Tuesday, July 10, 2012

America As We Know It Is Gone

People laugh when I say this but the truth is government is working to devalue our dollar.

Why would they do this? 
Many European Countries such as Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are in deep financial turmoil. On the other hand Asian countries are faring well, especially China. As we know the US is borrowing billions of dollars from them. Some say China owns more of the US than we do.

Many people look at our debt at around $16 trillion when in reality it stands at about $138 trillion.
  1. 16 Trillion Dollar National debt
  2. 5 Trillion Dollars to foreign investors
  3. 1 to 2 Trillion Dollar health care
  4. 114 Trillion Dollars - Social Security, prescription drugs, Medicare, etc.
  5. 2 Trillion Dollars Federal Deficit
Knowing we owe that much money and can't pay it government has no alternative but to devalue the dollar and go to a one world currency.

What could that currency be?  The China Yurn.

While we have been wasting our money China has become an empire. They have more troops than we do. While Obama is getting rid our our nuclear weapons they are adding to theirs. Their young people are better educated than ours and they have computers that run so fast our Defense System can't hold a candle to it.

If our government can run us into bankruptcy China could come in and buy us out for hypothetically 25 cents on the dollar. This would let us pay our debt off at 25% or 75% less.

A number of countries are already calling for the end of the Dollar.

People in China can now own gold, land and buy homes. The rich see this. Last year alone around 1800 million and billionaires gave up their citizenship then moved to foreign countries where taxes weren't sky high.

Where does this leave us? 
Assume China becomes the World Power and Currency we could find ourselves living in a broke country where Big Government can control our lives. Economists say China could possibly try to make this happen within the next 6 months to 2 years.

I was on the phone to a business man in California who said he was going to have to move. With Obama's Health Care and new taxes he would be paying around 40% to federal taxes. He also pays 11% State Tax and Governor Jerry Brown wants to raise that to 18%. On top of that he pays about 10% Sales Tax. By the time Obamacare kicks in he will have no choice but to close his doors and lay off his employees.

Obama's Health Care Bill has over 20 new taxes hidden in it.

This is not a pretty picture to paint. With the increased taxes put on us we could wake up to find ourselves bringing home 25 cents on the dollar. That's not to mention your life savings could be deflated to pennies on the dollar.

Welcome to a Third World Country!

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear Yours!
Radical Richard


  1. You're stupid repercussion of the Democratic Party bringing us down to a third world nation is absurd! We have to go with global economy.

    1. You must be the dumbest ass in the world. How can you say you love your children's future and still vote for Obozo. We could become a 3rd world nation.

    2. If we sit there and let BO have another four years our country will be given away. To keep our country going we have to get this prez out of here.

    3. RightWinger10/7/12 8:31 PM

      TrueDem, how can we have over 20 tax increases that won't affect the middle class while the upper class is abandoning this country?

  2. Radical Richard10/7/12 8:23 PM

    After posting this tweet I've had 5 people message me. This is their comment: Deal with it as you wish.

    1. R. Richard, you must be the dumbest f===in' hole in the U.S. Our country will be the world country dealing the nation. Forgive you for thinking President Obama isn't working for America. He's a great man who provides for America

    2. Screw you Radical my family can now com here from Mexico and get the free stuff you offer. Do you want to kill my kids by sending them back? I fight to get out of
      country where my family could be kilt and you want my family kilt. fuck you!

    3. To Ignorant Lib you are no Lady .. you are too ignorant maybe demented also.. If you read what Obama has been doing with

      Between you and Anonymous here you don't have enough brain power to blow your nose once time!
      You are too dumb to talk to!!

  3. Radical Richard10/7/12 8:45 PM

    I guess I started a storm FU Anonymous. Why should I have to pay for your children and you to live in our country at the cost of taxpayers dollars. Get a green card, get a job, and come over here legally and I'll back you and your family. If you can't do this Go To Hell and Take your family back to Mexico.

  4. Your blog scares me. I pay into a postal union. As a young person I could lose all my $$$ Obama care scares me. What should I do? I want a home, a family and what everybody has had. I collect no food stamps. I just want a future.

  5. Love Obama10/7/12 8:53 PM

    How stupid are you people. I have MS and under this President Obama's Health care I can be taken care of. Why should you deprive me of that?

    1. Who was taking care of you Before obamcare (which is still not nearly implemented yet)?

  6. Radical Richard10/7/12 8:57 PM

    Going off for tonight will try to answer any questions tomorrow.

    Catch me on Conservative Commandos Radio Show tomorrow 3:30pm EST

    If you are too dumb to get on it e-mail me at rich@rednecksforamericans.com

    PS Please God Bless even Liberals also...

  7. I am always impressed by the sensitivity and eloquence displayed by Libs who who comment on blogs. The the lie of their self-proclaimed compassion and tolerance, and their total lack of grace, is out there for all to see. And RR is correct in asking God to bless them because left to their own means they surly will not survive.

  8. To the illegal aliens who come here GET OUT! I was a democrat but always voted for the man and I never liked the give away crap. I worked 2 jobs most of my life because I like nice things and I am my own person.. NO FREE STUFF HERE WE WORKED FOR IT AND IT IS OURS NOT YOURS DIRT BAG!
    We were told republicans were for big business but let me explain something to you.. People who open a business put all their money on the line and take a chance of losing the whole thing while we get paid a wage no matter what they make or do not make and they have a right to make more money than the employees because he take the chances!! UNDERSTAND!! Obama the abomination is crippling America and we are in the process Right Now of becoming the New 3rd World Country because he is giving money to the middle east.. has given over 888 Million so they can rebuild their mosques: alias TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS AND WE HAVE THEM HERE! Obama is a Muslim and we tried to tell you idiots before he got in .. NOW he admits it and you are too stupid to look and read about what he has been doing to us thru his Executive Orders .. Obama says one thing and does another but you take him at his word and he is a filthy stinking THUG who is not doing what he says and he is ruining our America!! Don't come here from Mexico or any other place looking for handouts we are in touch shape and you are making it worse so get the hell out. If I had my way 30 years ago there would have been towers with machine guns all along our borders and it would be land mines also. I would celebrate when they went off. This is Our America what is left of it and you come here and want to change it to be like the HOLE IN THE WORLD YOU CAME FROM!! GO AWAY! NOT MORE FREE ANYTHING WE PAID AND WORKED FOR IT SO GO KILL YOURSELVES WE DON'T CARE. JUST GET OUT AND STOP TAKING OUR JOBS.

    1. I read this site often but never feel the need to post.

      I am considered an illegal. I'm one of the illegals Obama just gave freedom to. At a young age (6) I was drug from the security of my home to sneak across the border by my father. He was a farm worker and drug me all over the country. I was able to attend school, am very fluent in English and at the age of 27 don't know too much about my homeland, I've never been back there. I barely speak Spanish anymore. I'm attending college have married and have a son of my own who will never live the life I was forced to. Two years ago I started the process of becoming a citizen, but stopped because I was told I had to return to Mexico and apply from there. I couldn't leave my family so I withdrew my request. I'm in the process of re-applying. I am grateful for Obama and his decision to allow me and others like me to stay here.

      By the way that is the only thing I'm grateful to Obama for. I am a dedicated Republican, but President Obama has given me and my family a new lease on life.

  9. Richard is right on the mark about everything he said. I get side tracked and so made at what is happening in our America is is breaking my heart.
    Since Obama has been in office he has spend more than Every Single Other President we have had if you added up every dime the whole bunch spent. He is like a drunk... Must I mention his vacations and his daughter just took 12 friends and 25 secret service on her trip to mexico isn't that Specials!!!! He is a millionaire but I don't see him spending any of his money and they are using THE PLANE! Want to take a guess at how much money she is squandering.. We have 46% more in Poverty now .. I think that is the number I read.. it was 23% increase and it gets worse daily and he wants to give our services to Illegal Aliens because he is a TERRORIST IN OUR AMERICA WITH HIS DEVOUT MOSLEMS!! HE has added his high priced CZARS and about 3k IRS jobs that means more taxes for Everyone! This guy would not help his brother in Kenya or his Aunt in South Boston but you think he is going to help you??? He is a puppet for George Soros who hates America and all our freedoms.. that thanks to the abomination in the Out House in DC we are losing Daily as he writes away our Freedoms and now he wants our Guns LIKE HITLER AND THE REST OF THEM. THAT was one of the first things they do is try to get our guns but we have to protect ourselves from THIS GOVERNMENT NOW!! PATIROTS UNITED AND RICHARD IS A PATRIOT FIRST CLASS!! HE NEVER LIES BUT THAT IS ALL THAT OBAMA DOES IS LIE TOO BAD HIS NOSE DOESN'T GROW .. IS THAT WHAT IT WOULD TAKE FOR YOU FOOLS TO WAKE UP?? IF obama gets his way the government will own and run everything and we will be a total Disaster like what they are screwing up now. Obama has given all the jobs in America to rebuild our bridges to the CHINESE~~ LIKE WE DON'T have good construction workers here.. We have super corruption in our Politics and make no mistake..
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Communism, Socialism and Progressives????

    1. That's what I like is a Patriot who says it like it is! Well said CB. You ought to be running for office...
      Or teaching Romney how to fight the POTUS. We need to put a fire under and make him go after BO, if he can't I'm worried what will happen to our country.

  10. California Girl11/7/12 7:58 PM

    I was listening to the Conservative Commandos Radio Show today and heard what you said about the business man you spoke to from Cal. So far my town isn't one of the three that's gone bankrupt but could be on the verge of it. My husband and I've lived here the majority of our lives. We're buying a home and have our own business.

    As expensive as it is to live here I don't see how Gov. Brown can increase our state tax. With the amount we're paying now we struggle to keep our business open. When ObamaCare comes into effect we'll more than likely loose our home and shut the doors on our business, then start over in another state.

    I'm involved in local politics to some extent and agree with what you say and think Liberals are plotting to take our country down. It seems so many people would rather collect money from the govt. than try to do something on their own to get ahead.

  11. Texas Teacher12/7/12 6:43 PM

    For years China has been building an arsenal, economical, and educational system which surpasses that of the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that a conspiracy theory could be in place to devalue our dollar and create a One World Government in the name of progress.

    I believe this could happen if we see President Obama re-elected.

  12. RebelRouser12/7/12 9:03 PM

    Your blog is right but I have a question. Islam wants to be the religious world power. China also wants to be the Communist world power. Could the European and Asians countries get in a fight that we're not into and wipe each other out? Wouldn't that be great!

  13. This is scary! We better hope we elect Romney. We NEED somebody in office who has some business sense.