Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Radical Muslims By Any Other Name Is Still Spelled Crap

It has come time to treat garbage like what it is more garbage.

If Muslims believe in female genital mutilation, stoning, torture, rape, multiple wives, killing Westerners, beheading and forcing their daughters to marry older men, then let's turn the tables and do unto them.

If they believe what they are doing is right then why shouldn't we have the right to cut their nuts off or behead the useless bastards?

Banay Mahmod was killed in Britain in 2006. Her father and uncle called it an honor killing. They stuffed her body into a suitcase then buried it in a London garden.
Before killing , her 2 cousins along with other Muslim men tortured raped and beat her.

Is this what we have to look forward to when letting Muslims enter our Country?

I believe if freedom is to prevail we have to stand up for what we were built upon. If this is the way they elect to live then let's play by their rules. A piece of CRAP can be called by many names, but like Koran believing Muslims it is still the same, a pile of useless CRAP!

There are good reformed Muslims but they are far and few between.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.
Radical Richard


  1. Still hoping to hear from a good muslim!
    I hope we can stop this country from accepting Sharia law. The muslims want to take over and I'm not gonna take any shit from them!

  2. I feel you found the right approach to muslims. Treat them the way they want to treat us. Their religion seems to be nothing but that of hate and dominance. In order for us to continue living in a free country I feel we will have to screen those coming in much closer. I'm sure there are good muslims but as of this date, I've never met one.

  3. Mad Sally's Roommate4/10/11 7:39 PM

    It's about time you got back to work RR. I haven't had anyone to argue with lately. For awhile there I thought you might have bit the big one.
    I think you could have made one mistake on your blog. Your title ending in crap should have been as follows: Pure S--- !! I agree with you let's take the garbage out and start with the whitehouse.

  4. Let's face it the Muslims are here and their here to stay! I have an acquaintance who is of Muslim faith but doesn't participate in Sharia or any of the Muslim traditions. She is what she calls a western Muslim. I don't really know her that well and can't decide if I can trust her, there are so many bad Muslims here, they will ruin it for the good ones.

  5. upsetindenver5/10/11 7:02 AM

    That's what I like about you Radical Richard you tell it like it is! The garbage does need to be done away with.

    maggie, we all know they're here to stay, but our country can keep their nasty traditions out. Instead of gov being afraid of them they need to stand up and say NO SHARIA LAW ALLOWED HERE!

  6. I just wonder why people who come to our country think they have to change us. If they come here they should live by our rules and leave their old lives behind. It's bad enough our prez thinks we should change our beliefs.

  7. joe-conservative6/10/11 5:56 PM

    Found you on twitter and agree whole-heartedly with what you say. Muslims have taken over the UK and are trying to do the same in this country. I agree treat them in the way they treat others. I disagree with your statement there are a few good muslims.

  8. OnTheRight7/10/11 8:37 AM

    The ways of the Muslims are wrong, I can't understand why so many of them put up with their laws. I guess they're afraid of getting murdered in the name of Alah to speak out.
    We can't let them bring their laws and traditions to this great country.

  9. Rebel Bill7/10/11 2:40 PM

    I know one muslim from work. He doesn't say anything about his beliefs but we all think he still holds on to his traditions. I can't say if he's good or not because he doesn't speak to very many people.

  10. I'm definitely against radical Muslims taking over our country. What concerns me about your statement should we do the same to them...could we be lowering ourselves to their standards if we did this? I'm not sure what the answer is but NO I couldn't stone or behead anybody.