Monday, May 2, 2011

Headline News - Rot In Hell Bin Laden Dead

A cry of joy rings out across the US, Osama Bin Laden is dead!

The instigator of 911 for the murder of over 3,000 Americans is buried at sea. The question now is what comes next?

Will the upcoming retaliation be addressed by our leaders in a positive way or will it become another war which we don't call a war such as the Middle East?

Without a doubt justice has been done. The worry we now face is will Obama who wants to close Gitmo and supports Muslim Mosques around the world have the courage to stand up to the events ahead of us. For two and a half years we have not seen leadership come from this man. At a time when we seek positive leadership I shudder to think about what we have leading the parade. We have seen him bow to our enemies, while condemning our allies. He claims he will pull our troops out of battle this year. Will that leave us with open borders where AlQaeda can run rampant? Will this be what terrorists across the world is waiting for? I don't know the answers nor does anyone else. 

I do know and  believe in the saying for every action there is a reaction. The action has been put into motion, we now wait to see the reaction

One can only hope that we will see enough leadership to perpetuate the end of what has gone on for almost ten years. A Scum-Bag is dead and rightly so but don't count our chickens before they hatch.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor a victory cry went across their country. The victory ended when they saw the reaction which ended in death and destruction to their country.

America is a great country lets hope we will continue to stand up for what our 
Forefathers laid out in the Constitution.
Pray for peace it's not free. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard


  1. Mad Sally's Roommate2/5/11 2:28 PM

    Like the rest of the country I'm very happy to see Bin Laden DEAD!
    Like you I wonder how many Americans will be killed because of his death. I don't the the pres has what it takes to stand up against the Muslims since he has stated in his book that he would stand beside them. We need strong leadership right now, not what we have.

  2. It was great news to me to hear the Asshole is dead. Muslims are now declaring they will retaliate with Jihad. In my opinion if a bunch of radical Muslims invade us let's kill em.
    What you spoke about Japan and the reaction they received also remember the words they said, I believe we have awoke a sleeping giant. If our government can't handle the problem, just call on the South, we're armed and ready.

  3. 1Tea-edTexan2/5/11 6:05 PM

    Ben Laden has gone the way of all terrorists. His last act was to cower behind a woman and use her as a shield. There was no honor in his deat and I see no honor in his life. AMF! Obama was quick to claim credit for the kill BUT by thanks goes to the Navy Seal that pulled the trigger.

  4. U-Sam - the call for Liberty prevails in our country. In order to give radical Muslims what they want, since the young Muslims have claimed Jihad toward America let America claim Jihad against radical Muslims.

    Don't kill women and children as is their declaration lets take 20 Muslims out for every American killed by them. According to the Koran virgins await for them in heaven if they die for their country.

    I for one if they are coming to my door in hate will gladly help them reach their goal. Radical Muslims are a worthless piece of shit, hate mongers and killers of innocent people.
    When they retaliate against me I will be more than happy to send them to their destiny.

    Wake up America - It's time to LOCK AND LOAD!


  5. Rebel Bill2/5/11 8:58 PM

    Let's get with it R.R. I'm ready for a Jihad against muslims. Retaliation works two ways. It's time America wakes up and says we've had enough.
    How can a religion ask for sympathy when all they believe in is death.
    I'm locked, loaded and ready.

  6. t-partyJim3/5/11 4:22 PM

    I'm with ya rebel!
    It is unbelievable that Obama seems to be taking all the credit. The research for this project was started by Bush. It's time the Liberals give Bush credit when he deserves it.
    Now with the death of Osama we better be watching our backs at every move.

  7. Louisiana Mud3/5/11 5:46 PM

    I agree t-pJim. I'm happy to see him dead like everyone else. I can't say this as fact but I heard Muslims have stated they would use nuclear force if he's dead. At that point I wonder if N Korea, China, Russia along with many other countries will join together to take the US out.
    While the Prez is trying to make an arms agreement with Russia it looks like this could be the worse time for it to happen. I think we're seeing the beginning of something bad.

  8. I'm a Muslim who doesn't believe in the Koran or Jihad. I was educated in the United States, have a young child and like many of you, I was happy to see Bin Laden killed.

    I won't give my name for fear of what Muslims or people here might do because I am a Muslim. I think my former country will react violently. Like you I fear for my family along with myself.

    I can only hope that we will not see a retaliation in the United States.

  9. OSB should have been buried at ground zero with a PIG. -Dilbert

  10. Good posts and blog topic is well written.
    I agree with you all, especially about the man of evil being "buried at Ground Zero with a PIG". That would have been true justice to our dead. For those that don't know, Muslims are afraid to be tainted by Pigs ... haha what a JOKE in the 21st century to see them behave as they did clinging to old myths and ways. That's why they hate us, want to behead us and destroy the Western Civilization.

    I will not be assimilated no matter how much my new govt of evil wants me and the rest of you to slowly, but surely be.

    Be sure to familiarize yourselves with the Koran and the Islamic faith.

    We should be trying to get our own country to be self sufficient of Muslim Oil to, this will end up being our downfall. The fact we are to good to drill our own oil. They own us folks...
    Here is a link, seems our free muslim brotherhood friends in Egypt are not happy today

    """ The islamic political party has made devout moderation a cornerstone of their post-Mubarak strategy, but the group's statement after the death of Osama bin Laden suggests they may not be so moderate """

  11. 1Tea-edTexan3/5/11 9:09 PM

    On a side issue:
    Traditionally, in a burial at sea ceremony the ship's comany is required to be in attendance to witness the burial and to pay their respects. I am wondering IF our U.S.Naval personnel were required to attend the Islamic ceremony for the mass murderer and arch enemy of the United States, bin Laden? Guess we can always say that we shot his frigging brains out then gave him a fine funeral.

  12. Will check out the link ABurke. There is so much happening it is hard to keep up with everything.

    Love the idea Dilbert, I think many would agree with you and that would keep muslims away from our sacred ground.

    I think only a handful of peops were present for the ceremony, it definitely wasn't a Naval Burial at sea.

  13. Did anyone see the article stating all the newscasters who broadcast that Obama was dead? Many from around the world called him Obama Bin Laden. Maybe that's why Fox News spells his name USAMA instead of OSAMA...Think it was a Freudian slip? LOL Check it out at:

    View the 16 sec. video where a Fox News caster said "President Obama is in fact dead"

    Makes you wonder where their minds are, even newscasters from ABC & CBS were found to be guilty of that gaffe.

  14. Deanie - I laughed my ass off ass off when I read the article and saw the video! Oh well what's in a name as long as the SOB is dead!

    RR - I am very concerned about the retaliation this country and the world will see over this. I think Obama is going to end up having to share more info with the world before he hears the end of this one.

  15. Some of my friends and I were playing around on the computer when we saw this link. A cry of joy went across the room when a DC Fox News local channel announced that President Obama was in fact dead! Although we do not want to see him hurt (lol) at least that got one of two "O's".

  16. Right Voice4/5/11 6:54 PM

    I have no use for Muslims or what they stand for. They spread anger across the world and think they're the only people alive. As far as I'm concerned burn their mosques, burn their Korans and when they retaliate against us blow them off the face of the earth. Until we stand up for our rights the future of our country stands in limbo. If you support a radical muslim then you're in the same above category.

  17. I think our pres. has opened a big can of worms and I worry that he has not got the cajones to do what will be required of him.

    Our country is in great danger and Obama wants to sit there and rejoice and celebrate the killing of Osama. I think this is maybe a huge farce on his part. All he wants the is the glory of getting done what President Bush and the Republicans didn't get done.

    I went down and purchased a gun, took a class and join a shooting club. I WILL protect my children because Obama will not. I am worried.

  18. Good for you Ind Carol...Protect your family!
    Retaliation is something for all of us to worry about. These guys are so dangerous and they don't care about their own lives! They have no respect for themselves, their families or any human being. They have been so brainwashed, there is no rehabilitation for them. All we can do is defend ourselves. I too am worried, Obumbler won't take the action that is necessary, it would make him look bad in the eyes of his Muslim peers.

  19. anon, I pray for your safety. I too am not a natural citizen in this country but I DO have my citizenship papers. You evidently came to this country because they offered you the freedom you desired, just as I did. we all have to worry about the retaliation, maybe you more so because you don't comply to their demands. I am proud of you and hope you continue to stand up for your beliefs. we do need more people of muslim decent to speak out. i too am afraid of the retaliation the killing of Bin Laden will bring. The president of this country will not react in time to do any good. he will wait until it is too late. This is my country now and I will fight for it.
    God Bless you anon, keep up the faith you will make it, just like the good people in America will.

  20. Rebel Rouser6/5/11 1:42 PM

    I feel by not showing the pics. this will never come to an end. It's no different than two and a half years of waiting to see his birth cert and then finding flaws in it. At the worst let representatives from leaders around the world come in and view the pics if the prez can't do this then I wonder if he has something to hide. A murdering terrorist has had his brains blown out after ten years, let the families who lost loved ones have their moment.

  21. Should Obumbler have held a victory party the night after his BIG announcement? Me, I don't think so, but then who am I? Just a concerned citizen who is fearful of the retaliation we will get from a murderer's death.

  22. Back from Afghanistan finally, but I have a ? to ask. Although I wasn't part of the Bin Laden killing what do you think the repercussion will be to this country? I don't think the photos should be shown because I've had to pick up people in body bags. I fought a hard war and would like to see peace. Let the dead be gone and get on with life, we have a country to save.

  23. Texas Teacher7/5/11 7:10 AM

    GIJanie, I read the blog, but your comment stuck in my mind. You're back from Afghanistan, I've never been in a war. It is easy to talk about war, but YOU have done it and I never have. Tears rolled down my as I read what you wrote. I can't imagine what picking up people in a body bag would be like. It is easy to talk about when you have never been there but hard to talk about when you actually experience it.

    My heart goes out to you and all our troops. Thank-you for what you did for OUR COUNTRY.

  24. I'm glad Osama is dead, the world is better off for it. I don't think Obama should have had a victory party. In my opinion his party was for him to be able to say HE did what no one else could do.
    Thanks to the Navy Seals and CIA for a job well done.

  25. For sure the world is a better place with out him. Threats are already being made and I wonder if the potus will be responsible enough to retaliate. I doubt if he will. he can't make a decision in a reasonable length of time. If and when he responds it will be too late. He won't be prepared.

  26. TeaPartyDeanie, the number of mistakes made in announcing Obama was killed instead of Osama does make one wonder. Do people classify the two O's in the same category? Neither one of them are very well thought of and not just by conservatives in our country but by people around the world.

  27. The day will com when your country pays for the transgressions. Muslim people are of peace. you kill and take from us for oil. Many countrys stand in hate against you now. the infidels will be taken out by many within their own country.You make smoke Allah makes fire.