Friday, September 17, 2010

Will Republican Arrogance Give Democrats A Victory In November?

I have written a number of articles pertaining to the start of The Third Party before November elections. My concern is not that of having a third party but of the possibility of splitting the party. While Repubs. stand a good chance of taking one or both chambers back they could play into the hands of Dems.

For many years wars and conflicts have been won by a simple maneuver called 'divide and conquer.'

If Republicans continue to fight the Tea Party candidate and not unite with them this administration will stay in power. It is time for a number of over the hill Republicans to understand we must unite in order to stop the madness in our Country.

Karl Rove on Fox News criticized Christine O'Donnells win in the Delaware Senate primary. Party leaders turned their backs on her, pledging no support for her in the upcoming elections.

Wed. Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said Republicans in Delaware nominated someone they didn't believe could be voted in as dogcatcher.

Long time Representative Mike Castle (R-De) who lost his bid for the Senate to Tea Party Candidate Christine O'Donnell, said he will not endorse O'Donnell because he doesn't believe she can defeat Chris Coons (D). Castle proved to be a very poor looser, by not making a concession phone call to O'Donnell. This proves to be very poor sportsmanship in the party and has angered a number of voters. Victory can only come when the party stands together, not by a sore loser.

The Republican party pledged Wed. to support O'Donnell. National Republican Senate Committee Chairman John Cornyn, in a written statement said O'Donnell will get the maximum $42,000 donation from the organization. Sen. Mitch McConnell along with Michael Steele also gave their support.

Karl Rove said he is concerned about her character and background. Rove who has always seemed to be a concerned leader seemed to show his lack of leadership in this matter.

It's time for Republicans to stop playing the better than tho game and say united we will stand.  If they can not do this then they need to get out of the way. A new group of leaders are coming to this Country. We can't continue playing Independents against Republicans.

This is the way Obama's mind works. He knows if he can keep the public confused before elections he will win. He must divide and conquer in order to continue with his radical pace.

Wake up Republicans, don't throw away a winning hand because of spite. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter


  1. Louisiana Mud18/9/10 7:22 AM

    Another upset for the Republican party has just been announced, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) was defeated in the Alaska primary, she conceded to Tea Party choice Joe Miller. Her vow to support him was short lived as she is now running as a write-in for the Senate seat and power she can not give up graciously. The people of Alaska made their choice, I think it is disgraceful of her to lose as a Republican and then change parties to run as an Independent.
    I too fear that this will be another step to split the Republican party, therefore giving the Dems the edge in the election.
    Murkowski is truly not thinking of the best interests or the will of the voters in the state of Alaska or citizens of America.
    I hope there is a vicious smear campaign against her. I think she is very selfish to do this and thinks nothing about her country.

  2. Rush Limbaugh reminded us to keep in mind, things won't happen over night. It took 40 years or so to get to this point and to undo it will take years so don't fret if we don't take over this time around, don't give up the fight.
    We know what to do. We know parties are a joke!! I have joined both parties, been a non voterand became independent where I shall stay.

  3. Rebel Bill19/9/10 6:52 AM

    I realize we won't change things over night, but for Republicans who have been in office for such a long time to become sore losers, is not a very sportsmanlike attitude to take. Murkowski knows by running as a write in she will take Republican votes and therefore lessen the chance that either she or Miller will win the election.
    It is very hard to be patient when we have so much to lose.

  4. Good article. Remember a few months ago we would have been happy just to gain just a few seats in the House, and get up to about 43 seats in the Senate so as to be safely out of reach from the Dems "super majority". Now the GOP is poised to take the House and possibly the Senate. Pelosi and Reid are both vulnerable. Not overnight...but damn fast!

    These gains have been earned NOT by the Republican Party. The credit belongs to partiotic activists like you and many others who are spreading the true message of Conservatism and a growing tsunami of new activists is going to reshape this country...the GOP may join us if they wish.

  5. The rinos that are rapidly being forced out of office, are not leaving gracefully. They don't seem to remember they were elected BY the people to work FOR the people. Since they forgot what they were supposed to be doing they are getting fired at a rapid pace. The Conservatives are really coming to life and will take this country back.

  6. upsetindenver20/9/10 4:11 PM

    There is no room for sore losers in this government. If they can't take the heat, then they shouldn't be running or even elected.

    It is people like Murkowski who will split the party. Mike Castle has been in office far too long, he thought he owned it! Ha, Christine McDonnell will win without his support! The Conservatives will never be silent again. Look what happened to our country when we failed to let our values be heard. No matter what the outcome in Nov, we have to let the elected officials know that they work for us and NOT the Socialist president we have.

    Keep up the good work fellow Patriots and as Laurence said, the GOP may join us if they wish.

  7. I think some of the losers better wake up. The Republicans turning away from the party and running Independent is unethical in the world of politics. They should stand beside their party instead of turning away. They are elected for one term at a time, once they get in they seem to think there is no room for change and they should be there forever. Well guess what? We are sick and tired of the same old faces who will not change their views. Of course them turning against the party can and will hurt the Republicans.
    The ones that are being voted out is a result of them not changing their values to a more Conservative nature. They don't want real change.

  8. We do have a much better chance of gaining control in the House and Senate, I don't think we will take the Senate because of some left-sided Republicans. Those arrogant poor losers should not be allowed to run on as Independents.
    We have worked hard to get where we are today, and should be proud of the sweep we are going to make in November. We are much better of now than we were several months ago.

  9. Dem Reject22/9/10 5:49 PM

    I am so glad I switched parties!
    I do feel that some of the republicans are acting in a very childish manner. I can see the dems behaving like this, but am disappointed to see repubs acting in this sore looser manner. What till Harry Reid gets defeated and Pelosi is no longer speaker of the house! The tears will be flowing like crocadile tears.

    I hope the tuncoats don't cause I to loose some of the elections.

  10. I really do not think the Liberal Republicans will hurt the Republican Party that much.
    Look what people are saying about Murkowski, I think her political career could be over. We don't need people like her representing our country.
    We are making a great comeback this year and 2012 will be much better. We are seeing some of the moderate dems changing their views for fear of not being re-elected. Lots of the old timers and non-conservatives will be fired in Nov.