Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Time for People To Stand Up To Occuppiers And Hate Groups Destroying Property And Country

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives people the right to peacefully assemble and the freedom of speech. It does not give them the right to destroy, burn or disfigure property.

Occupy and hate groups seem to misunderstand this. Their definition is they can do as they wish while law enforcement along with property owners stand by doing nothing.

Government stands in the way of States protecting the people. Occupiers can destroy businesses, New Black Panthers can stand at voting polls threatening people or putting out bounties on whites.

Muslims are threatening to use body bombs on jets. The bomb is not detected by most scanners or pat downs. To make it worse TSA Agents are not allowed to touch or scan Muslim women. This gives terrorists the freedom to do what they wish.

Businesses issuing passports in Afghanistan are standing on the street offering passports to everyone.

Illegals are allowed to cross our borders while government fights States and Border Patrol Agents.
Obama is carrying it farther by wanting to give them the right to vote and receive aide at taxpayers expense.

I was speaking on a conservative internet radio show about last Saturdays' world wide burning of Korans and the upcoming events of the occupiers. To my surprise I was told we shouldn't speak about burning of Korans because it glorifies the people doing it.
The commentator went on to say he hoped the media would show the occupy movement. To him this would show how dumb Liberals are and help the G.O.P.

To me this is ludicrous. What it shows is business and jobs being lost due to out of control people wanting something for nothing.

I believe it is time for law abiding people to stand up for what we have built our country on.

Don't hide what you think because you don't want to make waves. Doing this makes you part of the problem.

We can't stand by letting Muslims, Illegals and people of Hate burn and destroy our flag and Bible while we turn our heads doing nothing about it for fear of retaliation!

I live in Texas where a person has the right to protect themselves if someone is threatening my property or family. I will go to whatever extremes in order to stop them. Sadly I don't own rubber bullets.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me here your comments below.

Radical Richard


  1. You must be the dumbest sob I've ever heard. why should the rich people hold every part of our country hostige while the middle class pay all the bills? You say you don't have rubber bullets I don't either Let the fight begin.

    1. Shut up you little punk.

  2. RR and you say you don't have rubber bullets, I'm sure of that knowing RR. Why should people give you a living when you don't want to work and want everything for free? Kiss Obummers Ass and find out what Socialism is all about. Do you have enough education to know how to do that?

  3. RR I do agree that people should be aware of the Koran burnings and what the occupiers are doing. I'm not for either one but if we need to know about these things, they're not just passings in the night. They're hear to stay and we should prepare for whatever is to come.

  4. upsetindenver5/5/12 6:52 AM

    We are going to have to take a stand if we want to keep our freedom. The potus keeps backing commie losers. If we can't get him out in Nov I think a revolution will begin.

  5. tiffed-off6/5/12 3:41 PM

    At first I thought the occupiers had a few good points. They have mostly proved to be a bunch of unorganized, violent protesters, who have nothing better to do than destroy property. Their cause is loosing validity even amongst themselves.
    Something has to be done soon. I don't want to see a revolution in this country.