Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three Cheers For Texas

Texans can stand proud today for what our State leaders have done. By upholding our State Constitution we have stopped the death of thousands of unborn children.

Being the only State in the country which has the right to secede from the union we could declare ourselves a Sovereign Country of our own.

While Obama has said all States in the US will accept all abortions providers along with Planned Parenthood Texans have said Hell No! We will NOT kill unborn children.

The regulation was passed by lawmakers and endorsed by Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General.

Needless to say Planned Parenthood is raising the roof over the new law. It will probably go into effect March 14th, when the Obama regulations take effect. The new law will cost Planned Parenthood millions of dollars per year.

Peter Durkin, President and CEO of the Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood said it's sinful that Governor Rick Perry would stop cancer screening and birth control to low income women.

I can only say keep locked and loaded Texans! 
We won't be the Obama Administration who murders and elects to kill unborn children.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours

Radical Richard


  1. Of course Obama is threatening Texas. Says the Medicaid Women's Health Provider program will be stopped if Texas continues to deny using Planned Parenthood as a provider. Check out the link below.

    I think it would be great if Texas doesn't back down to the Obama Administration. Wonder what they'll do if Texas threatens to secede?

  2. Rebel Rouser29/2/12 5:20 PM

    It could wake up some of this administration if Texas did secede. We have seaports, refineries, large supply of natural gas, plenty of oil, cattle and land to grow crops. We're already making use of wind and solar power. If we did become our own country more jobs would open up because of the drilling and the prez could keep his medicaid. Let's hope we continue to stand up for what's right.

    1. DizzyLizzy1/3/12 5:00 AM

      Texas could also secure their long border with Mexico. People like me would want to move to the Republic of Texas. Would that make me an illegal?

  3. Texans! Thanks for standing against this Liberty-hating-administration. If you haven't already; you need to get an armed militia that is separate from the National Guard. That's what Repubs in AZ Legislature are doing now. Check it out.

  4. No state should be forced to pay for abortions! I worry that Obama will create a civil war. He appears to thrive on the unrest he creates. I stand with Texas all the way! More states need to stand against Obama.

  5. 1Tea-edTexan1/3/12 10:26 AM

    Well Three Cheers for Texas Allright, Hip, Hip, Hoorah---Hip, Hip, Horrah---Hip, Hip, Hoorah....Ironic isn't it that Peter Durkin points an accusing finger at Perry and says that the decision NOT to provide birth control to low income familiesis is "sinful" but dismisses their own outrageously evil acts of taking the LIVES of the unborn.

    1. Planned Parenthood doesn't even have 100 facilities in Texas. With all the scandals going on throughout the country with PP no one should give them any funding of any kind. All they care about is the money they get for abortions.

  6. Dead set against abortion. The only way it should be done is for life threatening medical reasons and for a women or girl who gets violently raped.
    Go for it Texas! Stand up to the dictator.

  7. Abortion clinics should be closed down! No one should be made to support such actions as killing babies. Where does the POTUS get the authority to tell us we have to support horrendous acts like this?