will have respect for the Constitution and our citizens. If they lie to us like the others, we are doomed.