Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Fort Knox Gold A Myth

People are living under the illusion that the government can support us. But the question keeps coming up about why for 37 years have people not been allowed in Fort Knox
The last known president to see the gold reserve was Ronald Reagan. It is said our presidents are not allowed inside.

Doug Simpson who is now a hotel manager used to stack the gold. In the middle 70's he was not allowed inside anymore. The few years he remained employed at Fort Knox he saw people rolling carts out that were covered but nothing going in.

Senator Dee Huddlestone (D-Ky_ went to Fort Knox with a group of people. None of them were allowed to see the gold.

Others who tried to get in were told they would be shot if they did not stop.

Ron Paul has asked to see the gold only to be refused. He was assured a count is taken periodically.

  • Many people are asking the question if the gold there why can't anyone see it?
  • Is the Government telling us another lie? 
  • Is our Country truly broke? Is this why Liberals want a universal currency?
  • Do we still own our Country or does China and other Nations?

I guess the biggest question is will we make this the legacy of our children? Heaven help us all if it is.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours.

Google Fort Knox Gold to see what others have to say.

Radical Richard


  1. I don't think there's any gold there if there was then we should be able to have someone besides a Fed see it.

  2. Like FreeUSA and many others I don't think the golds there either. Many people feel if the gold is safe in FK then our country is in good hands. If the realization hit them that no gold was there imagine the panic it could start. I wish they would open it up to a group of people from both sides and let them see whats there, but the way the gov works it's easier to keep on lying.

  3. How can you people be so dumb? The gold is safe and secure in Fort Knox and I think this is just another attack to keep people in a turmoil. Why don't you wake up and worry more about the economy than your go no where agenda?

    1. Wake up Anonymous. How do you know the gold is still in the fort. You should at least care if it's there or not. If the golds not there then we have no economy to worry about. Don't you even wonder whether its there or not?

    2. upsetindenver17/3/12 2:19 PM

      Anonymous just who do you think is tearing our economy down? It is the Dems who squash anything good. There answer is to just waste more of our bucks on so called green jobs.
      If the gold is there then somebody needs to be able to see it. Ron Paul has been trying for years to get them to do an audit. Why all the secrecy if it's there?

  4. What does it matter if Fort Knox is broke or not. With the debt this prez has put us in there's no future for this country anyway. I think the polls will be controlled by what government wants and what we vote will not count. We are a world leader who has seen it's time.

  5. I saw the documentary on the history channel when it came out. I do wonder if the golds still there. Ron Paul has been after the feds to make an inventory of it for years. He also thinks gold has been removed from the NY vault.

  6. If we do have all the gold we say we do then why do we keep increasing our debt? We should be able to pay off the debt and still have tons left.

  7. I'm shocked. I've never even considered that there was not gold in the reserve. This is some scary stuff.