Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our 2012 Votes Will Now Be Counted In A Socialist Country Directed By Obama And George Soros

Joseph Stalin said it - Obama Enacts IT 
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. 
Those who count the votes decide everything"

For Two years I have said on the radio and blogs that Obama will do anything (illegal or under the table) to stay in office. The stage has been set this year for it to happen.

The votes will now be counted in Barcelona, Spain. The country is Socialist, so this fits in with Obamas' "Fundamental Change" he has promised our Country.

SCYTL was bought from an American company, then moved to Barcelona. The Obama administration awarded this company the right to count November 2012 election votes.

To make matters worse Obamas' good friend and left wing Socialist George Soros is believed to own the company. If he doesn't own it outright he is believed to be a major stockholder.

Why is this being concealed from the public and media says nothing? It is to minimize the public from realizing the unlawful implications of this administrations action.
Why aren't the Republicans saying anything about it? They are just as guilty as the Dems.
Both parties answer to foreign banks, Federal Reserve, large corporations and the United Nations.

If this as allowed to happen by this time next year we will begin to see an America 
that is no longer the Land Of The Free.

Big Government will control every aspect of your life
Your children will be taught as puppets following in any direction government leads them. 

Some of the changes we could see are gold being recalled, more Muslims taking over along with our monetary value being disposed of.

I will fight however I can to stop it, but a small voice blowing in the wind does little.

Welcome to Change You Can Believe In America

Click here to see Michael Savages' video on How Obama Rigged the 2012 Election

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours.

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Radical Richard


  1. 1Tea-edTexan6/5/12 6:22 PM

    IF TRUE, this would be the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the American people. There is no justiffication and there is no logic in contracting with any foreign entity to be any part of an election that is strictly a domestic issue. We have more than enough of election fraud and irregularities within our own borders but we can prosicute offenders in our courts under our laws. Allowing a foreign a entity
    to engage, IN ANY WAY, deprives voters of their sovereign right of recourse or redress. Suspected Irregularities or fraud would take years of investigation and prosecution under international law giving the beneficiaries of fraud free rein. It is URGENT that CONGRESS passes legislation to prevent participation or interference, in any way, by any foreign entity, with the American elections.

  2. I'm not trying to be rude but you people must live in a fairy tale world if you believe this. If there was any truth in this it would be all over the media and republicans would be screaming bloody murder about it.

    1. Your the one living in a fairy tale world LIB

  3. 1Tea-edTexan7/5/12 2:55 PM

    Copied this from another website: "The problems we have today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by people who vote for a living."... But the Tallyman always has the final say.

  4. This is outrageous! Spain is socialistic and can't be trusted. Our vote counting should NEVER LEAVE THE USA! We should all contact our representatives and get this stopped. I haven't heard anything about this even on the talk shows.

  5. Our country is in dire need of a leader who will bring us out of the pathetic state we are in. After reading this will it really matter if every eligible voter votes this year or not?
    In the past I have always believed MY ONE VOTE COUNTED, I'm not sure anymore. We can't trust the Spaniards to be honest in the count! If Obama has managed to rig the count, we are doomed

  6. The votes being counted in a foreign country is against everything our country stands for. Votes should never leave the state they are voted in. I hope it's not too late to change this.

    This is just another step in Obama's agenda to take over the country and to continue to occupy the white house for his pleasure.

    Patriots beware, if we can't fire Obama in Nov we'll be the loosers

  7. MadSally'sRoommate18/5/12 4:24 PM

    This is really upsetting. I live in one of the states whose vote count has been contracted out to an overseas country. We can only hope that our vote will count and be counted honestly. Certainly we should have a committee or someone present watching the count.
    I believe this has been done to benefit Obama and his Commie friends. I thought we weren't going to outsource jobs anymore. Certainly there is a company who can handle this in the USA.

  8. Lou Dobbs used to report on this regularly. The voting machines are all controlled at central locations and the vote can be manipulated any way you want if you have control over the machine. Federal contracts for providing voting machine hardware and software is put out to all bidders. Those who win the contract can sub it out. We really don't know who has final control over the vote tally. We are no better than a banana republic.

    THis site has many of the reports as do many other similar sites fighting the illegal election counts in our nation.
    Don't be a dumb ass, google USA election fraud and look at the results.
    All voting systems face threats of some form of electoral fraud. The types of threats that affect voting machines can vary from other forms of voting systems, some threats may be prevented and others introduced."Threat Analyses & Papers". National Institute of Standards and Technology. October 7, 2005. Retrieved 5 March 2011.
    Some forms of electoral fraud specific to electronic voting machines are listed below. Although most believe that tampering with an electronic voting machine is extremely hard to do, recent research at Argonne National Laboratories demonstrates that if a malicious actor is able to gain physical access to a voting machine, it can be a simple process to manipulate certain electronic voting machines, such as the Diebold Accuvote TS, by inserting inexpensive, readily available electronic components inside the machine.[26][27]
    Tampering with the software of a voting machine to add malicious code altering vote totals or favor any candidate.
    Multiple groups have demonstrated this possibility.[28][29][30]
    Private companies manufacture these machines. Many companies will not allow public access or review of the machines source code, claiming fear of exposing trade secrets.[31]
    Tampering with the hardware of the voting machine to alter vote totals or favor any candidate.[32]
    Some of these machines require a smartcard to activate the machine and vote. However, a fraudulent smart card could attempt to gain access to vote multiple times.[33]
    Abusing the administrative access to the machine by election officials might also allow individuals to vote multiple times.

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