Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones - Preacher, Politician or What?

Terry Jones Pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida and founder of Stand Up America, Florida spoke at a rally in Amarillo, Texas Sunday May 8.,

Jones has been known as a radical for his views on the burning of the Koran along with his views pertaining to abortion and homosexuality.
Many of his speeches have been met with hostility across the United States. People have thrown bottles of urine at him while claiming him to be a spawn of Satan.

During a private interview with him before the rally I was able to find out more about what the man stands for. You can view the pictures of the rally and the interview on the links below. We will also  be doing a live internet radio show Tues. May 10th at 9 PM EST with Jim on FreedomFighterRadio.  Call-ins are most welcome, let us hear your views. 

Arriving in Amarillo in the RFA motor coach we were greeted with a collage of police officers. They were very helpful and polite. Anticipation grew as we awaited the arrival and interview of Reverend Jones. (Audio problems - interview will be posted Wed.)
We wondered if we were going to meet a lunatic who proclaimed hate across the country or what. When he a arrived along with Wayne Sapp, we were amazed at their professional manor and politeness as we greeted one another. After a few formalities were exchanged we sat down for the interview. I had 10 questions to ask pertaining to his past association with the Westboro Baptist Church, who protests service men and women's deaths, to if his movement was still leading people to Christ.
He answered each question without hesitation. I began to take another look at the mans views. 

Being raised in Amarillo, he reminded me of the Hellfire and Brimstone preachers I used to listen to as a kid. What he spoke of pertained to nothing more than what is written in the Bible.
He spoke of what Preachers stated years ago but seem to be afraid to speak of today for fear of offending people.

After the interview Deanie and I walked over to the protesters to introduce ourselves. We were greeted with respect as they explained their point of view. We were soon to learn the protest was more against an upcoming mayoral election than Mr Jones.

Pastor David Grisham who sponsored the rally along with his organization Repent Amarillo, is also running for Mayor and was the center of the protest. Read more about him on Rednecks For Americans 
I spoke with him the next morning. He is  a pastor for Repent Amarillo who believes Christians are turning away from what their objective should be. He is an interesting man worth listening to.
As Dr. Jones began his speech the protesters started to protest loudly. A gay mayoral candidate named Fred E. Dunaway, now going by the name of Sandra Dunn dressed in drag walked up as we were doing an interview with Channel 10 news. Read more about him on the members page at Rednecks For Americans.
As Mr. Jones continued to speak on burning the Koran, abortion and homosexuality some of the protesters began moving closer to the police Line yelling "You lie, go home, get the hell out of Amarillo and take David with you.
The police moved in quickly making sure the rally did not get out of hand.

Listening to Dr. Jones speak I could find nothing he said to be out of place. His words were harsh, but to the point. When controversy broke out on his abortion views,Dr. Jones asked the protesters to go to Houston with him Monday then view how many babies would be killed before getting a chance to have a life. He explained to them how it was a  woman's right to cut off her arm or leg but not end a human life.

On the Koran he spoke of the atrocities against women and children. He stated how radical muslims were imposing Jihad against us in the name of peace. 

Ending his speech he spoke to one of the protesters over the roar of the crowd while police moved in.

The rally ended peaceful with only one arrest. Read about it on Radical Richard's Corner at Rednecks For Americans.

As to what  Dr. Jones spoke on I would back him. As with anyone else I don't agree with everything he stands for but I do wish more Pastors and people had the courage to stand up for their beliefs as he does. This could be the way to awaken our young people as to where America is going.
He told me that while he was at breakfast Sunday morning he was approached by a woman asking if he was Terry Jones. After answering her, she stated he would burn in Hell along with Bin Laden.

Leaving the rally many of the protesters waved and honked  at us.

For the sake of our young let us hope more people can stand up 
for what America was built upon. 

You have heard my opinion let me hear yours.
Hear Dr. Jones' speech here.
Radical Richard


  1. Good post, RR. I must say I wouldn't have gone out of my way to hear the guy speak, but I might now. I listened to much of the media about how radical he is and never paid what he said any attention.
    I did listen to his speech, and do agree with much of what he had to say. I agree that the true virtues of the Bible have been shoved aside. Seems we just ignore or change the meaning of things to suit the needs of today's people.

  2. I've always thought Terry Jones was too radical. I still don't think the national Koran burning was the right thing to do. After reading this article, for the first time I did listen to his speech. He does say it like it really is, my mother listened to it too and agrees with you that he is like an old time Hellfire and Brimstone preacher. She thinks we need more like him and says she will listen to him with more open mindedness.

  3. I listened but still won't be one of his followers. Too much controversy comes from that man. I agree he does have some good points. But I don't like him.

  4. Thanks for the insight. I have always been very leery of Terry Jones, and paid him no mind. I listened to his speech and do have a different opinion of him.

  5. There is something creepy about this guy. I agree with some of the things he says and does, but I just don't like him.

  6. I listened to part of the speech and still do not trust the man. I think he is not the person I want to put my trust in. He is TOO radical for me.

  7. Rebel Bill14/5/11 7:57 AM

    Way to go! I find Jones quite inspiring. He quotes a lot of scripture and says it like it is. We need more people like Terry Jones to get things going. Wish more people would speak out and say what they really believe. I heard that he did an interview with CNN and they refused to put it on the air. Isn't that a violation of free speech?

  8. Dem Reject14/5/11 7:58 AM

    Rebel Bill, Pastor Jones is too radical for a channel such as CNN, they are not very open-minded about a lot of things.
    Our Christian values are being taken away from us. If you're a muslim or a hispanic the media will listen but forget it if you're a Christian who wants to keep the values of our founding fathers. The libs have taken all the rights of good citizens away. We better wise up and Stand Up America or we will loose our country.

  9. I have been a long time follower of Dr. Jones and will continue to support him on most issues. I don't believe in his teachings at the Dove World center but that is my choice. His views on abortion, Muslims, jihad and homosexuality are backed by the Bible. We better pay attention before the libtards decide to rewrite the Bible and future generations will not be taught Christian values.

  10. Although Dr. Jones is very controversial he does tell it like it his. His hellfire and brimstone demeanor of getting his point across is good. I too remember the good ole days when the preachers got up there and gave their message loud and clear. They kept a persons attention and when they spoke you knew it was what they truly believed. Unlike the ones today who are afraid to teach the truth.

  11. For some reason all the comments were taken off and put in the spam folder. I am not sure what happened, but I was able to repost them. Sorry about that.

  12. Mad Sally's Roommate15/5/11 5:01 AM

    After listening to Terry Jones speech I don't know what all the hassle he is getting is all about. He speaks the truth, quotes from the Bible and keeps your attention. I don't agree with some of his actions, like burning the koran. I will listen to him again.

  13. Jones is a idiot. he is so wrong in what he says about Muslims. How dare he think it is okay for him to burn a Koran when he puts us down for burning the Bible. Jihad will be upon him and all who think like him.

  14. I have a Muslim friend who doesn't believe in Jihad. It's the Muslims like mohob we need to watch out for. My friend does agree with some of the things Dr. Jones says, she would disagree with mohob.

  15. There are not as many 'good Muslims' as there are radicals. Most of the good ones aren't ready to give up the Muslim religion, even tho they don't want to see Jihad, they still believe in the Koran.