Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could America Become The Next Egypt?

Tension mounts in the Middle East as we view the violent protests in Egypt. The dictatorship government ignored the people who said we have had enough. Take large government out and give us our rights back.
The Egyptian government has caused the violence to escalate by turning off all forms of communications and bringing in the military.

In America we hear people say "That can't happen here, things like that just happen in other countries." Nothing could be further from the truth.

When governments such as we have in America continues to impose their will upon people who are saying we don't want it, the first step is taken.

The people of Egypt are protesting devalued homes, high unemployment, rising food prices, government controlled Internet and media, along with cell phones being cut off.

When you sit back and look at this picture we see the same thing starting here under the Obama administration.
Our homes are loosing value. We have a high unemployment rate. The cost of food is rising along with other every day items. We have been told we have to pay for a health care bill many do not want. This administration wants to take talk radio shows off the air, control media along with monitoring our cell phones. I believe we will see this administration start trying new ways to empower gun control.

Liberals are attacking Tea Parties, saying they are violent while leaving our borders open to everyone who wants to cross. If we do not stop government spending, drop our deficit and listen to the people we could easily see the same thing happening here as we do in Egypt.

The problem is the riots could be more intense because we would not be fighting with rocks and sticks.

We are sitting on a keg of dynamite if government continues to ignore us. When oil continues to rise many items we buy could cause the bubble to burst.

The time has come for government to listen to the people and Obama to learn how to be a leader.

You have heard our opinion, now let us hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard


  1. I'm very upset about what's happening in the Middle East, I guess I would feel a lot more secure if we had a president running this country that knew what he was doing. I have 3 kids and their future at this point looks very bleak. Knowing Obama was raised in a Muslim environment and looks up to his dad, do you think he will go with our country or with the Muslim agenda ways?
    I want to see my kids go to college and succeed in life as much as any other parent. But the pic I see now doesn't show that for the future. If gas goes up to $5per gal. I don't know how we'll keep our family budget going. I feel sorry for those people because they do want a future like we do.

  2. Rebel Bill29/1/11 8:42 PM

    Jenine, I would like to ask you a question, right now the whole middle east is going against us, President Carter would become a better POTUS than what we have in office now. You deal with the Russian arms treaty and China taking their tweeks off the air if you talk about Egypt, we're in a world of crap. Gas may go to $7 per gal., girlfriend, this may sound crude but take Bush who put us into 2 wars and Obama who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, then let's think RR may have said we won't fight with sticks and stones, we'll fight with guns. Where will the world come to, do we deal with Interpol?

  3. I don't know too much about the conflicts in the Middle East. I do know that I am worried about the future of this country. There is so much unrest here that we could be headed for a revolution. Hopefully our government will be smart enough to see it and stop it beforehand.

  4. What a horrible thought that we could become the next Egypt!!! This president doesn't want to listen to the people, remember Obama's humble words after the mid-terms when he said they took a shellacking? It appears he doesn't, he is still going on with his Socialist agenda. We are seeing more of Chicago style politics coming our way.
    We have been peacefully rebelling for 2 years. I hope our demonstrations stay just like they are and don't become violent.
    Maybe this administration will learn from what Egypt is going through and begin listening to to the will of the people.

  5. Concerned Gramps1/2/11 6:42 AM

    if the president doesn't wake up i believe we will see a revolution in this country. He seems to think that this country should go his way or no way. I don't think our country will see the riots like Egypt, but we will revolt.

  6. upsetindenver1/2/11 5:07 PM

    I too am very concerned about the situation in Egypt. I don't really know what our country can do for them, but evidently Jimmy Carter is responsible for the fall of Iran. What worries me most is the Muslim Brotherhood, they would love to control the Middle East and are eagerly awaiting their chance to step in.

    Funny I haven't heard anything about this administration blaming this on Bush. I'm sure it's his fault or that of the Tea Party! lol

  7. "That can't happen here, things like that just happen in other countries."

    Wake up America!! There is a real threat out there! The Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous and big. They believe they will take control of the world. This could happen in this country if we aren't careful.

  8. The Egyptians have a legitimate reason to protest. I'm sad to see it is turning to violence and vandalism. There is so much history there that needs to be preserved. In my opinion Mubarak should go ahead and step down now. What good is it going to do for the future of Egypt for him to remain until the elections, he's already said he isn't running again. The people want a democracy and will fight for it. The longer Mubarak remains the more the risk of the muslim brotherhood stepping in. I hope and pray we don't see that kind of unrest.

  9. If our government and prez continue in their wimpy ways, I believe our country is doomed. We not only could become the next Egypt, we could become the next China. It's time to stand up for our future and forget the idiot Liberal ways of this administration.