Friday, October 15, 2010

The Shame Of Government

A kaleidoscope delivers many different designs as the end is turned. Yet the fact remains it is nothing more than a number of colored rocks falling through the end of a tube.

Today's  politics in America appear to be nothing more than painted pictures appearing at the end of a tube. They change daily but in the end they do our country no good.

As election time draws closer the Dems protest the Tea Parties even stronger. The Tea Party stands for abiding by our Constitution. This goes against the grain of Liberals because they believe large government should rule us.

The up-coming election could turn out to be one of the most important ones we have ever had.
For two years now we have been under the rule of a group of radicals who are bent on changing our way of life.

Obama's belief is to redistribute our money. He holds to the Robin Hood theory, steal from the rich and give to the poor. This works fine until the rich say that is enough and takes their money someplace else. At that point more jobs are lost while people's futures grow dimmer. Our young people will become wards of the government. Their future will consist of what big government feels best for them. Obama has asked religious leaders to help preach his health care bill.

Nancy Pelosi said she was going to drain the swamp. The only problem with this is after she drained it all she found was a bunch of sludge left. She also stated that food stamps promote jobs. My question is for who?

Our tax dollars are being wasted. Part of it is being spent to turn a sewer treatment plant into a state monument.

When we go to the polls in November we are challenging the most unethical administration we have ever had.
How we vote could make the difference for future generations to come.

It is our duty to our young people to reinstate our Constitution and what our Country has stood for.

Liberals want a one party system which takes the peoples rights away. They believe big government is the only answer.

I believe Americans are smarter than this and we have to prove it next month.

Every vote counts, let's make it count for our future.

America is faced with a political plague in government. It is called hoof and mouth disease. Let's take it out of their mouth and place it where it gets their attention the most.

Make Your Voice Heard This November Second.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Last on a Stossel special he interviewed several rich people who left their state because of the raise in taxes and went to a state without state taxes. Along with them they took thousands of jobs away from NY and gave the jobs to another state.
    Take from the rich and give to the poor isn't always going to be good.

  2. * * Too bad they don't count every vote * *

    You are right, every vote counts. So why don't they count every single vote......... !!!!!
    The votes for the oversees military that didn't get their ballots in time for this upcoming election folks? Hear about that yet?
    AND.... What about the fact that they don't count the military votes anyway?
    What about the fact that they don't count our absentee votes?
    Where has any anger and outrage been about this minor illegal act of our govt?

  3. 1Tea-edTexan16/10/10 9:57 AM

    The legend of Robin Hood was never about stealing from the rich. The saga was about standing up to opressive leaders, in this case, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and TAKING BACK what the evil shefiff and the church had taken away in taxation while the rightful ruler, Richard, King of England was away fighting in the Crusades, I blieve that was fighting the Barbarians.

  4. New rules were passed after the 08 elections to ensure the military votes would be returned in time. The DOJ will not force the law and see to it that the states get the ballots out on time. They have given waivers to the states. No fines, no nothing. Every vote does count and I wonder how 08 would have turned out if they did.

  5. The last election they had this same problem. A remedy was enacted that the states would have to send out absentee ballots 45 days before election. Our great administration evidently doesn't give a dam# about citizens who are abroad or worse yet our MILITARY may not be able to vote. Every one knows how slow military mail is to begin with.

    The states who don't send their ballots out can apply to the DOJ and get a hardship waiver. I have heard they will not go after the other states and no penalty will be imposed. This is justice and fairness for all according to the Obama administration.

    I wish we could give Obama his pink slip in November along with all the others who will be receiving them.

    Please VOTE, Your VOTE does count!!

  6. Concerned Gramps18/10/10 9:31 AM

    You are right, every day does paint a different picture for this administration. our votes are very important and every effort should be made to see that our military is allowed to cast their vote. the kaleidoscope is about to end. I think we will see a change.

  7. upsetindenver19/10/10 6:48 AM

    I haven't seen Obama and the other fat cats in DC reach into their pockets and share the wealth with the less fortunate. Whatever happened to Obama's Nobel Prize money. That million dollars was to be donated to charity. Has anyone heard if he actually donated it or is it just more BS he is cluttering our country with?

  8. Never before have I seen such a shameful administration as this one. They have no concept of what the people want. The people are growing angrier by the day. I can't think of anything good this administration has done for the country. November will send them a message that they will understand. If we can't turn the direction of our country around this Nov, we are headed straight for capitalism. If this happens, I feel a revolution will be in the making. I for one will fight for the revolution.

  9. I'm ready to join a revolution if necessary. The government has taken advantage of all of us for too many years. It is time to stand up and take action. The first step is the November vote. The polls look good for conservatives. We will win back a lot of seats and end the partisanship in Congress.

    Our big test will be the 2012 election, and we are able to say good riddance to Obama.
    Just because we have victory this year does not mean we have defeated the liberals.

  10. How can food stamps create jobs? All it appears is that the people receiving them will be able to eat better and become stronger in order to accept more hand outs from us the working taxpayers!
    The unnecessary spending in this country has got to stop. The stimulus failed to promote jobs and another one will not help the economy. Let's take our country back next month.

  11. I have received a couple of e-mails about Mike's statement about heading straight for Capitalism. By reading his comment you can tell he made a mistake and meant SOCIALISM. If that is the worst mistake a person makes in his lifetime, he's led a good life.
    Thanks for the comment Mike and keep them coming.