Friday, April 27, 2012

Pastor Terry Jones Declares April 28th Global Koran Burning Day Protest

Terry Jones the Pastor of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida has said people in the U.S.A. and around the world are prepared to burn Korans Saturday April 28, 2012 at 5:00 PM EST. They are also pledging to burn images of Muhammad.

The protest is over Pastor Youcef Nodarkhani being imprisoned in Iran for giving up his Muslim faith and converting to Christianity.

On April 24th General John Allen, Commander of the International Assistance force and the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan called Dr. Jones over concern of retaliation against Military forces overseas.
Dr Jones' response was "Islamic Countries such as Iran and Egypt are killing Christians on a regular basis. Houses and Churches are burned, girls are kidnapped; raped and forced into Islam." He went on to say military personnel are trained, funded and well armed. People like Pastor Youcef did not volunteer, are not armed and have no one to fight for them.

Dr. Jones says the only way to prevent this protest from happening is to release Pastor Youcef from prison. The other would be a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Hilliary Rodham Clinton and him to discuss the plight of Christians, women and minorities in Muslim/Koran dominated countries. After the meeting they would give a joint press conference revealing the content of the discussion.

People are wondering if this is a plot for Dr. Jones to gain national attention. Many say he has done this in the past. Others are worried over the repercussion which could occur.

Muslims have said if the Koran along with pictures of Muhammad are burned they will enact Jihad on America.
Tension is already high in the U.S. with the one year death of Bin Laden coming up May 2nd.
The U.K. is looking at deporting Muslims back to their country. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is working to pass a law making it legal to have sex with their dead wives within six hours after their death.

The Muslim faith is one of hate and dominance over people. It should not be allowed to take over our country.

I interviewed Dr. Jones last year in Amarillo, Texas. I found him to be a person who believes in the Bible and Constitution. Listening to him speak I could not always agree with the manner he used but could not disagree with what he said. He is very blunt and to the point.

Will Dr. Jones along with others across the world carry out their protest:
I guess this Saturday will tell the story.

Feel free to go down to comments and let me know how you feel about this along with what repercussions could come from it.

The event can be viewed Sat., 4-28-12 at 5 PM EST via U Stream at StandUpAmericanow

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Update: 4/28/12 5:05 pm CST

Terry Jones And Others Have Now Burned The Koran
I spoke with Jim from FreedomFighterRadio and was told that Terry was hearing from people across the world who were also burning Korans. The mission is complete and now we await what repercussions if any will come from it. Click on comments and let me know your thoughts.

Radical Richard


  1. Rebel Bill27/4/12 7:00 PM

    I hope Terry goes through with it. Muslims hate westerners and have declared death for all of us. Their goal is to have a One World Religion which I don't see how they can call it a religion.
    Thanks for the e-mail

  2. Americans need to understand that Muslims are already in the US. They put on a big act of love and concern yet still follow the writing of the Koran. To me this makes them no different than a middle east muslim. As for having sex within 6 hours after their wife dies is the most despicable thing I've ever heard but that's a muslim for ya!

  3. Muslims hate use no matter what we do. I say burn the koran and bring it on. Better to face the enemy than ignore him while he burrows into our society. Religious war? Bring it on too. Time to stop ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room and do something about it!! We ARE a Christian nation regardless of what Obummer and these liberals say. Maybe it is time for the second crusade!!

  4. You believe in your Bible as I believe in words of the Qur'an. If Muhammad's picture and Qur'an are burned tomorrow Jihad will come to America. Everyone should have the right of religion of their choice. The whole world doesn't accept democracy. Stop this event for the sake of peace.
    A Muslim Mother

    1. In response to A Muslim Mother, you must be stupid in your religion they can stone you, cut off your head, cut out your genitals, and say that's the only religion you can accept. To me that's an act of Satan!

      How can you want your husband to have sex with you within 6 hours after you're dead? Bring on your Jihad, True Americans will stand.

  5. Was going to comment when new response popped up. I will be back.

  6. TrueMuslim27/4/12 9:47 PM

    Your bible says you will reap what you sow. If Qur'an is burned tomorrow, prepare to meet your future. Jihad will prevail

  7. If jihad comes tomorrow we will kick your asses. go for it.

    1. That is not to say that I am in favor of burning Korans, or anything else...that seems like an unchristian like act to me.

    2. I'm ready for it. I'll be watching the ustream tonight. Should be interesting...
      Islam is a cruel culture and should not be condoned.

  8. I'm concerned what the repercussions will be. The Muslim Terrorists have shown for a long time there is no compassion for killing innocents. They will not follow so called rules of war. Anyone in their way will be killed, they certainly don't care if they kill innocent women and children. I don't think they should burn the Koran or an effigy of Muhammad.

  9. Why not burn the Koran? Muslims openly slaughter Christians and destroy our Bible, Churches and religious relics. I don't think we should sit back and allow them to destroy our country for the sake of Allah!
    Terry Jones is not afraid to say and do what so many of us would like to do.
    I do worry about the consequences over this. I hope they free Pastor Youcef. It's for sure Hillary Clinton won't talk to Jones and agree to appear at a press conference with him.

  10. i am alone with 7 children ., I am a christian in america in a muslim neighborhood and already not welcome. ARE ANY OF YOU GOING TO COME HERE TO PROTECT MY FAMILY FROM THE REVENGE FOR WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING ON DOING. Our lives are worth just as much as the pastor yousef.when you know what they will do to retaliate YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what happens to me and my children.

    1. I can understand the fear you must have as a single mother with 7 children. I question if you say you are not welcome in the neighborhood why you would stay.
      You ask if anyone will protect you, I can only answer for myself: where I live I would protect not only MY family but the people around me also.
      You say we are responsible for what happens to you and your children. You are dealing with a group of people who have no respect for Westerners, they're objective is to kill and dominate.
      I'm not saying Terry or anyone instrumental in burning the Koran is doing what is best for the country. I will say that Muslims must be stopped in order to keep America free. As for us being responsible we didn't put your family in that position.

      I wish the best for you and if this does happen today, I hope you have a place to go if violence does come out of it. You say you're a Christian if you have a Church home I would suggest seeking their aide. My prayers will be with you and your children.

  11. Tea Party Deanie28/4/12 6:16 PM

    Just heard from Jim at who was a speaker at the Terry Jones Koran burning. He reported that the only incident to happen was the police and fire department arrived pretty much after the Koran and picture was burned. The fire was extinguished and fined Terry $50.

    He went on to say they heard over 200 Koran burnings occurred in Africa. Terry Jones was receiving many calls and e-mails from overseas about their events today.

    1. Mad Sally's Roommate28/4/12 7:12 PM

      I'm glad to hear that Terry is getting response from overseas from other followers who burned the Koran. It's time people stand up against this horrible religion and let them know we won't accept it. Although something bad could happen from it they have to know we've had enough of their crap!

  12. Saw the Koran burning, think it was very distasteful on Terry's part. Now innocent people will have to pay for the few minutes of glory he got!

  13. Texas Teacher28/4/12 8:41 PM

    Haven't responded for awhile because you've been boring.

    I don't believe Koran burning will benefit our country, but I do believe it will wake up people to what is happening to this country.

    There is so much controversy in my school over how government is being run. As a teacher I will not condone or defy what Dr. Jones did because I could be fired. I can only answer in this way: We must stand up if we are to keep the Constitution of the United States of America in tact.

  14. Wow! I didn't know this was going to happen. In a way I'm glad they did the burning. Somehow Christians have to unite and let the world know we will not succumb to the evil demands of radical Islam.
    I'm praying for all the innocents who may suffer any repercussions over this.

  15. Congratulations to Pastor Jones and all the others who burned the Koran. Our legal system won't do anything about it, it's up to the people to control the Muslim take-over of the world. Pastor Youcef has been a prisoner in Iran for too long. He shouldn't be sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. Christians across the world should be standing behind him and demanding his release.

  16. Sign the American Center For Law And Justice Petition to Free Pastor Youcef Nodarkhani. The US and United Nations are doing nothing to stop the illegal arrest of the Pastor.

  17. hoo-ray! He finally did it. I approve of the freedom he used to burn the Koran. I do think we all better be prepared for the retaliation. The government won't do anything to stop Islam and Sharia from controlling our lives. It is up to we the people to stand up for our freedom and rights.
    Drastic actions by one means drastic reactions by another. I'm locked, loaded and ready!