Wednesday, June 20, 2012

800,000 Illegals Can Now Take Your Job

You heard it right! 
Obama has now given 800,000 illegals between the ages of 16 to 30 the chance to take our dwindling jobs.

Why would he do this? 
  • Because the Muslim raised Socialist will do anything he can to stay in power. 
  • Obama needs those votes this November. Knowing he can't pass his radical agenda through the House he uses the power of the Executive Order. 
  • He is loosing the Jewish vote over his fear of offending Palestine. 
  • He is loosing the Catholic vote by demanding they provide birth control methods.
  • Many of BHO's black friends who put him in office stand against him. They say when he no longer needs them he just writes them off. One good example is Oprah Winfrey who played a big part in getting Obama elected. Mooch was jealous of her and told Obama she didn't want a fat woman waddling around the halls.
  • Many union big wigs won't back him, saying once he uses you he forgets you exist.
  • While Obama claims to be for the middle class he stops jobs (such as the Keystone Pipeline.) This comes at a time when peoples wealth has dropped 38%

That is why he has to have the illegal and gay votes.
He is Thin Skinned and can not accept criticism. 
In his mind he is the Messiah who can save the world.

I believe he will use any under-handed method he can to stay office. I believe he wills ell out America if it could get him re-elected. Obama stated in his book, Dreams From My Father, if it came to it he would stand with the Muslims.

He knows he can't win on his record therefore he keeps using the blame game.
It is my belief if he is voted back in our future and country will be lost.
Welcome to the United States Socialist America. Say good-bye to the American Dream.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours!

Radical Richard


  1. Not only did Obama give 800,000 illegals amnesty with an EO that didn't go before Congress he just did another EO today claiming Executive Privileges on the Fast & Furious documents. To me this is nothing more than protection for him and Holder but goes to show you're right he would sell out our country and his family in order to stay in office. His devotion is to the Muslims.

    Let's hope the Contempt of Congress charges will pass the house. It's time this administration is forced to follow the law.

  2. Where is the outrage from the members of the Senate and the House over this clear abuse of power by the Executive?

  3. 1Tea-edTexan21/6/12 11:40 AM

    This VOTE BUYING executive piece of crap from the White House just adds MORE insults to our beleagured economy. At a time when unemployment is HIGH, and millions of SKILLED and unskilled workers and new HS and College grads cannot find work, and thousands of new vererans are being released into the work force, the leader of the jack ass party takes it upon himself to bypass lawful legislators and legislate this strictly political act from the White House. There is no way for Congress to save face short of nullification and impeachment.

    1. Agree nullification and impeachment are the only directions that will really make a difference in the current administration. The next best thing will be the November election when Obama is finally fired!

      PS: 1Tea-edTexan I like your choice of words!

  4. I guess you have no compassion for anyone. You write slander about the President and state he would throw his family under the bus to be re-elected. Then you take young people who have lived and worked in this country for years and say they're going to steal peoples jobs. That's pitiful!

    1. So, ILLEGAL aliens should have the jobs, while citizens who are unemployed go without work?

    2. You're the one with no compassion! I happen to work hard for a living, pay my taxes, hire employees and go to Church! I care about all the illegals who are here but don't think we should hand them everything on a silver platter. They shouldn't be given special privileges while taking from citizens. I have hundreds of Legal Citizens applying for work in my small business every month, many I'd like to hire but can't because I don't have a job for them.

      Open your eyes Obama will do whatever it takes to keep his job. He's taken a major step in his part of the Fast & Furious coverup by declining to show documents under the ruse of executive privilege. A president doesn't do that unless he's involved!

    3. 1Tea-edTexan23/6/12 10:25 AM

      Sooo, Mr No Name Compassionate Anonymous person, you are good with your neighbors giving up their jobs, lose their homes, security and lifestyles for others who enter the country illegall and you dispasrage those who wish to protect what thay have worked for. Impressive HOLLIER THAN THOU rhetoric, BUT, would, OR WILL you make the same sacrafice for persons unknown? I DOUBT IT, but it must make you feel real good about.

  5. I don't think the word compassion is what we're looking at in this. We're looking at an election year and a person who can't accept being a one term president. I believe Richard said it right when he said Obama would put our country and his family down in order to be re-elected.

    As a Christian I was taught not to hate, I now have to ask for forgiveness many times over the way I feel.

  6. Welcome back RR, by the way happy belated Fathers Day.
    I fight every day to keep my job and now illegals can take it over? Compassion has nothing to do with it Survival does! I didn't bring them here and I don't owe them a living. Let's let Obummer feed them without taxpayer dollars.