Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Obama Could Be A Second Term President

When looking at the reality of  what is going on around us I can see how Obama could win a second term. Although Wall Street is backing away with their support dollars, unions and their thugs are pledging their support.

Thugs like Jimmy Hoffa, Jr have declared war on anyone opposing union power. Over the years unions have beat, killed and put small businesses out who wouldn't accept what they want.

Their power to keep people living in fear while lining the leaders pockets is the platform they build on.

This becomes a tool for Socialist Liberals along with Obama to retain another term. They have the money and power to call the vote. As Obama sees his ratings drop he begins to back the power players. Anyone who watches news can see the direction he is traveling.
  • Support unions, OWS protesters, Muslims and Acorn.
  • Borrow from China then give it back as aid. 
  • Support the Black Panthers at voting polls.
  • Break America with mandatory Health Care.
  • Enact Executive Orders to override Congress.
Put all this together and you can see the fundamental change he is creating.
He had the vote of many young people, blacks and Latinos in 2008 but seeing them leave his side fear sets in.

Plan B is to promise college students cheaper loans, ask blacks to continue standing by him and keep pushing open borders along with the Dream Act.

With all these working in his favor he sees his victory. 
Our only hope is Patriots will come out fighting with everything they have in 2012. 
This could be our last chance to retain freedom as we know it.

Don't depend on your friend or neighbor. Answer the call to fight with everything you can. It is not too late but the gate is closing quickly.

See a video on how unions maintain control. It is not pretty but true. Watch the Video then sign their petition to stop Union Thugs with the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours

Radical Richard


  1. Rebel Rouser30/10/11 5:31 PM

    With the time nobama has left in office I wonder if we still do have a chance in the next election. He will be using every crooked means he can come up with to stay in office. He'll lie cheat deceive use union powers exec orders or any underhanded trick in the book. Radical liberals like Barney Franks, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder are all spawns from Hell taking away freedom. They will use any method available to take our country into socialism.I hope on judgement day they will be given what they deserve.

  2. Texas Teacher30/10/11 7:07 PM

    I believe Obama has a very good chance of becoming a second term president. I don't feel at this point there is any Republican who can stand up to him. I hope in the future we will start seeing Republicans fighting for what America needs and not amongst themselves.

  3. He could become 2nd term, stick Freddie & Fannie together and combine one subsidy into one. Take ows protesters and cram em into prez under table making his decisions. rent Pelosi & Obama a motel room and create American Jihad on muslims send gays to New Orleans. Everybodys happy deficit goes down and we can see progress next year.

  4. It's time we put pressure on the president and let him know we watching his every step. That goes for congress too, they have let him get by with to much already.

  5. I've heard that the potus will use executive orders to get what he wants and he really wants to stay living the high life in the wh. I don't think that should be legal, can't congress override them?
    The conservatives better get on the ball. I think we will have to select a good candidate and forget all the bickering. We are all going to have to stand behind the candidate and help him/her to prepare for the onslaught the potus will inflict.

  6. With the Union Thugs backing Obama we really will have a fight on our hands. I watched the horrible video and signed the petition...I hope all of you did to. They have to be stopped. Wonder why they never get punished for their crimes???

  7. NoBama has a lot going for him, we really need a strong candidate who could fight him. he won't go down peacefully. The smooth talker will come up with so many lies and do what he can to destroy a competitor. I used to think Perry could stand up against him but he can't in a debate. He'll have to figure out another avenue.