Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 3 Little Pigs - Obama - Pelosi & Reid

As the story begins we see three greedy pigs rutting through the Constitution looking for every way to destroy it. Their renown deceit will be taught for years to come.

The first pig who gobbles up all the Countries prosperity gives advice to the other two who came to him:
"Beware my friends the Conservatives are the wolves. 
Their aim is to destroy us but we will prepare for them."

So to the second pig, who was a sow, he told to go build her home out of lies because under his leadership she would be safe. To third pig who was an old boar he told to build his home upon the ignorance of the people.

The first pig who was the leader of B. S. built his house upon arrogance expecting his free ride to go on forever. He explained how they were really sheep who could be led to the slaughter house with ease.
But then the plot thickens as the 2010 elections came along. The pigs shudder in fear as they see the wolves rocking their homes back and forth. They run to the first pig asking what to do. His reply was, "Hell, I don't know. Let's go play a round of golf, it will be okay."

The wolves began taking their money away throwing them in a turmoil. They then headed to the third pigs house. With the Constitution in hand and the perception of Liberty they huff and puff and blow his house down.

The boar runs to the sows house squealing, "Get ready - the wolves are coming." When the wolves arrive they see the lies her house was built upon. With the power of truth, knowledge and education they blow her house down.

As the three pigs huddle in their leaders home cowering with fear the Tea Party buses show up along with hundreds of wolves. That house falls from all the squealing inside. The wolves circle around them. The pigs knew they were goners... but after one taste the wolves spit them out because they were too nasty to eat. After much debate the wolves decided to give them to the Muslims.

The moral of this story is: Don't cast your pearls among swine. Stand up for God, Country, Family and what America was built upon.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. As a mother of two I think this blog is great. It describes to a "T" what these 3 are doing to our country along with the help of many Liberals. You are right when you think of the Prez taking our prosperity away. As for giving them to the Muslims I'm all for it. Let's hope in 2012 we can take over the Senate and have some sensibility in our country.

  2. Although this is funny and very truthful, it is a horrible analogy to a childhood story. Are you trying to scare the kids half to death?

  3. helen, of course he's not trying to scare the kids to death.
    RR is just using a different aspect to get the point across that the conservatives will crumble the Liberals security and gravy train in 2012.

  4. Radical Richard18/3/11 4:38 PM

    helen, The fact remains whether it's funny, truthful or whatever, the Liberals are taking the prosperity of our Country away. The 3 I named in my opinion are at the top of the list. I doubt very few kids read this blog, so I don't think it will affect them in any way.

  5. Even the young should know the truth about our leaders. I am very happy they don't have as much control of our country. I hope we don't see any of them in office after 2012.
    Beware of the wolves!!!

  6. Rebel Bill19/3/11 5:24 PM

    I say we barbecue the stupid porkers. I know they wouldn't be any good to eat but they would make great fly catchers. If them along with their liberal derelicts could understand that continued spending does not create a secure economy. It's easy to see why liberals are all jackasses.

  7. 1Tea-edTexan19/3/11 5:53 PM

    One thing about them pigs...Pigs will steal "SLOP" from everyone and they have been known to eat their own young. You just can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, Once a pig,,,always a pig.

  8. How true your words are RR and Tea-edTexan.The three pigs we're discussing seem to wallow in lies rather than in mud. Let's hope we can get rid of them along with their piglets who are taking our country into poverty. As far as I'm concerned, stick a skewer threw em and let's get this bar-b-que going.

  9. Texas Teacher19/3/11 8:05 PM

    This is a unique and different way of describing these three. I wish I could use this in the class room but I know what the results would be.

    If we are not able to bring the true values back which our country was built upon, the pigs might win. Let's hope it's not too late to turn what they have done around.

  10. The 3 pigs took and took until the wolves came in and took control of the House. When that happened they lost a lot of power. Reid and Pelosi don't seem to be a boisterous as they were before.
    Obama seems to be distancing himself even farther from this country and his obligations.

  11. We've seen through past history what wild pigs running loose can do. They trample fields, cause disease and ruin the economy. Why should these 3 porkers be expected to do anything different? My vote goes with get the BBQ ready and give them to the Muslims.

  12. Mad Sally's Roommate20/3/11 5:54 PM

    I feel these pigs administration will fall apart because of the arrogance deceit and lies it was built upon. Many of my friends when I was a Democrat who got mad at me are starting to look at things in a different way. They see what is happening in their own lives and question BO's capabilities of running the country. Any house built with lies and deceit will eventually fall. I look forward to the elections.

  13. 1Texan said it, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear. The same applies when you try to make a president out of someone born in Kenya.
    The 3 pigs cohorts will fall. What worries me is how long will it take for this to happen.
    I'm ready to attend the BarB-Que!

  14. As an American Muslim I find it very offensive about your statement to give the pigs to the Muslims to eat. In this country I can live free without fear of death.

    I still believe in the Koran and as Christians say a superior being. We may not worship the same God but that does not give you a reason to put us down. Our Mosques are a place of worship. If you can build your churches then why not do we have the right to build our place of worship?

    You say give a pig to a Muslim what if I returned your message of 'rip your Savior off the cross', would you not be offended?

    You are a person of limited intelligence when it comes to what we stand for. We want peace the same as you do. My people cry out for it but the Western World does not hear our voice.

  15. Although it is unknown to many a number of Muslims watch this blog and others. I am of Muslim descent. Although I have given up the Quran and Jihad I find it difficult to interact at times. You will go nowhere here expressing your opinion. What you should do is go to the link:

    The only way our belief will be heard is by all of us working together. The Western World is a nation built upon violence, yet our world dates back to thousands of years of violence. We all must learn to live together.

  16. amuslim and Anon....If you truly believe what you are saying you should make your voices heard and express your true feelings. With just cause there is a lot of distrust and hate in this country for the Muslim community. Unfortunately the Muslims who support the Western life are few in numbers and don't really speak out to defend themselves.
    We all have different religious beliefs. Our country was founded on the right to be able to practice their own beliefs. Christianity has always been the biggest religious group in America, not because we forced ourselves on the other people, but because the people chose to believe in Christianity and not another religion.

    You are right Anonymous we must learn to live together. The Muslims who come to America must respect our Constitution and abide by our laws, not those of a nation they left behind. There is no room for Sharia Law and Jihad in this country. We see frequently where courts are giving into the atrocities of Sharia, they are devaluing our Constitution. You people left the ways of your world when you came here, now you must learn to live with the rules of another country.

  17. Sadly the term Muslim relates back to the terrorists and radical Muslims. I hate to admit it that I wouldn't want my next door neighbors to be Muslims. I agree with you Wes if they are going to live in our country they should adhere to our laws and not want to change them to suit their needs. Muslims do need to do more to work with us.

  18. It is time we take our country back from all those trying to destroy us...Liberals, Republicans, Muslims, terrorists...
    We can no longer be silent...The bark of the wolves will bite all those who want to destroy our Constitution and the Laws of the Land.

  19. The slop from those pigs has spread nothing but a disease across this country. Obamacare can't take care of the disease of deceit and lies. They will be the ones who are responsible for a revolution in our country. Something has to give and it is the pigs and all their little piglets who follow them.

  20. Way to go RR! Not only an informative but fun read!
    The gruesome threesome has done so much damage to this country that I don't think we will EVER get out of it. Let's be more involved with who the Republicans choose as their presidential candidate for the 2012 elections. We do have a choice and a say in who is chosen.

  21. Louisiana Mud24/3/11 3:00 PM

    The breaking up of the three pigs and their party is on the rise. The wolves are mad and won't quit until we can regain our country. We the people will not give give in to their ways any longer. I can only hope that some of the Dems who are opposing Obama and his actions stick to their guns and don't get swayed to his side.
    Go Get 'Em Wolves!!