Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obama Sends Law Enforcement Officers To Prison For Doing Their Job

Under Obama along with his Destroy America Administration law enforcement officers can now go to prison for upholding the law.

Border Agent Jesus  E. Diaz was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and sentenced to two years in prison. His crime was for lifting a teenager in handcuffs up by his arms. The Grand Jury called it unreasonable force.

The Eagle Pass, Texas Mexican Consulate said the boy was beaten and mistreated. No marks were found on him except from the backpack he was carrying containing 75 pounds of marijuana. The council was aware the teenager had claimed no injuries.

Diaz had been cleared by General and US Immigration and Customs of NO wrongdoing. Two years later Internal Affairs at US Customs & Border Protection in the Western District of Texas filed charges against Diaz. The council stated later that witnesses perjured themselves but it  was ignored.
Diaz a seven year veteran will now spend two years in prison for trying to uphold the law that protects United States Citizens.

In 2006 the Attorneys Office of the Western District of Texas filed charges on Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos for wounding an illegal after abandoning a van carrying 800 pounds of marijuana. The illegal, Aldrete--Davila, as with the Diaz case were given immunity to testify against the agents!

So now under Obama, law enforcement can go to prison if someone arrested says they had pain. This is a mockery of justice set forth by the Libs who will go to any extreme in order to see our country transformed. Read more

If this was just one case of Government tyranny that would be one thing 
but look at the whole picture:
  1. Napolitano lied to a House Judiciary Committee about Fast & Furious saying she learned about it in December of 2010. She helped launch the project in March of 2009.
  2. OWS donations are now tax deductible and has received $500,000. Tea Parties have not received the same privileges.
  3. Crack cocaine prisoners now being freed due to the Fair Sentencing act passed in 2012 and signed by Obama. Read more
Obama will go to no end in order to take this Country into Socialism or Dictatorship. We must go to extra lengths in order to keep our freedom. An old saying is:
"Fight Fire With Fire But Don't Break The Law."

Gaddafi, Hitler, Hussein along with other Dictators have been removed. 
I wonder under this administration if we will be lucky enough to see many more terrorist minded people gone? 
The time for action is now. 
Be ready for anything to happen in 2012. 
We are seeing the change we can believe in.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.
Radical Richard


  1. Why would anyone want to be in federal law enforcement or the Armed Forces with this anti USA socialist as commander in chief?

  2. Scary times we live in, reflecting back to WW2 era history to present day don't forget - Germans had the SS & Russians had sub enforcement KGB going on against their general law enforcers and common people.
    SOooo...Is ours the HLS? Remember Prz Bush got this nightmare started all in the name of protecting us from islamic terrorism after 911? It has turned into the biggest nightmare against the average citizen and law enforcement in our times. My long gone ancestors who faught hard for freedom and our constitution would be ashamed of where we have evolved in the USA today in the year 2011...
    from pink handled gun toting - pinkpistol - somewhere in the USA *

  3. How the hell can our judicial system take the word of an illegal drug smuggler? after the outrage of the case against Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, who were freed, you would think the judicial system would not have even prosecuted Diaz! This country is in a horrible position when they will give immunity to an illegal and take his word over that or a respected law enforcement officer. To hell with all the human rights activists who insist on making new laws for our country.

  4. I read what your writing and interpret it 2 different ways. I agree this man should not go to prison I also believe we're going to have to take a firm stand to get our country back. What I question is your bottom statement about Hitler. Are you claiming Obama a terrorist that needs to be taken out and do you mean by force such as what happened to Gadaffi? If that's what your saying what makes you any different than a terrorist?

  5. RadicalRichard2/11/11 8:29 PM

    In response to Maggie: I do not enact terrorism. If you read the statement I made above dictators "Fight Fire With Fire But Don't Break The Law." People perceive what they read in different ways. If you take two blind people and put one up to an aspen tree, the other to a giant oak and ask them to describe what a tree is one will say it is slender and smooth the other will say it is large and rough. Both have described what a tree is in truth. So the perception of words is only what a person reads in his or her mind.

  6. Mad Sally's Roommate2/11/11 9:11 PM

    What you say is sad but true. This administration under Obama is taking justice out of our country. As a liberal who went Conservative we must pray or fight for what is coming to us next.

    Take the prez out next year. Kenya needs a new leader.

  7. Rebel Bill3/11/11 3:46 PM

    Fire the whole bunch of them in 2012. Wish we could get rid of them now. Heard Eric Holder may be forced to resign, couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. But why force him to resign why not fire him!
    As for the treatment of our border agents I commend them for their courage to defend our country. It is hard for me to comprehend a court would take the word of a young drug smuggler over an agent. Does this mean that if I get arrested all I have to do is say they are hurting me and I will get immunity??

  8. Time for our country to take a look at priorities and support the people of the USA. All the pampering they are doing for the illegals has got to stop. We need someone in office who will protect us and not drug smuggling illegals.
    If this keeps up we will have no peace officers.

  9. "Fight Fire With Fire But Don't Break The Law." When the border agents get shot at, that is war on our land. Something needs to be done about this great unjustice. Our border agents need to have the security that our government will stand behind them and they won't be thrown in jail for protecting our borders. I hope that Obama gives him a full pardon but you know the bast... won't.

  10. It's a shame when border agents are limited as to what they can do because Obama doesn't care about border security.
    Time to take the bean bags and rubber bullets away and give our law enforcement people something to fight with. I've heard another sheriff was killed this week by guns from Fast and Furious. OWS protesters are calling for revolution they may get more than what they're asking for.