Friday, March 25, 2011

How Much More Can America Give?

We are already fighting 2 wars and possibly 3 if anyone can figure it out.

The U.N declares a 'No Fly Zone' over Libya. France, the U.K.  and the U.S. answer the call. 

No one knows what the outcome will be, where we are going, who is in charge or what the next step should be. One person says we must take Gadaffi out while another says that is not the purpose.

Obama says let's get it on then takes his family on vacation. He does not confront the Senate or American people, we are left holding the bag. Now after taking the lead he says we need to back out. His stupidity reminds you of the handling of health care, the oil spill, Japan etc. We should not be engaged in another country's civil war.

We can call it humanitarian or what ever but who wins? The rebels are terrorists, so do we help the Muslim Brotherhood or do we say what the heck let Gadaffi go back in?

While in Brazil Obama tells the President what a great job her country is doing. He said America will be their best customer in buying oil then pledges $2 billion of tax payer money to boost their production of oil.
Meanwhile America can't drill  at a time when we need jobs in the worst way. Food, clothing, gas, etc. prices are rising at alarming rates.

In the mean time Jimmy Carter is leaving for North Korea next month. He says women, children and the elderly are starving because of the floods. Who cares, they hate us as much as the Middle East does.

It is time we show compassion for our people. Humanitarian aide should begin here not to people vowing to kill us. If they can not comply to peaceful standards, I say let them starve or whatever. We are not the world's overseers.

My children and grandchildren mean more  to me than some Muslim or North Korean who wants to see us dead.

Wake up Obama and Liberals. It is time to understand our Country craves leadership, not stupidity or Socialism. Let's work together so we can once again hear the bells of freedom ring.

You have heard my opinion, not let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. It's time our country quits listening to the U.N. and other countries who appear to want to control our money. We do need to stand against any of our taxpayer dollars going to countries who wish to do harm to us. I feel sorry, in some cases, for the innocent children. The problem is they grow up indoctrinated to hate us.
    Yes humanity should first start in our country.

  2. upsetindenver26/3/11 12:46 PM

    We can't afford to give much more in the name of humanity. Where is the humanity coming from for the people who are homeless and hungry in this country. The last two years we have seen record foreclosures and job losses. None of the governments attempts to save our economy have put money into the citizens pockets. All it has done is raise our deficit. The stupid spending and giving has got to come to an end.

  3. It's true the countries that hate us makes you want to forget them but I still have to look at the innocent children over there. Our country has been known for the help we've given others. I feel if we decide not to do this we'll see much more mass starvation. True it's hard to do in a bad economy but it appears there would be other ways we could cut our budget.

  4. Dem Reject26/3/11 7:22 PM

    What a sin we borrow money to either give, loan, or support their wars. We can't take proper care of our elderly or poor. No we CAN'T give any more to foreign nations, especially when they aren't our allies.

  5. I can understand helping countries who are our allies but not the ones who hate us. BO wants to keep his peace prize despite many foreign leaders requesting he return it because of our attacks on Libya. BO says we are not at war just over there tearing up and killing people in the name of humanity.

  6. Rebel Rouser27/3/11 7:20 PM

    It's beyond me how a bunch of damn idiot countries along with Carter can expect us to send aide to North Korea.

    The last time aide was sent to N.K. it didn't go to the citizens, it went to the controlling government. Why should we care if those people go down or not? I agree humanitarian issues should start in the U.S., not with countries who want to see us destroyed.

  7. Texas Teacher27/3/11 7:47 PM

    R. Rouser: The difference in humanitarian and common sense is a very fine line. If your family who could be innocent couldn't eat or have water then where does the distinction between humanitarian and survival begin or end? I couldn't give my money to a country who hates us so much that the people may never see it.

    We do need to help our country first but the fact that Godliness is imposed on so many people we also have to relate back to what this great country was built upon.

    That's the difference between Freedom and Socialism!
    Remember we had to fight England to enforce taxation without representation.

  8. I think we should concentrate on getting our country in shape before we do any thing more for the other nations. Get with it big government we are broke and it makes no sense to keep borrowing $$ to give to others.

  9. Obama said our cost of the Libya humanitarian effort will decrease with NATO taking over. Since we are the biggest supporters of NATO we are still paying. When will it end?

  10. I wish we could just take care of our country and not all the other countries in the world. We are in such a mess and this administration doesn't seem to care about us.

  11. We can give money to foreign countries but we can't even give our seniors a cost of living raise. There hasn't been one for them since Obama came into office. They seem to think there is far too many more relief efforts that are more important than our citizens.

  12. Where does humanity come in to the fact we are aiding and abetting AlQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. They are self pro-claimed American haters and now we're probably going to give them weapons and ammunition.
    What gives? Is this part of Obama's scheme to change our country?

  13. Kirk, it's part of his plan to destroy America and the values we have long stood for. Obama wants world dominance.
    We have always opened the doors to freedom for those who wanted it legally. Now we open our doors to those who want to destroy us. It is time we close the doors and take care of the problems at home.

  14. N Korea is the one country we should Not contribute to. They do nothing to support their citizens and the majority of them who need the food will never see it.

  15. RR, we can't afford to help all the countries we are helping. Why would Obama sign a contract with Brazil to stimulate their oil drilling and economy when we have oil rigs in the gulf and throughout the country that are shut down? Look at all the people who could find a job if they opened the oil industry back up.
    I think this is another nice but bad gesture on the part of Obama, but it sure reduces his credibility.

  16. RR, it would be good to hear the bells of freedom once again ring in this country. I doubt if we will see it while Obama is in office. We do need a leader, but not him. The new members of Congress are doing what they can to stop the madman residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave but they don't have to numbers to do. I must say they are putting up a great fight and we can't loose support for them. As the days go by, we are seeing a few dems actually bucking the Obama Regime, we the Conservative Patriots should give them some of our support.

  17. Right on Richard! I read recently about how Congress had appropriated $600,000 for aid to returning veterans, while in the same year, appropriating $50 billion in foreign aid.

    We need leaders in the White House and in Congress, not the same old guard of politicians.