Friday, March 26, 2010

The Next Step To Socialism

In Obama's quest to conquer and run our country there are many steps which must be placed in Order.
He has now, through under-handed tricks, bribes and promices managed to get a vote through on Health Care. This would enable him to control pharmaceutical companies along with our money. This also puts the IRS in charge of collecting the Health Care money and fines.

He has managed to begin the indoctrintation of our youth, which will transform our Country.
The wealth is now being redistributed. Obama has Big Government hand in the Auto Industry and our Banks.
With gun control he is having a problem. The states have a loophole call nullification, which many are enacting.
All of these steps have been used by Countries taking over the people.

The next step he will need to push will be amnesty for illegals. This fight could be harder to pass than Health Care. With a mid-term election coming up and the seating of Scott Brown in the Senate, reconcillliation may be his only alternative.
The reason amnesty will be so important to his is 75% of these people will give him their vote.
Because of Health care, it is predicted many Democrats in the House and Senate will loose their seats.

If Obama has to work with a Republican run Congress, he won't be able to push his agenda through as he does now.
In my opinion amnesty will become a larger prority than Cap & Trade.

All segments of socialism must follow a path if it is to succeed without bringing an Army in against the people.
He is quickly moving this Country in that direction. If Americans keep turning the other cheek he will achieve his goal.
We must stand up against the tyranny being pushed upon us.

If the people do not group together and make their voices heard we will loose Freedom as we know it today.
Stand up, tell them enough is enough. Help make our voice heard.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Just like the health care bill this administration needs the Amnesty Bill to pass. If these illegal immigrants want to become Americans, then I say come through the front door not the back. Get you a sponsor, get a work visa (Green Card), pay your taxes then take your citizenship test. When this is done we will welcome you with open arms. Until then you are not welcomed.

  2. Rebel Bill28/3/10 6:13 PM

    I don't understand how what they're doing is supposed to profit us in any way. If we take on 10 to 12 million illegals who's going to foot the bill for them? I don't want to. These people are going to start a war with taxpayers, because of their stupidity to govern money. Kick-em-all out.

  3. Independent Carol29/3/10 9:30 AM

    Gosh, I hadn't even thought of what this amnesty bill could mean to the future of our Country. You are right RR, if the Socialists get this through they could retain their hold on us. I hope the people of this Country will rally together and make them stop all this insanity.
    Our Freedom is at stake.

  4. I saw a sign at the Searchlight Tea Party that said "If Obama fails we win. If Obama wins our country fails!" Those words are so true and with each passing day he is gaining control of our lives. We can not let amnesty pass, inform all your friends what is really going on. I am an ex Dem who, like an idiot, voted for that man. I can no longer call him my President, he has done nothing for this country that is good. Thank God I learned and changed my ways.

  5. Now more than ever we must unite and stop the tyranny going on in our government. Obama has had one major win, we can't let him get another one or our children will never know the Freedom we and our Forefathers fought so hard for.
    I can't believe his socialistic ways weren't brought up during his campaign.
    The only thing good that has happened as a result of his election is Sarah Palin, and all the grassroots organizations popping up all over this wonderful country. Keep speaking out, we will over take this administrationl.

  6. Well said FF. Illegals will destroy our country with the help of Obama and Nancy and all the other lefties in DC.
    They don't want to acknowledge the fact that this country cannot afford to support them. who is going to foot their health care bill?

  7. I know first hand about the indoctrination of our children at school. My oldest is in the first grade and was being taught to pledge allegience to Obama. Needless to say, that is no longer considered appropriate at that school, and the teacher nearly lost her job.
    The next time something like that happens she will be going to a private school. Unfortunately my wife has to work too, so home schooling is out. Watch for those thiefs in Washington, they are going to steal our Freedom.

  8. You are right, I've been reading about the amnesty Obama is going after. We need to work together and stop this insanity, before we loose our Country to the Progressives we have in office. I'm sure the world is laughing at us.

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